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Best quotes from IRC, Mumble and Discord
« on: May 28, 2011, 03:58:45 AM »
This one is from way earlier
Steve: Circus [the L2 graphics set] is just like "whee blocks lol"
geoo: The set isn't only [rectangular] blocks. It has diagonal blocks as well.
Steve: I don't need those screw that blocks

geoo made a <a href="" class="bbc_link" target="_blank">puzzgrid puzzle with 8 out of 16 entries had "clam"</a>, and the Grooved Carpet Shell is a 9th clam.
Steve: How many clams can the Clam Spammer spam if a Clam Spammer could spam clams?

Simon: My mouse moves randomly left and right.
geoo: Fix it in the code.
Simon: It's outside the game, too.
Simon: WTF my laptop keyboard and touchpad are full of water

This one was from October 2010:
Simon: me too. the builder is already female
Simon: You must iron your clothes and do stuff in presence of a female
geoo: Now I'm confused?
geoo: Is the Ironer a new lemmings skill?
Simon: You must not be lazy or the builder will stop building, and instead argue with you about meaningless stuff.
geoo: Does doing building myself count as not being lazy?
Simon: Then she will complain about not being of any value to you.
geoo: oh well...
Simon: The lix is probably more man-minded than the average female.

Go join at once! #lix

-- Simon
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Re: Best quotes from IRC and Mumble
« Reply #1 on: June 04, 2011, 02:42:49 AM »
Rubix likes this.
^ fail lol

Forums could now do with a 'likes this' button to be special like facebook!

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Re: Best quotes from IRC and Mumble
« Reply #2 on: June 12, 2011, 11:19:35 AM »
brb making a multiplayer level in honor of Col. Many-Bears Grinder

~"Beat" Takeshi Kitano

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Re: Best quotes from IRC and Mumble
« Reply #3 on: July 14, 2011, 07:10:54 PM »
November 23, 2010
<Simon>   I am unsure whether to play or do work that is immediately due tomorrow
<geoo>   Wurst is a cool level
<geoo>   I got work due soon as well; there's always time to afford for playing L++
<RubiX>   hehe
<Simon>   let me pile up the work I have to do here
<Simon>   so the stack of sheets looks too large to begin
<geoo>   exactly, so there's no point starting

June 10, 2011
<Clam_Spammer>   we went to a mall and observed people to collect data
<Clam_Spammer>   so pretty specific
<SimonN>   What kind of random secrets did they reveal?
<Clam_Spammer>   oh, the usual. credit card details, pin numbers, all that good stuff

This one was from an IM conversation with rt, who was translating Clones.
<rt> What do you call the molder in German?
<Simon> Builder.

(When geoo and me have a written conversation, we always write English. In voicechat we use German with consequent usage of English Lemmings terms. There are no universally accepted German translations of the Lemmings terms. Clones uses different words for absolutely everything.)

-- Simon

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Re: Best quotes from IRC and Mumble
« Reply #4 on: July 14, 2011, 09:54:00 PM »
This one was from an IM conversation with rt, who was translating Clones.
<rt> What do you call the molder in German?
<Simon> Builder.

Ah, so you became the unpaid German translator for Clones eh? ;P

Yeah, it's a pretty weird question to ask.  I'm not even 100% convinced whether "molder" really makes sense in English, it sounds nice but is not really the most obvious term that would come to mind when you see the clone doing it.  It vaguely make sense with a particular definition of the word (see etymology #1 on, but even then it's a bit of a stretch from the true definition to what the clone is actually doing.  Of all the clone morph terminologies, I think "mold" is the least fitting one.

Ultimately if they have the money and/or really care about it, they'd want to think about hiring a professional translator to deal with these issues.  As further examples, the English takes advantage of multiple definitions of the word "mold", coming up with puns in titles like "a bit of mold" and "mold control" (both of which are word-playing on the etymology #2 definnition on the wiktionary page).  A naive thoughtless translation of "mold" will likely result in nonsensical translations for those kinds of titles.  A really good translator may be able to come up with something that works well for both the term itself and for those kinds of titles.  A passable translator would at least be able to come up with alternative titles for the levels that aren't too boring but doesn't involve doing a pun on the word.

