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Assorted Gubbins
« on: August 02, 2020, 05:34:00 pm »
Here is a compilation of levels made by me after the Snack Pack and until today, and some new ones as well (that's where the pack name came from, you see).
Here's what one of the levels looks like:

Apart from that, this pack contains new levels which you may enjoy, contained in a separate rank; here's what one of these levels looks like:

Tested to be compatible with NeoLemmix versoin 12.9.2.

To install:
1. Download NeoLemmix from here here and extract it to the folder you want.
2. Download Assorted Gubbins (link below) and extract it into the main directory of NeoLemmix.
3. Download the music for Assorted Gubbins (link below as well) and extract it into the main directory of NeoLemmix.
4. Run "NeoLemmix.exe". Press F2 in the main menu for the level browser, the levels of both the Compilation and the Assorted Gubbins (proper) are there for you to play.

1. Assorted Gubbins
2. Music (for Assorted Gubbins)

Many thanks to both the people of LemmingsForums for their help and the creators of the music used in this pack for the inspiration to make this level pack happen!

Music used in this pack: