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Re: kaywhyn's Blog
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Matthew Walker (scientist) on sleep:

for myself; when I get up early and/or work hard (physically or mentally) I usually get to sleep quickly and have a good night's rest, assuming I go to bed early or at a reasonable hour [I define reasonable hour as at least a couple of hours before midnight].
If I sleep in or don't do much during the day I have a much harder time getting to sleep.
Simply put; the more energy you expend, the more sleep you need. And visa versa. The only time this is really a problem is if you want to prepare for the next day by getting a lot of sleep and can't because you didn't do much the day before.

There are times (rarely these days, more so when I didn't have a job) when I didn't go anywhere or do much during the day and stayed up until 1-2 AM and got maybe 4 hours of sleep but felt fin the next day, and didn't do much that day either.
But if I went two days like that and tried to do a lot of physical or mental activity I'd likely have lots of problems.

I often wake up at least once per night, get up and go to the bathroom or drink some water. I usually go right back to sleep. Occasionally not returning to sleep or not getting to sleep in the first place I think is fairly common. If its like every single night then you should start looking into it.

Flux was a nice program but gave me a bad side-effect; stronger than usual hypnogogic hallucinations in bed.

A very powerful tool you might want to look into is meditation. If nothing else this could help you get to know how your body handles/deals with sleepiness better or exactly how sleepy/how much sleep you need.
If you're running on adrenaline/keyed up; meditating properly will release you from that spell and reveal how tired you really are. It could help you get to sleep if doing it before bed. But this is something that requires experimenting. I rarely meditate before bed, I usually do it in the morning or after work (afternoon). If you do I highly recommend "Shinzen Young"

I used to lay in bed for an hour or more every night. Now I usually get to sleep within a half hour. But still it depends on a lot of factors.

Twice I've fallen asleep and began dreaming without losing consciousness. These were some of the weirdest experiences of my entire life. I wish it could happen again but I'm also too chicken to try it now. I believe its very possible to sleep deeply on demand and without losing awareness. Thought this is a feat few have achieved.
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First Covid Vaccine Dose Experience: March 10, 2021 (3/10/21)
« Reply #16 on: March 12, 2021, 07:42:24 PM »
Has it really almost been 2 months since I last posted here? Well, time to revive it :crylaugh:

This post describes my experience with getting the first Covid vaccine dose. The state of California recently opened up more eligible groups for vaccination. The first group was anyone 65 years and older, or Tier 1A. It's now currently in Tier 1B, which means more groups of people are eligible to get vaccinated. These groups include healthcare workers, educators/teachers, etc. I'm a teacher myself, and hence I'm in the Tier 1B group.

However, the way the appointment system works is quite wack and chaotic. We were told that the Othena app is the way to sign up and register to get an appointment for the vaccine. It was especially bad in the first several weeks the app was released back in January of this year, as people were left wondering if they were even doing the process correctly or if the app kept bugging out and crashing and not working properly. The app developers promised a load of fixes but these didn't make it in until several weeks later with multiple updates. It's a lot better now, but even then I have not had any success with being able to book an appointment with the Othena app.

A couple of weeks later after the Othena app was released, MyTurn was made, which is a website that Californians can go to that allows you to register and get notified when you're eligible to get the vaccine. I did that, although the really strange thing is that I received a text message on my phone telling me that I successfully signed up on the site a week or so later. Even when teachers were now eligible to get vaccinated, when I go to sign into my Othena account or MyTurn, it would say that I'm not eligible for the vaccine yet. In short, this Covid vaccination appointment system is crap.

Eligibility for teachers was recently opened up about a week or so ago. Around that time, there was one phone number that I kept calling over and over but I never had any success in reaching anyone, as I would always get the message "I'm sorry. Nobody is available to take your call. Please try again later. Goodbye." This happened everytime after 2-3 minutes.

Then, I saw a FB post from a teacher friend of mine with another phone number to call, so I gave that a try. I had to wait on the phone for almost an hour, but I was able to talk to someone. I was told that appointments were available Wednesday - Friday of this week, and I decided to get the vaccine on Wednesday, March 10, 2021. So, I booked an appointment 6 days in advance.

On the day of my appointment two days ago (currently Friday, March 12, 2021 as of this writing), I arrive about 10 minutes ahead of my appointment time. On arrival, I was giving a slip to fill out my info to put on my dashboard. There was a security officer going around in the parking lot and will know which cars were here for the vaccine, as we were given a marker that was put on top of the car. Once parked, thus began the long wait to get the phone call telling me that I could come in for the vaccine. An hour after arriving, I get the phone call.

