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[Old Format][Cancelled]Holiday GigaLems 2017 Cancelled Prototype
« on: February 11, 2018, 05:22:30 AM »

Yeah, I have several reasons why this happened and I need go on why that is

Why is it "in Development?"
There isn't exactly an "Archived" or "Closed" Project board here, if I could be honest I wish for that to be a thing (Along with Skill emojis for the site) so those who ask with their last post to be sent there.

Why? and why now of all times?
1.I lost all inspiration for this project, I haven't even bothered with the logo or the graphics and music yet
2.Over Ambition, this is something i've ceased in my early years because I did too much at once and boy am I such an idiot for doing that
3.I really want to move on to other projects that need my attention sooner, its been on the back burner for so long that im gonna jump right in with a high head and good mood.

What also stopped me?
I play too much Pokemon XwX'

What did it contain anyway?
It would've had
-6 Ranks with 10 levels each
-Be the debut of my Friend's levels. you may know him as "Plom510" (Please get on the forum soon, you prowess needs to be shown)
-The subtitle "Homeward bound"
-The story was that the lemmings ran out of fuel during their last delivery, and they have to take the long way home, They'll travel forests, snowlands, and old factories.

What did it end up with
-94% Complete in terms of levels with two unfinished wips.
I didn't even get to assemble a .nxp

What's gonna happen with my projects in the future?
I should focus on more Realistic projects, My Milla's project is going slow but its to ensure its quality. I have to if it comes to newer levels.
If I want to make future holiday packs, I'm gonna make em smaller if I can help it. Maybe something called "Winter Festival Millas" which should have less levels with new graphic sets if possible.
have for the "GigaLems" level pack moniker....I have decided to officially Retire it, I may release my other unfinished projects and continue to focus on one big project at a time.

I deeply apologize for not keeping up with it every year but these things just fall out of my control and so does this levels block.

Plom, I thank you for helping me in the long run but it wasn't fully enough

Heres the in-assembled prototype Download

Update 12-12-21 - Recently Kaywhyn and I put together the NXP for the pack, since im prepairing another level for release, I figured I'd release this level pack in NXP form as well.
First off Kaywhyn's Playthrough, this is where  you can see this level pack in action Holiday GigaLems 2017 - Playlist
Second off, The NXP off the game and everything you need to run it, everything is here in this folder Download
Third and Last, prerelease versions of the nxps as an extra, differences can vary but they're mostly small. Though I only recommend playing it as an extra Download

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Re: [Old Format][Cancelled]Holiday GigaLems 2017 Cancelled Prototype
« Reply #1 on: February 11, 2018, 04:06:45 PM »
Don't feel bad GigaLem. This kind of stuff happens even to the best of creators. If anything you can always save whatever you have already made and you can always add to it or pick it up later on down the line :)

I am also really looking forward to your Milla's project as just the few levels I saw were really high quality. As mentioned, whenever you are ready to convert those levels I'll be more than happy to help. Also kind of sad that your "GigaLems" pack may be retired. I don't mind helping you convert that as well if that's the only issue.

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Re: [Old Format][Cancelled]Holiday GigaLems 2017 Cancelled Prototype
« Reply #2 on: November 30, 2021, 09:20:50 AM »
Hi Gigalem and Plom510,

Pack completed, so I just wanted to post my replays and provide some feedback, being the main tester of the pack to see how the levels are after having the honor of collaborating with Gigalem to update and bundle the pack together. Also, here's the link to my LP of the pack: Enjoy! :P

General Feedback

This is a pack for Old Formats NL, i.e, v10.13.18, so you would need to dig up an older version of the NL player to play the pack. This pack didn't get completed fully, as Gigalem mentioned in the OP and his reasons for cancelling it. Nevertheless, there was still some true gems in here despite the incomplete state of the pack. In contrast to Holiday 2015 and Holiday 2016 (the hardest one of these three holiday packs, IMO), Holiday 2017 is easier than either one, though that's because most of the levels are currently very highly backroutable, and hence I suspect I passed a lot of levels more easily than I should had. Even then, I still enjoyed playing and solving this pack a lot.

