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The screen start rectangle currently covers a 320x160 region, but that's not particularly accurate for most setups using a modern screen.

We'll assume a default of that most levels are still 160px tall - I believe this is still by far the most common height. (EDIT: Actually, this doesn't matter IIRC. As long as they're not tall, narrow levels, the same result would still hold.) Under such circumstances, and default NeoLemmix settings, the initial viewable area will be, on various common screen resolutions:

1366x768: 455x216
1600x900: 400x185
1920x1080: 384x176
2560x1440: 365x165
3840x2160: 384x176

EDIT: These figures might not be accurate, as I got different results when I calculated similar stuff for another topic (which I paid closer attention while doing). I'll re-calculate at some point.

X x Y, assuming X is a fair bit larger than Y, and a fairly normal level size:
let Z = floor(Y / 200)
startWidth = screenWidth / Z
startHeight = (screenHeight - (Z * 40)) / Z

From this, 384 x 176 seems like the most obvious option, due to it being used on two of the common screen sizes. 455x216 seems like the most obvious alternative, since I believe 1366x768 is still the most common of these options (especially for laptops). (EDIT: Or maybe not. A Steam survey on display resolutions suggests 1920x1080 is the most common, and while 1366x768 is second, there's a huge gap. While the nature of Steam would likely mean a bias towards higher resolutions, given how big the gap is I'd suspect 1920x1080 is still the most common ultimately.)

Or, if we want to keep one dimension as-is, then at least the other should be changed to reflect that 16:9, not 4:3, is the standard screen resolution these days. In such a case, either 355x160 or 320x140 should be used. (These are not 16:9 ratios themself; because the 16:9 area of the actual screen includes the skill panel, whereas the initial viewable area region does not.)
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