Once I get to the front of the building, I had to wait in line for another 25-30 minutes. When I did get to the front of the line, the workers were letting other people from a separate line in first, and I wondered what was up with that. I guess they were honoring those with medical/doctor appontments first. Altamed is a health provider. It was a really good thing that it wasn't raining at the time, since the line is outside, although it was windy and very chilly. It was also raining on the way to my appointment.

Once inside the building, I was given a short questionnaire to fill out that we give to the receptionist. This was another 5 minute wait. Once I get to the window, I gave the worker the questionnaire, and I was told to show my ID and proof of employment with my employer. These were my driver's license and substitute teacher badge, respectively. I guess it's fine even though I've been out of work for a little over a year due to the pandemic, as I still have my employee badge. I think all that's important is that the worker sees that I'm a worker in the eligibility group for vaccination. Also, I'm not insured with Altamed, but it doesn't matter, as getting vaccinated is free, and you can be insured with another provider and it'll still be fine.

After confirming everything, another 5 minute wait to get inside to the vaccination area. Very quick and painless. After getting the vaccine, I had to stay for another 15 minutes because they want to make sure you don't have an allergic reaction or anything to the vaccine. After the 15 minutes is up, my name was called. I come up and I was asked how I was feeling, to which I said I felt perfectly fine. With this, finally all done. This was a total of about 2.5 - 3 hours.

Just minutes before receiving the vaccine, I was warned that I may feel sore after getting the shot. Indeed, almost 24 hours after being vaccinated, on the morning of my birthday around this time yesterday, I woke up with my arm sore. It was nearly like the experience of coming back to work out at the gym for the first time in a very long time (gyms are still currently closed down and has been since November of last year). As of now, fortunately my arm is not sore anymore. I was more worried about getting fever-like symptoms, but luckily I didn't get any of that. So, I guess the soreness took me by complete surprise even though I was technically warned of it ahead of time by the staff.

I come back for my second dose on April 7, 2021. I received the Moderna dose, which is 4 weeks instead of 3, like it is with the Pfizer dose.

Regarding the sleep problem, I appreciate the responses, Dullstar, geo, and mobius. I'm still having the problem of waking up after about an hour or 2 every night, although I think there were a couple of times where I got 4 hours in before waking up. This is an improvement, but definitely not that much better than getting through the entire night without waking. Guess my body is accustomed to being at home since I've been out of work for so long. Not to mention that I haven't been able to expend more energy by doing physical workouts due to the gym still being closed.

Is your main issue trouble falling asleep, or waking up after a few hours?

The latter. Since it's still an ongoing thing, I definitely should go get it checked out. At the same time, I haven't really done anything to make me extremely tired throughout the day, such as a vigorous workout or anything, as I haven't been out anywhere in weeks. 

Talking about drugs, as far as I'm aware the legal classification (and social perception) of drugs is mostly unscientific bogus that doesn't follow any clear criteria. So if you're fine with alcohol, you're already taking one of the more serious drugs with respect to e.g. associated health risks, and the line you draw isn't really much of a line along some spectrum. (That said, I've never taken any to help me with sleep, so I can't advise on that.)

You're right, of course, since I'm still doing drugs by drinking alcohol, although I do it in small to moderate amounts. Plus I only do it at home and probably about once a week with my father, where it's generally over a nice evening talk with each other. Fortunately, I'm also a heavyweight when it comes to drinking, as I have quite a high tolerance and don't get inebriated easily :crylaugh: - My YouTube channel and you can also find my playlists of Lemmings level packs that I have LPed
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12-31-21 - The Year 2021 In Reivew
« Reply #17 on: January 01, 2022, 07:22:10 AM »
As is typical with me on New Year's Eve, I generally do one giant post reflecting back on the year in the final hours before ringing in the new year. So, let's see, where to start? With respect to Lemmings Forums activity throughout 2021, a lot of it was spent LPing various level packs. I find it very hard to believe that I've been LPing for the past 14 months! This year alone, I managed to complete 24/25 LPs of level packs, though one of them was started last year and was the first LP done at the start of this year, SEB Lems for New Formats. This is probably way more and beyond than what the typical average person can solve in an entire year. I guess a large part of it is how I've been willing to LP packs of any difficulty, with the exception of packs that I solved or played too much of it long before I made the personal decision to get into LPing. Not to mention that I was not working for much of 2021, meaning I had a lot of time to LP during all of that. The speed at which I got through LPs slowed considerably once I did start working at the end of September, but it seemed that I still managed to keep a steady pace with them and pump out videos at a higher than usual rate :P

My Youtube channel doesn't just have playlists of LPs of level packs. I also LPed LDC (Lemmings Design Contest) levels, as well as did some "level solving commentary video series" on a few packs, which are just a series where I show off my solutions via loading the replay for the level, and explain the solution and what my thought processes were while I was solving them. For the latter, I've done 3 4 such series: one on Lemmings Open Air, one on Lemmings Reunion, one on Lemmings Stampede (New Formats), and finally one on Gigalem's Resident Gigalems ghost pack (this last one I just remembered, I'm a dummy, I can't even remember what packs I did this series on :XD:). This actually first started with one I did on Lemmings United, and as that has proven to be a huge success with Icho, I decided to do some more such series on select packs that I especially like, such as the ones I listed. The one I did on Lemmings Reunion was also a big hit with Icho, and I know that pack authors love it when they see something done with their level packs via video.

All the links to my LPs of level packs can be found here:

Additionally, all the playlists on various Lemmings level packs on my Youtube channel can be found here:

Consider subbing to my channel if you like what you see ;) On that note, thank you to all the LF members here who are already on my Youtube followers/subs list :)

Regarding my YT, I believe when I finally started uploading videos to my channel near the end of last year, according to analytics I had 15 subs at the start of 2021, and by the end of the year it now stands at 34. I honestly have no idea how that happened all in the span of a year. Must be all those LPs I've done :laugh: Once again, I must emphasize that no one asked if I ever considered getting into LPing. Instead, I made the personal decision to get into it, as I thought it would be fun. It all started when I got the idea of doing a video series on Icho's Lemmings United, and from that point on I thought I try LPing out. Indeed, ever since I got into it, it has proven to be so much fun for me, and I still enjoy doing them to this day, all for you ladies' and gents' viewing pleasure. Needless to say, I guess I kind of became a full-time Youtuber/LPer during much of 2021 when I wasn't working, though since I kind of cemented myself with it and due to the huge positive reception they've been receiving, I will continue to do more of them in 2022, so stay tuned and be on the lookout for them! :)

2021 also marked the year that I made my Lemmings level making debut, because LDC #22 was the very first one I participated both as a level designer and level solver. I was busying LPing SEB Lems at the time, but I managed to get it done early enough to start making levels and submit/PM them before the submission phase deadline. As you may or may not remember, the very first Lemmings level I have ever made is my R1 "Bubble Trouble" (level attached). Most were kind enough to tell me that this level still proved to be difficult for some, but this one proved to be a hit with the community, where in the grouping it was in, it was the second most popular level, after rtw's "Warmth." It didn't advance any further than the rule voteoffs, but I was still pleasantly surprised to see the very first level I have ever made get past one round of voting. My R2 also made it past the rule voteoff, although IIRC it was saved by tying with at least a few others for 3rd most amount of votes in order to advance.

I later found out that for my R1 there's a level with the same title in Deceit's Lemmings, though it was more that I completely have forgotten that, as I had already played through the entire pack years before I LPed it earlier this year.

I have participated and made levels for the next 2 contests as well, and I believe I have had only a level in each one make it past the first round of voting. For LDC #23, honestly I was surprised my R3 was the most popular of my 3 levels in that one. I think I can understand why that wasn't the case for my R1 and R2, with the former being backrouted so many times and resulting in somewhat of a visual mess, while the latter it was simply a huge cluttered visual mess. Finally, for LDC #24, since my level has already been eliminated, I can go ahead and talk about it a bit. Another one of my R1's proved to be the most popular, but unlike LDC #22, my R1 was the most popular in the rule voteoff, having edged out the second most popular level by just 1 vote. In a way, I kind of had a feeling it would do well, especially since it's one that I'm most proud of out of all levels I have ever made, but I didn't think it would do THAT well! So once again, it was a pleasant surprise to see it do well, even if just for a round of voting.

Just to let everyone know, though I'm sure you all know already anyway, I still prefer to solve levels than make them, but let me just put it out there: I haven't exactly ruled it out, but a future level pack from me is still a possibility ;) If it does come to fruition, don't expect me to go easy on the difficulty :P Before I got into level designing, I always had this thought that I was no good at making hard levels, but I've been proven wrong by the contest levels I have made. Granted, they're not quite at Icho, Armani, and Nepster difficulty, but apparently still up there in difficulty. I may or may not ever reach their level of difficulty, but I'm probably not leagues away either. For the time being, I'll say that I'm still far from reaching it.

