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Dedicated Boards
« on: December 22, 2014, 12:34:35 am »
If you would like a dedicated board for your project (such as currently exist for Lix, NeoLemmix and SuperLemmini), please request it in this topic. You will have moderator access on the board for your project *only* (unless you're already a global moderator, of course); within reason you can request that specific other users get it for your board too.

The following requirements exist for getting a dedicated board:
- The project must be released in some form, and not just a demo. It doesn't have to be a final version, but it does have to exist.
- Dedicated boards are not available for projects which are simply level packs. Yes, even Lemmings Plus doesn't get one.
- Obviously, the project must be Lemmings-related. Replacing the lemmings with another creature is fine, of course.
- The project doesn't nessecerially need to be a Lemmings / IRS engine of some kind. For example, a level editor may qualify if its sole (or primary) purpose is Lemmings levels.
- More than one project can share a dedicated board if they're related; for example, the NeoLemmix player and the NeoLemmix Editor.
- Absolutely in no case will a dedicated board be made for a project that isn't free. (I mean free-as-in-beer here; it doesn't have to be open-source.) Accepting donations or ad-supported still counts as "free", but the free-to-play model does not. Inbetween cases will be judged on a case-by-case basis; for example, an otherwise-free ad-supported project with an option to pay to remove ads will most likely be fine, but a game where only single-player is free yet the focus is clearly on multiplayer will most likely not get a dedicated board here.

(To avoid doubt - you are allowed to create topics on the "Other Projects" board about projects that don't meet the requirements for a dedicated board.)
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