Author Topic: Converting .ini (SuperLemmini format) levels to .nxlv (NeoLemmix format)  (Read 481 times)

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So, you want to convert your old (or new!) pack of .ini levels to new-formats NeoLemmix, namely the .nxlv format, so that they can be played in NeoLemmix as well as (Super)Lemmini(Too).

There are a number of ways this can be achieved, but here's the way I do it. Everything you need for this method is attached to this post:

1. Create a backup of the .ini levels that you want to convert

2. Create a New Folder on your Desktop and name it "Converted Levels" (or something you'll remember later)

3. Open the NeoLemmix 10.13.13 Editor (a copy of this editor is attached here)

4. Go to Tools > Mass Format Converter

5. Click "Add Files" and browse to the levels you want to convert

6. Select all the levels you want to convert (you can select multiple levels at a time) and click "Open". The converter will be populated with all of the levels you want to convert

7. Click the "..." button next to Output Directory, and browse to the "Converted Levels" folder you created on the Desktop earlier. This is a neat way to keep the converted levels separate from the originals, and will make the next few steps of the process much easier
N.B. Make sure that Delete Source File is UNCHECKED - you should NOT delete the source file as this will delete the original level

8. Go ahead and hit "Convert." The conversion process should only take a few seconds! Once done, it's worth opening your "Converted Levels" folder on the desktop to check that the resulting .lvl files are all there :thumbsup:

9. Open the NeoLemmix 12.9.4 folder (attached here)

10. Move your "Converted Levels" folder from the desktop to the "levels" folder in the NeoLemmix 12.9.4 directory

11. Open NeoLemmix 12.9.4

12. Press F2 to navigate to the level select menu and select "Converted Levels" from the list

13. Press OK. This should load the first level, so hit Esc to back out to the NeoLemmix menu (you may get a "Could not find logo.png" error - just ignore this and hit "OK")

14. Once you're at the main NeoLemmix menu with your levels loaded, hit F8. This will run the Cleanse Levels process. You'll know it's happening if the scroller lemmings stop moving. Once the process is complete, a dialog box will pop up to let you know it's completed, and if there were any errors (hopefully there aren't! See troubleshooting if you're having problems).

15. Go to the NeoLemmix 12.9.4 directory - there should new be a folder in there titled "Cleanse". Inside this folder will be a folder containing your levels in both .lvl and .nxlv format! You're done :lemcat:
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If you get errors, here are some things to check:

1. Make sure that all style pieces (object, terrain, etc) in your original levels have a corresponding piece in the NeoLemmix 12.9.4 styles folder

2. Make sure that the style used in the level is named correctly in both the level.ini file and the styles.ini file found in Editor 1.43/styles/SuperLemmini

3. If I think of any more, or if any come up, I'll add them here
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