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Re: Best quotes from IRC and Mumble
« Reply #5 on: July 14, 2011, 10:30:15 PM »
They actually have a professional team that does it. :-) The text he was translating at that time was something else from a recently changed level, which the team might not yet have had seen. The builder question came up while talking about it some more.

Yeah, molder is somewhat strange. It's not that much of a welder or caster.

-- Simon

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Re: Best quotes from IRC and Mumble
« Reply #6 on: August 13, 2011, 04:45:57 AM »
This was on Mumble:
geoo: If I commit with `git -a -m SomeMessage', then git doesn't like it.
Simon: What is the exact error?
geoo: Hmmm, now it works for some reason. Maybe I had more than 1 word in the commit message earlier.
Simon: Yeah, if you have more than one word, you need... shell things around it or how they're called.
geoo: Shell things? You mean clams!

The discussion was in German, and I failed to recall both the German and English term. The German term for "shell things" was "shell-Dinger", and the German term for "clams" is "clams".

geoo: I'm extremely confused. I went to a friend's house to get back my lecture notes, but apparently, I put them into someone else's backpack instead of mine.
Simon: Can you call the people, or do they sleep like normal people?
geoo: I don't know. I think the group wanted to go dancing, but that's been three hours ago.
Simon: Why do you want to do that?
geoo: Me? I don't want to go dancing. Why should I want to go dancing? I don't know why they want to go dancing!
Simon: Maybe you want to go chat up yourself some girlfriends.
geoo: [tells a long story about how the girl wanted to meet him in the student's cantine first, then she wanted to put the notes in his mailbox but failed, etc.] Ah, I found them, I found them, the notes hid in some side pocket of the backpack.

geoo: What kind of nonsense are you talking about?
Simon: I want to put the quote on the site about you going dancing.
geoo: The quote is so horrendously complex, nobody will understand that anyway.

geoo: On the birthday party of the girl who borrowed my notes, there were actually women who flirted with me, but I defended myself successfully!
Simon: What would be the worst thing that could have happened?
geoo: They wanted my contact details. Who knows where they're selling that to! Also, they were cheap simple peasantblood, no mathematicians.

-- Simon

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Re: Best quotes from IRC and Mumble
« Reply #7 on: September 02, 2011, 10:31:43 AM »
When geoo just made his construction graphics style.
geoo: The buzzsaw size isn't divisible by 16? What was I smoking?!

This was in IRC after making this post in "geoo visiting Simon".
Clam: also LOL at the diagram with the clam
Simon: yeah, it's standard github history with a clam as dead end.
Clam: everything gets eaten by the clam
Clam: the end of the universe will not be heat death, it will be eaten by a giant clam
Simon: geoo would be proud

Eidblot is a simple script-controlled image filter applier I wrote.
Simon: I haven't licensed eidblot. I should put a waiver in it right away.
geoo: You should add a no reverse-engineering clause, and licensing fees
geoo: How about people in posession of Apple products have to pay a fee so they aren't confused by it being free, while other users get it for free
Simon: To ensure a quality usage feeling, Apple users must pay me a monthly fee and may not obtain the source.

geoo: Simon, are you gonna add the jumping climber sticking to the wall with a schmatz sound with one of your changes?
Simon: Haven't touched the climber yet in the current uploaded version.
Simon: I'll look into it in the incoming physics changes.
Simon: If you already have a sound, we can think of a name for the soundfile, so it'll get used later automatically.
geoo: Nah, I don't have a sound
Simon: Steve should make out with his girlfriend and record that.

