Author Topic: [FIXED][SUGGESTION][EDITOR] Ctrl+Shift+Z as alternate shortcut for Redo  (Read 165 times)

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From what I can tell, Ctrl+Shift+Z is slightly more common than Ctrl+Y (though both are frequently used) as a keyboard shortcut for Redo.

Not only does Ctrl+Shift+Z not work in the editor, but it actually interprets it as just Ctrl+Z, and thus invokes one further undo.

Assuming there's no intent to use Ctrl+Shift+Z for something else, I'd like to suggest that the editor accept either combination. At the very least, Ctrl+Shift+Z should not invoke undo.
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Re: [SUGGESTION][EDITOR] Ctrl+Shift+Z as alternate shortcut for Redo
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Added Ctrl+Shift+Z as Redo for the next release.