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Chris Hodges' Lemmings 2 Pack
« on: April 20, 2017, 02:20:10 PM »
Did you know about these levels?:

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Re: Chris Hodges' Lemmings 2 Pack
« Reply #1 on: April 20, 2017, 06:34:25 PM »
Haven't looked at the levels yet, but cool find! 8-)  To think that there's been a level editor for Lemmings 2 (even if only runnable on the Amiga) for all this time (the website history listed original release dates for the levels to be in 1997!).  It seems they were converted to PC format no later than Jan 2002 based on the web page's "last updated" time on upper-left.  I'm not sure I had even found our forum yet at that time (if yes, then probably still like within the first year or two of me being active on it).

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Re: Chris Hodges' Lemmings 2 Pack
« Reply #2 on: April 21, 2017, 07:39:39 PM »
Really interesting that these have been on the internet, presumably relatively unknown, for such a long time, and are still out there! It's impressive, he also managed to add in the swinging chains correctly too.

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Re: Chris Hodges' Lemmings 2 Pack
« Reply #3 on: April 21, 2017, 08:24:15 PM »
Some more info, posted by Chris Hodges in the alt.lemmings UseNet newsgroup on 6th Jan 1997.!topic/alt.lemmings/ULtNBxVYneA

Code: [Select]
Hi everybody!

I've written a level editor for the Amiga version of Lemmings 2 and some of
the   users   reading   this  group  might  want  to  have  a  look  at  it
(Aminet/game/misc/Lem2LevEd103.lha). It's shareware and the demoversion  is
limited  to  one  level and one tribe (Space-Tribe), although some new demo
levels  are  also  included  in  the  archive.  The  full  version  has  no
limitations and comes with over 30 new levels to play with.

- 100% system conform, no hardware hacks, no patches.
- runs on ECS/OCS, AGA and even on graphic boards (ASL-Screenmode request).
- font sensitive window and gadget layout.
- built-in filecache (in-place buffer, can be turned off).
- NewLook menus and gadgets, adapts to the different palettes.
- context sensitive online help (AmigaGuide) in all menus and windows.
- the positions of the windows are saved along the prefs file.
- plot, line and bar drawing modes.
- multiple undo/redo for aprox. 8000 operations.
- tested with MungWall and Enforcer-Clone.
- no memory leaks.
- also creates Worms 1 and Worms DC levels!
- written 100% in assembly language.

- kick 2.05 (V37) or higher
- for Screenmode requester: V38+ of asl.library
- about 160 KB of Chip memory
- at least 300 KB free Fast memory
- MC68000 or higher
- OCS machine
- tv or monitor
- harddisk, with at least 0.5 MB free
- Lemmings 2 Harddisk version
  (can be acquired from Aminet:game/patch/lems2HD.lha, CD 7 or Set 2 Disk C
   or directly from me (only the patch, not the game!)).

- kick 3.0 (V39) or higher
- 2 MB of Chip memory
- 2 MB of Fast memory
- MC68020 or higher
- AGA machine
- multiscan monitor
- Commodities/AutoPoint or similar tool

V1.3 (02-Jan-97):
  - Added some tooltypes:
    "LEMMINGSDIR=drawer" allows you to move the editor to other places.
    "" specifies the file to use for the online help.
    "WORMSDIR=drawer" specifies a default drawer for saving levels.
  - Fixed a bug which caused some menu items to be enabled, even if the
    tribe graphics loading process failed and therefore no level existed.
    Selecting these items would cause the computer to crash.
  - Due to a bug, the Editor would crash on MC68000 when level was written
    back, or when using a keyfile. This is now fixed. This *also* should
    fix the illegal memory hits on A3000/A4000 with keyfile.
  - Disabled some menus by default to avoid the user selecting the items
    which are unavailable.
  - Finally added conversion routines for Worms levels. Both Worms 1 and
    Worms DC (AGA) levels are supported.
  - Disabled the dos-requesters during help file search.
  - Now the window positions and dimensions are stored for each level
    size individually. Prefs file had to be extended.
  - Minor changes & optimizions.

V1.2 (12-Oct-96):
  - Added spare bars options for Ben.

V1.1 (26-Sep-96):
  - Second public release.
  - Fixed that stupid bug causing scrambled gfx. The bitmap structure
    was filled with wrong mem-pointers when d3 contained non 0 in the
    upper word. Sorry about this one.
  - Minor changes.