Most of the pack consists solely of Gigalem's levels, with a few Plom510 levels here and there, and then the remainder are levels by the both of them together. In the third case, both of their names are listed in the author field together, otherwise there is only 1 name if the level is solely the work of one author. Nice work to Gigalem and Plom510, both for their solo levels and their collaboration levels! :thumbsup:

I am extremely honored that Gigalem has credited me in the scroller for the development of this level pack alongside him, even though I played absolutely no role in making any of the levels :) Instead, my only contribution to the pack is simply selecting music. Here, Gigalem provided me his Holiday 2015 and Holiday 2016 music packs, where I went through the tracks and decided which to use and which ones I didn't want to use. In the end, I selected 22 out of the possible 53 tracks, some of which are Christmas tracks from his Holiday 2015 pack. As it would had taken me forever, I decided on a standard music rotation instead of preassigning a track to every level. I struggle a lot when it comes to selecting music for levels, especially since I don't know that much great music tracks.

In any case, I'm glad to see that Gigalem liked my selection for the most part. He sent me replacement tracks for 4 of the Christmas tracks I picked, which are the Acorn Archimedes tracks of certain tunes from that port of the game. Here, they reminded me too much of the SMS tracks, which I honestly am not a fan of. However, by working together with Gigalem here, I happily made some concessions and agreed that two of the Acorn Archimedes can stay, as after listening to them again they weren't as bad as I initially thought. One of them was one that he really wanted to keep for the pack. Since this is Gigalem's pack, I definitely wanted Gigalem to be represented in as many ways as possible, which included him having a role in picking some of the music too. In turn, I replaced the other two Acorn Archimedes tracks with a corresponding port version. Instead of the Acorn Archimedes version of "Dance of the Swans" and "Mind The Step," I replaced them with the Mandelsoft remix and Dos version of the tracks, respectively. Of course, I sent earlier draft versions of the .nxp file to Gigalem so that we could look over the pack together, and so obviously he can leave his Archimedes Acorn tracks in his version or rebundle the pack accordingly as he desires. The fact I replaced them was simply due to how I'm not a personal fan of the SMS or Acorn Archimedes tracks for the most part, instead preferring the Canadian/Dos tracks, since I grew up with both, as well as for the purpose of LPing the pack. Yes, I prefer to use the preferred music pack for level packs, but since I helped Gigalem with the development of the level pack, I might as well use music I like for the purposes of the LP.

I do this in Part 1 of the LP, but once again, I must thank Gigalem for granting me permission to LP and record my playthrough of the pack :) This is the very first level pack I have done a LP in real time on camera for Old Formats NL. This pack absolutely deserves to see the light of day, and I am all too willing to help out my friend here in any way I can. I absolutely look forward to his future projects and collaborating on them and assisting him whenever he needs my help :thumbsup:

SugarPlum Rank Feedback

Very nice first rank! Nothing too particularly difficult in this rank, so not much to say here. A lot of these levels are very visually impressive, and Gigalem is one of the most artistic people I know on the Forums here! :thumbsup: All the levels in this rank were made by him. SugarPlum 1 - Crash Landed is a great level to start off the pack and to get players into it. My favorite level in this rank would go to SugarPlum 9 - Mall Crossing and hence I think this can do for a remake :) My favorite tilesets tend to be L2 Outdoor, Toys, and BeastII of a level, and hence SugarPlum 2 - There are forests abound!, SugarPlum 5 - Back at the toy store, and SugarPlum 10 - Where Naughty Lemmings Go! are my favorites visually. Another favorite tileset of mine is Lab from Lemmings 3D, so SugarPlum 4 - Tribal Stumbling could also be a potential favorite.

I think the hardest level of the rank would go to SugarPlum 6 - Screwballs on Christmas. It's not a very hard level, even though it appears to be very intimidating and difficult due to the very tall level size, but it's not. A bit too repetitive for my liking, although the level concept is nice. Also, I think the pixel precision can be reduced a bit, as I think it's a bit overdone here.

SugarPlum 8 - SXSP can also potentially be difficult, but it's not that bad either. I think this is the very first time I've played a level in this tileset.

