Author Topic: Own unique, signed Lemmings Artwork from the Original Artist, Adrian Powell  (Read 635 times)

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Hi all,

My name is Adrian Powell, the Original Lemmings Artist!

Due to many fans requests over the years, I have just launched a new website where you can own unique, hand painted and signed artwork by myself. I have also produced a Limited Edition Signed Print entitled: Lemmings Landing (only 100 copies)

Please checkout the link below if you are interested. :)

Many thanks,

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Wow, that's great. Beautiful (and nostalgic) artwork. :)
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Just thought I'd add this because this website is also associated with Adrian Powell and has much cheaper Lemmings merch based on the artwork from the above site linked.
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Welcome to our community, Adrian Powell! Your creation lives on!

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Adrian! You! Adrian! Your site is down. Could you fix it soon?