V1.0 (17-Sep-96):
  - Updated Installer-Script: Can now also install Lemmings 2 if the patch
    archive is present. Also will unpack the demoworlds if such an archive
    if found.
  - Minor changes.

Copyright notice
This software is Copyright 1996 by Chris Hodges. All rights reserved.

Contact address
Any mail, comments or donations to:

Chris Hodges                    Account: 359 68 63
Kennedystr. 8                   BLZ    : 700 530 70
D-82178 Puchheim                Bank   : Sparkasse F├╝rstenfeldbruck
Tel.: +49-89/8005856

Best Regards,
-- _____    __   _  __  ______    ___  __  __   __
  |"("  \()/" ) (_)/" )("     \()/\" \(__)/" ) /" )
  |  )   )/  /    /  /| \______)/" \  \  /  /|/  /
  | (___//  /    /  /"|   |" | (  (_\__)/  /"/  /
  |  |  /  /"\  /  /  | _ |  | _\  /  //  /|/  /__
  |__| (__/___)(__/|__|(_)|__|(_)\/__/(__/ (__/(MM)

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Re: Chris Hodges' Lemmings 2 Pack
« Reply #4 on: April 21, 2017, 08:32:55 PM »
Apparently the release date for these levels is 16th June 1997.!topic/alt.lemmings/XMaZHIISr5A

Code: [Select]
*  L e m m i n g s    I I   T h e    T r i b e s   LevelCollection I

Most of you know Lemmings II The Tribes, a famous game for several
plattforms. Well, Lemmings II had 120 levels, and when you solved them
no more Levels were available for the Lemmings addicted;-)

But now this pain comes to an end, there a some new levels available,
which were created by Chris Hodges and his friends and which I
converted from the Amiga-Level-Format to the PC-Level-Format, so
that everybody with Lemmings II The Tribes on PC can play those
new levels.

Lemmings II The Tribes must be installed on your Harddisk in
the directory 'X:\l2'. 'X:\' is the drive, which might be
'C' or 'D' ...

First save all files from 'X:\l2\levels' with a compression
utility or copy them to a another directory!!!

In order to play the new levels copy the files from this archive
into your 'X:\l2\levels' directory. Don't worry about the size of
the orginal levels and the size of the new levels. Psygnosis used
to compress the levels, but Lemmings II The Tribes can also load
uncompressed levels.

Well then start Lemmings II and select the different levels from the
tribe map. At the moment there are only 33 new levels available, but
the number may be growing.

The files in this archive follow a certain naming convention,
which is important to know, so that you know which levels are
the new ones.

e.g.: The file level092.dat in this archive is the *third* (
not the second ! ) level of the 'Shadow Tribe' and so on....
Or level040.dat is the *first* level of the 'Egyptian Tribe'.

Below is a table which contains the relationship between filenames
and tribes.

level000.dat - level009.dat == Classic Tribe Level 1 - Level 10
level010.dat - level019.dat == Beach Tribe  Level 1 - Level 10
level020.dat - level029.dat == Caveman Tribe Level 1 - Level 10
level030.dat - level039.dat == Circus Tribe Level 1 - Level 10
level040.dat - level049.dat == Egyptian Tribe Level 1 - Level 10
level050.dat - level059.dat == Highland Tribe Level 1 - Level 10
level060.dat - level069.dat == Medieval Tribe Level 1 - Level 10
level070.dat - level079.dat == Outdoor Tribe Level 1 - Level 10
level080.dat - level089.dat == Polar Tribe Level 1 - Level 10
level090.dat - level099.dat == Shadow Tribe Level 1 - Level 10
level100.dat - level109.dat == Space Tribe Level 1 - Level 10
level110.dat - level119.dat == Sports Tribe Level 1 - Level 10

The Unix Amiga Emulator
You can create your own levels for Lemmings II The Tribes
with the LevelEditor from Chris Hodges, which is available
from aminet: 'L2LevEd1xx.lha' or

The LevelEditor runs under AmigaOS, so this might be a problem
for users with x86 PCs. But don't worry, you may get the UAE
( Unix Amiga Emulator ) for several Plattforms, and the
LevelEditor works great under the UNIX Amiga Emulator.

Take a look at the UAE Homepage:

The MS-Dos port resides on

And the WindowsNT Port is available from

To convert these Amiga generated levels get

which converts levels from Amiga format to PC.

