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Lemmings 1 Graphics and Music error

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I've got the game running on DOSBox, and for the most part it works great. I feel like I'm 7 again. But... there's a couple problems.

First of all, all the start screens for the stages are incredibly difficult to read due to a color error. Now, I think I've had this problem every time I tried to play the DOS version, including all those 25 (or more) years ago, so it might just be a design flaw, but I've noticed when I see Let's Players doing videos online, they don't have that problem. It looks normal, like the end of level screens.

Here's a screenshot:

As for the music, well, again, this is probably more due to the DOS version just being funky, but a lot of the notes are in the wrong place. I've heard DOS versions that sound better, but I'm not sure how to make that happen. Is there a way to emulate a better sound card? Alternatively, maybe I should just try to get an Amiga emulator working?

I suggest using Lemmix or NeoLemmix. Both of these (Lemmix slightly more so) keep the overall feel of the DOS games. Lemmix (but not NeoLemmix) specifically has a goal of accurately reproducing every detail of how the DOS games work - right down to you can even perform most of the DOS version glitches in Lemmix (aside from those that result from accessing memory outside the usual regions, and thus are too unpredictable to accurately emulate). Almost every official Lemmings level ever released, is available on both engines.

You can get Lemmix here: https://www.neolemmix.com/?page=download_list&program=42
You might want to also grab the "LemmixPlayerDOSMusics.zip" file. Extract it to the same folder as the Lemmix EXEs, and I suggest looking at the readme. :)

If you'd rather go with NeoLemmix - which is what's also used for most fanmade content these days - see these topics:
Welcome to NeoLemmix
Official Lemmings games in new-formats NeoLemmix format

Now, if you want to get it working on DOSBox... I'm not sure about music, but a post from 2009 on the forums might help with the graphics: https://www.lemmingsforums.net/index.php?topic=958.msg25804#msg25804

Thanks for the assist!

I'm aware of Lemmix and NeoLemmix, though I didn't know the goals behind them. My question was more to do with like... how widespread are these problems? Is this something everyone deals with? Am I remembering correctly that the graphical error was there in 1994, or is that a fabricated memory?

I just don't know, and it's kinda driving me a little mad.

As for the music, yeah, I'm pretty sure the off-notes were there in the old version, but I'm pretty sure there was a way to make it sound right too. But maybe that's just wishful thinking. Like, what's the best version of the original game you can get? The... Most True to the Original Vision of the game, I guess. I feel like the SNES and Genesis versions are lacking dramatically due to the lack of Mouse support, and I'm not all that fond of the requirement that every screen have music on it. I kinda liked the silence before and after each level.

Can't say anything about the music but in DosBox I have the graphical error as well. Never bothered to debug though.
My memory is faint, but I think at least in the floppy version the screens were okay on Dos.

The graphics problem in your screenshot looked vaguely familiar but I'm not sure I'd call it widespread.  Might be related to your DOSBox settings.  Are you running DOSBox in Windows or are you using some other OS like Linux?  Which mode did you select when you first launch the game and it hasn't transitioned to graphics mode yet (the mode selection includes "PC compatible", "High Performance PC" etc., and there were 4 choices IIRC.  "PC compatible" works best on DOSBox, though I think "High Performance PC" had become correctly emulated in current versions of DOSBox as well).

Not sure what you mean exactly about the notes being in wrong place, we'd probably need to see a video/audio of you playing Lemmings in DOSBox to determine what exactly you are hearing.  Certainly if back then you originally played a different port of Lemmings than DOS, maybe you're just not used to how the music sounds like under the somewhat more primitive capabilities of audio hardware on DOS-based PCs at the time.


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