Rabble box, about geoo's translation of IS.COM:
Insane Steve: Also, I love how every tactic ever is "prohibited" -- this guy'd probably scream at how dishonorable we are if we ever played him haha
Guest: I kinda see his point, but yeah, I think it says something when his most recommended level (#12) is the one where there are no intersections to each t...
Guest: (ccexplore posting as guest for convenience) frankly I don't think that guy's much of a MP-Lemming player
Guest: (ccexplore) ie. yes he plays them, but I dare say he's clearly no rt or Simon or anyone of that calibre, even when factoring in the gameplay issues wi...
Guest: (ccx) huh, the rabble box is WAY too truncate-happy, what a piece of shit

On the 2-player map Stepping Stones, geoo and me in voicechat are playing against Rubix and Clam:
Simon: I'll let the first one pass, build the second, and make the digger pit with the third.
geoo: The digger pit should be directly under the hatch. WTF why are you making it so close to the ledge?
Simon: Hmmm... the game will probably be way more interesting now >_>;

-- Simon

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Re: Best quotes from IRC and Mumble
« Reply #8 on: September 24, 2011, 12:48:22 AM »
Excitement in IRC over ccexplore's return.
<SimonN> The beaver has posted
<geoo_> the beaver is back the beaver is back!
<SimonN> Saw down the oldest oak in the forest and sacrifice it to him.
<SimonN> He posted in the custom levels thread instead of in the multiplayer thread, he'll probably try the singleplayer first.
* Clam_Spammer ( has joined #lix
<geoo_> but he's reading the multiplayer thread right now
<geoo_> and posting
<Clam_Spammer> *gasp*
<geoo_> F5 F5 F5 watch in awe
<geoo_> And the worst thing is, with the current version, your levels are broken, Clam_Spammer!
<Clam_Spammer> yaaaaay
<Clam_Spammer> well most are still ok, I think
<Clam_Spammer> aren't they? D:
<Clam_Spammer> anyway, never mind my SP levels, all we need right now are 5P+ maps :D

Simon in response to ccexplore's post in the multiplayer rabble topic.
<Simon> He can't just play Clones first! It's obvious he'll lose interest in multiplayer then!

Simon and me on mumble, with me watching the Who's Online:
<geoo> He's already posting again in the multiplayer player rabble topic.
<Simon> Doubleposting. He's the only one who has the privilege to do that.
A couple of minutes later in IRC, after the second post:
<Clam_Spammer> hah, the beaver's back to his doubleposting ways already
<Clam_Spammer> how long before he tripleposts with quotes from himself?

In response to ccexplore's comment in the rabble box (Guest: I'm still at work, but I'll start installing IRC and join some time tonight since it looks like all the Lix stuff is happening with IRC).
<geoo> We gotta stay up long, you gotta stay up long!
<Simon> Staying up long, staying up long. I need to setup your chainsaw alarm with the rattling bell sound! Ding! Ding! Ding!
<geoo> He must feel so made fun of.

<Simon> The quote topic is so good, we should take quotes from it and post it in the quotes topic!
<geoo> Meta quotes!

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Re: Best quotes from IRC and Mumble
« Reply #9 on: September 24, 2011, 01:42:36 AM »
Yesterday in IRC:
Clam: any sign of the busy beaver, or should we send a search party?
Simon: The busy beaver is making a dam
geoo: and clearing the entire forest in the process
Simon: even more of a holy grail would be to get the beaver into mumble.
Simon: He's the branch-eating monster
Clam: never mind coding the IRS, your mission in life is to get ccx on here
(IRS = interactive rodent simulation, a genre name for games similar to Lemmings)
Simon: the IRS is hard too
(I was on mumble with geoo in parallel)
Simon: geoo thinks we have to troll cc as long until he comes here
Simon: geoo: "where's my comb where's my comb where's my comb where's my comb, I have to comb my beard. aahhh, what a nice feeling"

Edit: When geoo read this quote here again:
geoo: He should use the branch-eating monster as an avatar here.