Other accomplishments of mine on the Lemmings front in 2021 include two Superlemmini conversions, Deceit's Lemmings and Oskar's PSP Lemmings, as well as a conversion of builletride's Lemmings Stampede to New Formats NL.

On the non-Lemmings front, 2021 also saw me getting into other games that I haven't played in a while. Before this, I had played nothing but Lemmings daily for the past 10 months or so. Yea, I know, that's way too excessive, and I would certainly understand not playing it for that long and getting into other games in the meantime :XD:

The first such instance was when I got stuck bad on a particular Rapture level in SEB Lems at the beginning of the year. I got back into Age of Empires at the time, though in my case I had bought the Definitive Edition a while back but haven't played it since purchasing it. It was great to play a game that I've known from childhood again despite how I was not so good at it (and I'm still not, but I kept using cheat codes back then :laugh:). I also played it on the hardest difficulty, which likely sped up my return to Lemmings after only about a week because of how very frustrating and brutal the AI was, as well as how there was a very bad bug where units constantly got stuck on one another and it was a huge pain to get them freed. I haven't returned to the game since, and I'm not sure if I will due to the bad bugs.

The next time was when I got stuck in the second rank of LemRunner, but this one was a major break from the game of Lemmings. For about 1-1.5 months, I played through the Blizzard games I grew up with. In particular, I played through Starcraft and its expansion, as well as all the Starcraft 2 games. Only single-player though, as I'm not much into multi-player. Others include Warcraft 3 and its expansion, and Diablo 2's expansion. After playing through these, I returned to the Lemmings level I got stuck on and was able to get myself unblocked. I went on to smash through the rest of the pack in about 1-1.5 weeks.

It's also been fun bonding and playing JB with various members on Discord throughout 2021. I joined every session when they took place, and I must say they really helped me become more comfortable with this community, especially since I'm not much of a chatter on social media. Though I'm not too good at and didn't win many of the games, I still had a lot of fun, and I will take the few victories I did manage to snag up with pride, but winning isn't the most important to me. Yes, I tend to be competitive, but the most important thing was just having fun regardless of the outcome.

Otherwise, not much went on with me in 2021, especially since we were stuck in lockdown due to Covid. Thus, I wasn't out much or working for most of 2021. Generally, the only time I was out was just to work out at my local gym. Otherwise, I was at home taking care of my folks.

I got my first Covid shot the day before my birthday, and the second shot 1 month after (because Moderna is 1 month between shots). The first one fortunately didn't give me any bad side effects than the injection site being very sore. The second shot had me feel very dizzy and light-headed and very bad cold chills in the arms/legs. My booster shot also gave me the same thing, though I was fortunate to have gotten it shortly after I became eligible to get it due to how I'm in a field (educator) that is considered high-at-risk to exposure. I received it near the end of October. So, I'm fully vaxed + booster for the winter season, though I got the flu shot a few weeks before getting the booster.

From January to around May/June, I was still collecting unemployment benefits. It wasn't as much as when I was collecting them for 2020, but it was still more than enough to get me by until I could find a job again. After I exhausted my benefits, I wasn't collecting any for about 3 months, which is pretty much the same situation when I'm not working during the summer months because teachers get those off, save for meetings and what not. I finally returned to the workforce at the end of September after 1.5 years of being shut out of a job, all thanks to my cousin who is friends with a teacher, who was desperately searching for a Vietnamese teacher. She thought of me, as she remembers that I work in the education field, and hence she got me in touch with her teacher friend. I was told what I needed to do to apply, and after submitting the application, the next day I got the email that I was accepted into the subbing position. However, it was about another few weeks before I would start working due to paperwork and not being able to get a doctor's appointment to get a physical and get a form signed by my physician.

It was quite a good feeling to be working again, as I'm one of those who would rather be at work than be stuck at home not working a job. From the time I first started working again, I went on to work every day up until my winter break, which started almost two weeks ago and will be ending in a few days. It felt wonderful to be getting and seeing actual paychecks in my bank account on payday :) During the 1.5 years I wasn't working, I was quite miserable. Yes, I was collecting unemployment during much of that time, but honestly there's no satisfaction in that vs making actual income. My parents know how hardworking I am, so they understood my misery of not working a job.

So yes, I believe I covered everything for all of 2021, so that's pretty much a review of my 2021 for you all. 40 minutes to go before I leave 2021 behind and ring in 2022. With this, I will see you all around the Forums and Discord in 2022! :) I've almost been posting publicly to the site for two years, but I want to thank everyone here for being quite a welcoming and supportive group. It's been great getting to know each of you, and I hope that continues for years to come, both old and newcomers.     
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