XX.04.1997     Version 1.00 released
               28 Levels. Initial Release
16.06.1997     Version 1.10 released
               33 Levels. Chris Hodges donated some more levels.

You may get the most recent version of the LevelCollection

Legal stuff
All levels were created by Chris Hodges and his friends.
I only collected them and converted them from Amiga Level
format to PC level format.

Available Levels


  Gaauuuudiii by Melanie 'Panther' Hodges. Containing
    - 0815                    : Pretty easy level. Timing is
everything ;)
    - The running Lems        : Cannot be called absolutely easy.
    - Tame that wildcat!      : Nerve killing wicked level (timing!).
    - McLemmans riddle        : Take care of those invisible traps.


  Anything but funny by Melanie 'Panther' Hodges. Containing
    - Don't believe u'r eyes  : Wicked due to many illusive traps.
    - Up and down...          : Easy, but watch your time!
    - Oh no! I'm falling      : Can't be easier ;)
    - What do u really see?   : Not everything is real...


  Scotland Yard by Melanie 'Panther' Hodges. Containing
    - Too much water          : Easy... actually?!?
    - A long way home...      : Don't forget the other side.
    - Stressy thing!          : Release them at the right moment,
                                it'll be quite narrow.
    - Take a Trip down there  : Take care which exit you want to take.


  A Hard Days Knight by Thomas 'Lofwyr' Buettner. Containing
    - Aller anfang ist schwer : Many ways home.


  Impossible Mission by Chris Hodges. Containing
    - So near and yet so far  : Pretty easy, if you use the shortcut.
    - Building Skyscrapers    : Found a little bug in Lemmings :-)
    - Good Luck, Jim          : Weird and wicked level. Think first!
    - Labyrinth of Illusion   : Hard, although you've got plenty of
    - Oh, it's not that easy! : Looks easy, is easy, but not for you
    - Wet Selection           : Another weird level. Not too hard
    - The Galton Board        : Too much level-a maths ;)


  Intergalactic Cries by Thomas 'Lofwyr' Buettner. Containing
    - Teleporter Mania        : [comment ommitted]


  I hate Sports! by Chris Hodges. Containing
    - Oh! No more Lemmings!   : Pretty easy...
    - Freestyle Building Compo: Do what you want to get to the exit.
    - The Magic of Magno Boots: A new usage for the fab Magno Boots!
    - A long way down - and up: VERY hard, this one.
                                Hint: Use the floater above the
    - Spell Tarzan with an 'L': <sigh> I only made it once!
    - The Chaos Engine        : Also a pretty hard level.

PS: All levels can be solved without any modification!

If you want to sent their creators bombs or anything like  that,  here
the addresses:

Chris 'Platon' Hodges (13 levels)
Kennedystrasze 8
82178 Puchheim

Melanie 'Panther' Hodges (13 levels)
Kennedystrasze 8
82178 Puchheim

Thomas 'Kriegsheld' Buettner (7 levels)
Adenauerstrasze 10
82178 Puchheim

Hermann Schinagl

Dipl.-Ing. Hermann Schinagl   
                              PGP Public Key:

EDIT: Wait, this is just a copy of what's on the webpage, and it says as such in the "History" section. Pffft. Most of the levels actually from April 1997.

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Re: Chris Hodges' Lemmings 2 Pack
« Reply #5 on: April 21, 2017, 10:36:49 PM »
Cool I don't think I remember that one. We need to give them a try if we can get those levels working, they sound quite good.  Chris Hodges might be under a different name on this forum you never know.

I bet those levels will look cool. 

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Re: Chris Hodges' Lemmings 2 Pack
« Reply #6 on: April 28, 2017, 11:07:04 PM »
Interesting, it looks like Chris Hodges himself has already posted these levels, and the editor itself, on these very forums:

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Re: Chris Hodges' Lemmings 2 Pack
« Reply #7 on: April 29, 2017, 01:30:34 AM »
Oh ha!  Man does the time fly, I have completely forgotten about that.  Apparently I even tried the PC conversions at the time but discovered that they were apparently severely broken, since the conversion apparently botched the handling of background tiles (thus turning things that should be background into solid terrain instead, it sounded like).

This means for now, you probably want to play the original Amiga version instead, via emulator if needed.  Obviously from the old thread I never started trying to fix the PC conversion problem and given my time nowadays, I doubt I'm going to start anytime soon.