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Re: Lix 0.9.36 released
« Reply #60 on: February 24, 2021, 07:55:03 PM »
Lix 0.9.36 released.
  • Add a whopping 66 multiplayer maps by Flopsy, including Perfect Situation
  • Fix #413: The new-level button in the editor will now ask for data loss before clearing the map and clearing the undo buffer. You can click Save, Discard, or Cancel.
  • Reword the grid tooltip in the editor to clarify that it will affect future moves; it will have no immediate effect on the current selection. Before: "Grid 2: Rounds tiles' coordinates to multiples of 2." Now: "Grid 2: Tiles will move in steps of 2 pixels." Thanks to WillLem for feedback and wording.
  • Support a hidden option (not in the options menu) that allows you to suppress the editor's offset of copypasted tiles; this is (16,16) by default. (Hidden options are hacks; for the long term, I need to visualize the copying in place.) For now, to suppress the offset, put in your user/options.sdl:
    editorCopiedTilesOffset 0
  • Mouse speed on Linux defaults to 10, not 20. This produces better results on my machine when (fast movement frees mouse) is off, the default on Linux. I haven't examined the speed on other systems yet.
  • Update the build docs in doc/build/ about minimum compiler versions.
  • In the doc/formats/ directory, document replay pointing, terrain lines in levels, groups in levels.
-- Simon
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Re: Lix 0.9.37 released
« Reply #61 on: May 17, 2021, 06:59:40 PM »
Lix 0.9.37 released.

:lix-cool: Download for Windows 64-bit -- recommended
:lix: Download for Windows 32-bit -- fallback for ancient machines
:lix: Download for Linux 64-bit
:lix-evil: Source code
:8(): Changelog
:8:()[: Issue tracker

How to update (click to show/hide)
  • Added new maps from the multiplayer level contest. Thanks, Dominator_101, Dullstar, Flopsy, geoo, IchoTolot, WillLem! Includes Dominator_101's Rescue Rangers Double Team.
  • Fixed flickering mouse cursor in the dialog that aborts a networking game. Before, when you hovered over a lix in the background of the dialog, the cursor would osciallte between open and closed. Now, the cursor stays closed because you can't assign to lix during the dialog.
  • Partly address #234: When you resize the map in the editor, the editor will zoom out as far as it can to show you the entire map. It's still disorienting to resize maps with large empty areas.
  • Fix #420: When you verified a directory containing 0 replays in the GUI verifier, the GUI verifier didn't print the line that you can now click to exit. Now it prints that line.
  • In the main menu, below the version number, print name of operating system and 32/64-bit for which the running version is built.
  • The debugging build's user options defaults show the phyus/FPS. This only matters when you run a debugging build without a user option file user/options.sdl. The normal release build defaults to not showing phyus/FPS until you enable it in the options menu.
  • In dub.json, removed obsolete architecture restriction for Windows builds with LDC.
  • The Windows 64-bit build notes point to LDC's multilib release instead of to the pure 64-bit release. You can use LDC's installer or LDC's 7z download. The main difference is that LDC's lib/ dir is now called lib64/. Updated my all-in-one DLL download with the new directory name lib64/ instead of lib/.
  • Documented the level format in doc/formats/level.txt. Documented in the Windows build notes doc/build/win*.txt where to get Allegro binaries from NuGet.
-- Simon
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