Author Topic: Sega Master System Sets - Restored after having been lost for 9 years  (Read 670 times)

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Long ago, old fourmer Adam has made Sega Master System sets for L++ or Lix during its alpha days.
When the forums shifted to where we are now, no one backed up the old attachments and the sets where thought to be lost to time....

Until today, Raymanni a month ago resurfaced the sets in their original form. I took it upon myself to Restore these to their former glory.
And finally here they are!


Easily the hardest one to do, I had some help with this one


One of the easier ones to translate, added some liberties to this


the first one I translated, Had to use SMS Power to grab non jpeg'd pieces


This one may need a revision in the future to have a matching color scheme


Second Hardest, but that's because of the rocks

After being lost for 9 years, they're finally back for Neolemmix Use!

Special Thanks
Plom510                          For the Color swaps on some traps and such
Nessy and Wafflem           For help with the Dirt Set
Pooty                              For all of the SMS maps posted on SMS power
Raymanni                        For Finding these sets

Sets and levels in the attachments below

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Re: Sega Master System Sets - Restored after having been lost for 9 years
« Reply #2 on: February 18, 2020, 05:50:33 am »
The exit object in the SMS Crystal style repeatedly bobs up and down by a pixel. Seems unintentional.
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