By popular demand, all quotes about porcupine heaven:

Simon: fuck, they're climbers, they climb into the buzzsaw
Clam: Rubix, nope, that's a backroute, it misses the key idea
Rubix: oh
Simon: This is one of the best levels ever made
Clam: :D
Simon: The holy porcupine in the sky bless the auto replay function, otherwise I'd have no replay because I wanted to tell you that

Clam: is that replay for v2? we're up to v3 now
Simon: I need fricken SHA-1 for level verification, the current system is way too error prone :D
Simon: Sacrifice more lettuce for the great holy porcupine in the sky

Simon: Putting the level into separate file makes the replay work, putting it in the replay haves it fail.
Simon: That is very, very bad unless I find it.
Clam: it's a sign from the Holy Porcupine D:
Simon: That can go have wild orgies in rodent heaven if anything

I was playing Clam's Lemmix level The square route of Lemmings:
Simon: You and your white blocks
Clam: they're more like light grey
Simon: Even a chameleon on the block
Clam: ok now I don't know what you're talking about
Clam: oh wait yeah
Clam: those blocks are more like light brown
Simon: Chameleon sure likes it on its own private block
Clam: hah I could still do that in Lix, there's no 400-terrain limit :D
Simon: Naaaaaaaah
Simon: NNNNNnnnnnn
Simon: You can hide a ton of trigger-happy chameleons under the blocks.
Clam: I'll use the 1-pixel laser trap from the gold set, and make the entire level in the same colour as that pixel
Simon: You will die a horrible death and not go to porcupine heaven
Clam: hmm, is it worth it?
Simon: Yes
Clam: porcupine heaven sounds nasty, I'll just get spiked constantly by all the porcupines
Simon: Porcupine heaven is the best place
Simon: Get the point?
Simon: You can find out the best distance from everyone else, so you can bear the situation best. Too close is horrible.

In mumble right now:
Simon: Bah. When I search the logfile for "holy", I am already finding myself quoting the porcupine quotes in IRC.

-- Simon

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Re: Best quotes from IRC and Mumble
« Reply #10 on: September 28, 2011, 09:57:36 AM »
We played a quiz in IRC. You have one minute to name the level given by the quizmaster's rating/number, or determine rating/number based on the given name.

geoo: Tie breaker: A question about Steve's levels
SimonN: ~x( your hair out Mr. Lemming?
SimonN: tie breaker will be determined by fair dice roll
geoo: nah
geoo: Tiebreaker: a game of Stepping Stones (2P)

Quizmaster must write DING when the one minute of is over. The contestant may always answer with Screw instead of a normal guess. In that case, the quizmaster must answer and you'll get points if he misses.

SimonN: Clam: Polar 9, geoo: Fun 27
Clam: It's all up hill
geoo: Curse of the Pharaohs
geoo: wait no
geoo: I screw Simon
SimonN: okay, will answer after time runs out
geoo: nah, I stick to the curse
geoo: nah, I screw
SimonN: DING
SimonN: okay
SimonN: it's the cheap version of Come on over to my place
SimonN: hmmmm
geoo: :D :D :D
SimonN: verdammte Axt
Clam: my turn?
SimonN: no
geoo: doch
Clam: or do you answer the screw first
SimonN: yes, one sec
Clam: ok
SimonN: take care or something
geoo: DING
SimonN: I will so lose this game, cc would facepalm if he read this
(Correct would have been Let's be careful out there.)

During the one minute of answering time, you may amend your answer as often as you want. Only the last one counts.

geoo: last round
SimonN: geoo: Rocky VI, Clam: Medieval 5
geoo: Crazy 11
geoo: Crazy 9
(correct was Crazy 10...)
Clam: lemming in distress
Clam: (sounds vaguely medieval, yes?)
SimonN: damsel in distress is where you can bypass the dragon

geoo and me actually wagered one noodle dish on who'd answer most questions correctly. We agreed that if Clam won, nobody would win the dish (it's also hard to ship it from Germany to New Zealand). However, geoo anticipated that he didn't know a lot of the easier levels by name...

geoo: Clam: "Just Dig!", Simon: "Secret of LEMH"
SimonN: Classic 8
SimonN: earlier than Clam :D
Clam: Fun 1

geoo: Simon: Cavelem 2, Clam: Tame 1
SimonN: och Leute
Clam: Down and out Lemmings
Clam: wow you really do want me to win :P
SimonN: Successive Division
geoo: I need to pick levels I know, and not the hard ones which are for Simon

Clam got extremely many things from L1 and ONML, but knew only the easier levels from L2. It was the exact opposite for myself. Clam came in first, I was second, and geoo was third. Answering screws wrongly as a quizmaster is very costly, since one will actually lose points then. geoo said "No Problem" instead of "No Problemming" on a screw about Crazy 11, and that couldn't be taken as a typo since both level names are found among ONML.