Cuddly Rank Feedback

This rank is somewhat a significant step up in difficulty, as there are far more hard levels here than in the previous rank. Here, the levels I thought were hard include Cuddly 3 - Treezy Does it, Cuddly 5 - Devine [sic] intentions, Cuddly 7 - Cry me a river, Build a bridge, Cuddly 8 - Presents of mind are an engima, Cuddly 9 - Monarch of the High Ground, and Cuddly 10 - White as Snow. For Cuddly 3, it can potentially be difficult, although here a gripe I have is that it's not very clear that the lemmings will fall into the updraft trigger and hence survive near the exit. Here, I would make it more clear that's the case, as, at least in my solution, you don't see them fall more slowly.

For Cuddly 5, it can be a bit difficult to figure out the most efficient way to get through the obstacles in order to reach the exit. Gigalem has told me there's only one part I did as intended.

Cuddly 7 isn't very hard, but there is the potential to be difficult despite just 3 skill types. As I suspected, I really overcomplicated the platformer usages, as confirmed by Gigalem. Decent puzzle.

I didn't struggle too much with Cuddly 9, but it too has the potential to be difficult. It can be hard to find the best way to get everyone, who are preplaced climbers, up to the exit. Yet another decent puzzle here.

Finally, I struggled with Cuddly 10 way longer than you actually see in the LP video (I don't have the original recording for Cuddly 9 and Cuddly 10). It took me probably close to 40 minutes before I solved it. Not easy at all figuring out the best route to take, as well as ways to be very efficient in skill usages so that you don't use more than is necessary.

Cuddly 6 - An abandoned path was my absolute favorite in this rank. Somewhat hard, but it has a very nice solution that I like so much that I think this can do for a remake! :thumbsup: As a plus, it's a level in one of my favorite tilesets.

Festive Rank Feedback

Should be harder than the previous the two ranks, but honestly this one felt somewhat easier. That's probably because I ended up severely backrouting several levels here! :P

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Biting Rank Feedback

Back to difficult for this rank. Lots of wide and very tall levels here, and some of these happen to be very hard! This is also the first rank of the pack where we finally start seeing levels made together by both Plom510 and Gigalem.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Gelid Rank Feedback

Probably only a bit easier than the previous rank, or at least the difficulty comes pretty close to that of the Biting rank.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Scrooge Rank Feedback

I feel as if I pretty much backrouted every level save for possibly the final level of the rank. This is the only rank that doesn't have the full 10 levels, being only half completed at 5 levels total. As such, I went through the rank very quickly because of the very bad backroutes for the most part. I also managed to do all the rank in just one video :P

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Thanks again for the pack, Plom510 and Gigalem! :thumbsup: I enjoyed what I saw of the pack despite the unfinished state of the pack. It was an honor being the main tester of the pack here :) Looking forward to collaborations of future projects, and you know how to reach me in case you need my aid/assistance ;)

Quick recap of level remakes:

SugarPlum 1 – Crash landed (added, undecided before)
SugarPlum 2 – There are forests abound! (added, undecided before as well)
SugarPlum 5 - Back at the toy store (forgot about this one as well)
SugarPlum 8 – SXSP (added, undecided before)
SugarPlum 9 - Mall Crossing
SugarPlum 10 – Where Naughty Lemmings Go! (added, was thinking of including this before but kind of wasn’t sure, but after Gigalem suggested I do agree here)
Cuddly 6 – An abandoned path
Festive 7 – The giving tree
Gelid 4 – Iced Hams

Undecided for a Remake

Festive 10 – Blocked and Loaded
Biting 2 – Frost and Flow
Biting 7 – Plom’s Nonsensical Fun Land
Cuddly 10 - White as Snow (now added, both gigalem and i are still deciding with this one)
Gelid 1 – Frost Fight Fort!
Gelid 3 – Some (Dis)Assembly Required
Gelid 6 – Coming Together
Gelid 7 – Black as Coal
Scrooge 5 - That's it! I'm getting my cane! (forgot about this one here too)

edit: I added in the level titles, as well as added a couple of more after looking through the pack some more again for potential remakes. Again, just suggestions, but Gigalem and I have been discussing and we've reached mutual agreements on some with the added ones, others we're not sure yet but we'll work something out with some in-depth discussion after solutions have been talked about. It's great working/collaborating with him on this ;)
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Re: [Old Format][Cancelled]Holiday GigaLems 2017 Cancelled Prototype
« Reply #3 on: December 13, 2021, 05:50:06 AM »
Theres an update to the pack, and that's the form of a playable build of the game, check the first post for details