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How to play and create custom levels
« on: April 03, 2017, 08:12:34 AM »
Play custom levels

Download a level pack, e.g.:
  • Lemmings Reunion by IchoTolot has the classic 8 skills, starts easy, then becomes challenging. Runs in NeoLemmix, a custom Lemmings engine.
  • Lemmings Omega by namida has new tilesets, extra skills, teleporters, unlockable exits, zombies, ... Runs in NeoLemmix.
  • Lix community pack is bundled with Lix, a free Lemmings-like single- and multiplayer game.
Our level pack board offers even more exciting levels.

NeoLemmix has the most packs. Lix is the second-most popular engine. SuperLemmini and Lemmini haven't seen many packs recently. Some old user levels in the .lvl/.dat format need vanilla Lemmix or CustLemm.

Create levels

For NeoLemmix:
  • Download the NeoLemmix level editor.
  • Run the editor, select "File" -> "New level".
  • Right-click into the empty space, select "Insert Terrain" or "Insert Object".
  • Choose skills and other settings in the dialogs under "View".
  • Select "Tools" -> "Play this level".
For Lix:
  • Download Lix, it contains a level editor.
  • Run Lix, go to Single Player, and select "New Level" near the bottom right.
  • Click the tree button to insert terrain in the empty level.
  • Add hatches and exits, and visit the "Skills" and "Constants" dialogs.
  • Save, exit the editor, then play the level from the singleplayer browser.
Share your cool levels on the forum!

-- Simon
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