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I don't know a whole lot about this game; only that it's a multiplayer game something like the "Mafia" forum game we played years ago. It's only 5 dollars on steam.

Post here if you'd be interested in doing this sometime, probably on the weekend like we usually do Lix or UCH, before or after 18:00 UTC.

I've watched quite a bit of this game on YT and it looks like quite a lot of fun. :)

If we have enough people for a lemmingsforums round, then you can count me in.

I just tried the game! It’s SO much fun! I’d be totally down to try but is it okay if I play on mobile? Because I don’t have it on steam..and how would we communicate with each other?

There's text chat in game or voice chat through discord. I haven't personally tested it, but my understanding is that there is crossplay between PC and mobile. If using Discord, stay on mute except during discussions or if you're dead.

I'd be interested in joining.

Something I’d like to point out if we do this: If you want to join the session but haven’t played the game before, I highly suggest playing the game a bit before we do this. I think it would be more fun if everyone knew what the game was about and what you had to do.


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