-- Simon

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Re: Best quotes from IRC and Mumble
« Reply #11 on: September 28, 2011, 11:23:24 AM »
This was awesome fun, we must do it with more players sometime :D. This whole thing started from a mistype on my part about a challenge I did today (I typed Wild 2, when I meant Wild 4), and it sparked a conversation about who knows which levels, and then the quiz followed. As mentioned, I fared poorly on the L2 levels (that's what I get for bailing on the L2 challenge threads - though I fluked the polar one :D), but otherwise excellent, thanks in part to a few gifts from geoo :). We really could post the whole lot, it was that good.

Some more good bits:

<geoo>   Ok Simon, propose the exact rules and protocol
<philM-mac>   bets*
<Clam_Spammer>   no, is is bats
<geoo>   yea, it's bats
<Clam_Spammer>   you need to play more Lix :)
<philM-mac>   lol?
<philM-mac>   Oh, :p

<geoo>   Hey, I should use this opportunity until the game begins to train :P
<SimonN>   No
<SimonN>   Everybody shut down Lemmix unless used for challenges
<SimonN>   Contestants will be banned if looking at Lemmix starting from now, and digging through the bottom is prohibited.

<Clam_Spammer>   Simon: Outdoor 10, geoo: Outdoor 1
<SimonN>   Garden of Stone
<SimonN>   geoo's answer is Planters suck

<Clam_Spammer>   Simon: Worra load of old blocks, geoo: Mind the step
<geoo>   Mayhem 28
<SimonN>   that is the thing from the challenge
<SimonN>   I tried Wicked 15 instead
<SimonN>   But it's Wild 15
<Clam_Spammer>   the challenge that you didn't do, yes
(the correct answer was Crazy 15 :D)

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Re: Best quotes from IRC and Mumble
« Reply #12 on: September 28, 2011, 08:25:33 PM »
 :o I really need to know you guys' IRC schedule.  The few times I logged in to IRC all I saw was Simon and Phil discussing Lix programming.  The one and only highlight so far for me was when geoo got me and 4 others to do Lix MP last weekend. ;)

(It also doesn't help that for reasons I won't go into, I'm usually at my workplace even long after work hours, but the IT setup at my workplace seems to effectively block pretty much most direct network communications between PCs inside and outside the network.  IRC is affected, even Clones actually.  On weekdays, you can usually expect me not able to get on IRC except after at least 7:30 am GMT [or 6:30 once DST is off in the US], and then only for however many hours before sleep takes over.

A web IRC client could really help as HTTP is probably one of the few channels of network communication not affected by the workplace IT setup.)


Anyway, I think I'd do similarly as Clam, or worse.  Even though I did a lot with the L2 challenges, I still think I have forgotten most of the L2 level names and numbers.

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Re: Best quotes from IRC and Mumble
« Reply #13 on: September 28, 2011, 09:39:44 PM »
The quiz happened between 8 and 9pm here, which is 7-8am GMT, and we were still on for an hour or more after that. So you have some chance of catching us if you get on ASAP :)

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Re: Best quotes from IRC and Mumble
« Reply #14 on: September 29, 2011, 01:45:34 AM »
I have weird sleeping habits currently, the past days I slept from 9 till 16 UTC, which is during the afternoon in Germany. This is partly because of IRC itself, nobody has a sane German rhythm there. geoo is polyphasic and everyone else is either from Australia or America.

The most busy times tend to be 0 to 8 UTC, but it varies. Especially if interesting people or a lot of people are on, you can expect some action. I don't know a good IRC web service though.

-- Simon