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Level Review - Lemmings Plus 3D
« on: November 10, 2019, 11:03:23 pm »
Release thread:
Solution playlist (so you can remind yourself of the levels):

I am currently playing through this pack ( ) and had more I wanted to say about each level. So here's a thread of me reviewing each level as I play them.

Fun 01 - Called Back To Duty
This is a fantastic opening level to the pack. Given many players may not have played Lemmings 3D for a long time, it really helps to have a level with wide open space to get used to the camera controls. The level is simple with a fun centerpiece (the rope slide) yet has enough flexibilty to really play around in the level and come up with alternate solutions if you're experienced and want something more. Compare to the official first level, which is trial-and-error based on un-guessable physics, the first official level of Lemmings 3D is atrocious really. I wish it was this level instead.

Fun 02 - Security Walls
In the original Lemmings 3D I seem to remember a level that was a maze but you had to shortcut it by bashing through a wall. This feels like the simplest, most obvious implementation of that concept. I feel like there is the possibility that this level is trying to put me in the right mindset for a trickier revisiting of this, but I might be wrong.

Fun 03 - Lemmings On A Train
I really really love the visual effect going on here that makes it look like the train is moving. Very clever. For a level that is mostly about looking like a thing, it does a very good job of providing an interesting and engaging path through the level. Definitely a top tier level, taking into account the difficulty level it's aiming for.

Fun 04 - Performance Tower
A notable uptick in difficulty in terms of parsing the 3D landscape. While the level is still pretty easy in hindsight, the lemmings at the top felt like they were in a somewhat precarious position. I spent a small while thinking about this one while I got back into the swing of thinking in terms of 3D. I am sure there are a number of easier solutions, but I dug down the central column safe in the knowledge that the spiral staircase would save my lemmings from splatting. I really enjoyed this one.

Fun 05 - The Grand Gallery
The tight space in this level is really bad for the camera. The level is very straightforward, but I spent the entire time fighting the camera. The ceiling needs to be higher up so there is more room for the camera to move. It took me a long time to understand what the (admittedly simple) layout of the level even was. And the position of camera 2 is completely incomprehensible when you first switch to it, you don't even understand what you are looking at.

Fun 06 - Indoor Maze
By comparison this level has a really high ceiling and as such there are no camera issues. It's a perfectly fine level, although it didn't really need to be indoors at all and this would have made the camera even better. I'm glad the walls are only as high as they need to be and no more, so clicking on the lemmings isn't made harder. The level itself is OK. Feels slightly like filler, the maze isn't big or complicated enough to make much of a puzzle out of not using too many turners. Is that the splitter texture used for the exit?

Fun 07 - Star Wars
A fantastic level. Really good introduction to the trap lightning floor. In my solution, in order to make sure too many lemmings didn't die I blocked the crowd between the two builds. It's interesting how the addition of turners naturally causes the classic problem of levels devolving into a single worker lemming to not happen and how you have to play around that. I think the final corridor could have done with one of the two traps being removed just because it's very specific, but in L3D's grid-based layouts this sort of precision is actually not a big deal, so I guess it's fine. At first I thought this level would have teleporters between ships and would be a simple turner puzzle, so was pleasantly surprised when that wasn't the case.

Fun 08 - Where Shall They Rest?
Unfortunately I'm sorry to say that this level is terrible. While hidden exit puzzles were an acquired taste, they are even worse and so much more tedious in 3D. Not even any graphical hints as to where they might be or anything. No, nothing, just pure trial and error strip-mining of the level until you find the one block that can't be destroyed somewhere in the middle of a solid mass, and there are multiple solid masses. Come on namida, you can do better than this. This felt like a troll level.