Author Topic: [SUG][EDITOR] Move user-friendly names from styles.ini to inside the style.  (Read 655 times)

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Currently, styles.ini contains ordering information and a user-friendly style name. I feel that while the former is a user preference and thus belongs in a file like styles.ini - or perhaps even in a file in the "settings" dir, rather than inside "styles" - the latter is an attribute of the style itself, and should be defined by it.

I can see two ways of doing this:
1. Introducing a "style.nxmi" file that contains this information, and any later style-specific (not theme-specific) information. Downside is the extra file.
2. Adding it to the "theme.nxtm" file. Downside is that this would disallow having a style that contains pieces, but not a theme - not sure how common this actually is though.

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1) The current styles.ini simply contains my own preferences of names (and ordering), so I don't consider the current user-friendly names to be official.
2) The user-friendly name has a lot more restrictions concerning style name length (not fixed in terms of number of characters, but rather concerning display width), because the editor just has little space for it. So we would have to tell all style creators that. I would really like to avoid having to edit the styles themselves myself.