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Re: Best quotes from IRC and Mumble
« Reply #15 on: September 29, 2011, 09:07:39 AM »
@ccexplore: You can get into the channel via the web-interface
For most IRC networks works, but it's banned on Quakenet.

Simon put it pretty well. I tend to be available around the clock when I'm not outside, with a couple of short breaks inbetween. Once the semester starts in 2.5 week, that means on weekdays I usually won't be around past 7:30am UTC, 8:30am UTC after the DST change, until I come back from uni.
Like he said, most of us seem to be online between 0 to 8 UTC and action happens spontaneously, though I think arranging a rough date for a planned session or level guessing game like back in the old days could also work. Too bad the rabble box has gone from us, which could have been very useful for this. A tear shed for the rabble box.

EDIT: Haha, I got a new awesome idea for a game (for 3 people):
Player 1 posts a level name. Player 2 has one minute to draw the level. Then the image is given to player 3, and if he can correctly identify the level in 1 minute, player 2 and 3 get a point. Then permute player order.
For drawing, something like flockdraw seems suitable, so everyone can see player 2 drawing, and it is ensured that drawing doesn't exceed 1 minute.
Could alternatively also be played with 4P in teams.

EDIT2: Note that there's been a Lix update with physics changes from the last time you played, so you need the newest version to play on the central server.

For those interested, here's the full scoring from our game of level name/position guessing:

Code: [Select]
Simon @geoo:
Question                   !/? guessed answer [: correct answer]         score
Lemmingology                ? Tricky 18 : Tricky 6                         0
Tame 19                     ! Lemmings for Presidents                      1
Shadow 9                    ? Let's play twister : Spinny Thang            0
Fun 27              - screw ? take care or something : Let's be careful... -1 Simon
Crazy 20                    ? Last Lemming to central : Ice Ice Lemming    0
Double Trouble              ! Sports 6                                     1
Circus 2                    ? no answer : Lemmings in the Family           0
Rocky VI                    ? Crazy 9 : Crazy 10                           0

Simon @Clam:
Pancake factory             ? Shadow 8 : Shadow 6                          0
Taxing 29                   ! How do I dig up the way                      1
Pop til you drop            ! Wicked 6                                     1
Polar 9                     ! It's all uphill                              1
Spinny Thang                ? Shadow 5 : Shadow 9                          0
WAFD 40 diggers             ! Tricky 2                                     1
Egypt 7             - screw ! The Egypt cottage                            +1 Simon
Medieval 5                  ? Lemming in distress : King Arthur's Lems     0

Clam: +4, geoo: +2, Simon: 0

Clam @Simon:
#: Question -> correct answer             - score for question (guessed answer if wrong)
1: Tame 14 -> Get a little extra help   - 0 (none)
2: A mere stone's throw -> Highland 4   - 0 (Highland 6)
3: Space 1 -> Hit the space bar         - 1
4: worra lorra lemmings -> Fun 29       - 1
5: Outdoor 10 -> Garden of stone        - 1
6: Nitram the huge -> Shadow 2          - 1
7: Higgledy piggledy -> Wild 10         - 0 (Havoc 15)
8: Worra load of old blocks -> Crazy 15 - 0 (Wild 15)

Clam @geoo:
1: Havoc 19 -> Looks a bit nippy out there  - 1
2: Spiralling DNA -> Egypt 4                - 0 (Shadow 9)
3: Fun 23 -> I've lost that lemming feeling - 0 (none)
4: Take care, sweetie -> Wild 16            - 0 (Wicked 9)
5: Outdoor 1 -> Pa-tent-ly obvious          - 1
6: Land of oz -> Shadow 1                   - 1
7: It's a tight fit -> Wild 8               - 0 (Wicked 13)
8: Mind the step -> Mayhem 28               - 1

Simon: +4, geoo: +4, Clam: 0

geoo @Clam:
 Question   - guessed answer            - correct answer                   score
 Just Dig   - Fun 1                     -                                  +1
 Save Me    - Mayhem 29                 -                                  +1
 Beach 1    - Quad quirks on the quay   -                                  +1
 Tame 1     - Down and out Lemmings     -                                  +1
 Egypt 9    - ruperz questling          - Wave Pathway                      0
 Egypt 8    - the egypt cottage         - HEROE'Z QUEST....                 0
 Circus 10  - Swingz and roundaboutz    -                                  +1
 Mayhem 20  - no added colours or lemmings -                               +1

geoo @Simon:
 Secret of LEMH - Classic 8             -                                  +1
 Crazy 11 -Screw- NO PROBLEM            - No problemming                   -1 geoo
 Highland 6 - A mere stone's throw      - Brigadoom                        0
 Cavelem 2  - Successive Division       -                                  +1
 Havoc 13   -                           - Highland fling                    0
 Havoc 9    - now get out of that       - AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!    0
 Havoc 11   - welcome to the party, pal -                                  +1
 Havoc 5    - Madness in the Method     -                                  +1

 Clam: +6, Simon: +4, geoo: -1

 Clam: 10, Simon: 8, geoo: 5

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Re: Best quotes from IRC and Mumble
« Reply #16 on: October 01, 2011, 01:39:32 PM »
Some more Mumble quotes:

geoo: On the Genesis version, Mayhem 1 is Let's get together, and Mayhem 30 is Lemmings' Ark. Both are excellent and beautiful levels, and they're very representative of the amazing quality of Genesis Mayhem as a whole. On the other hand, the DOS version has Steel works and Rendezvous at the Mountain as Mayhem 1 and 30, and these boring worker levels represent overall DOS Mayhem as well!

geoo: There are a German, a New Zealander, a Californian, and a polyphasic sleeper playing Lix at 10 UTC -- and after the game, everybody goes to sleep.

Simon: geoo, remember when Clones cost $2.50 over the Christmas holidays, and CCX said his lunch was more expensive than that? I'll just go to the students' cantine and play 3 hours of Lix afterwards >_>;

(In the network game lobby.)
Clam: Shall we play a singleplayer map?
geoo: It's not that late at night!

-- Simon

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Re: Best quotes from IRC and Mumble
« Reply #17 on: December 11, 2011, 05:25:01 PM »
From October.
Simon: adult mode is basically this:
Clam: I could never figure out what the target age bracket is for lemmings
Clam: it's simple enough for kids to pick up, but then there's gruesome stuff like this
Simon: I have the L3 manual :) German edition though, so I can't tell any canonical names of things unless they're in the computer game themselves.
Clam: Mindless should dig out the suicide shadow lemming avatar again :D
Simon: According to the manual, the lemme fatale is not a real lemming, so the game displays interspecies sexual desires to six-year olds.

Also from October.
Clam: anyone else watching the batters?
geoo: wat
Clam: world series. baseball. it's on now.
geoo: nah, why would I
Clam: because it has batters, of course :P
geoo: Should I design my sandstone columns in doric, ionic, corinthian or some other style?

From November.
DoubleU: Say, has anyone ever said the Lix look kinda...I dunno...feminine, I think?  Or effeminate, I guess.
DoubleU: Just a thought.
Simon: yes, they're female
DoubleU: All right, cool.  Buenas noches everybody.  Someone will have to message me on the forums as to why the Lix are female (not that I'm complaining).  Peace.
*    DoubleU has quit (Quit: Page closed)
Simon: because we stare at them for 5 hours, and it's easier if they're female; also it will naturally lead to porn = free promotion :>
Clam: hah, good thinking :D
Simon: I don't know what the reason in the beginning was.
Simon: It probably was the first character that looked reasonable and flexible enough when fooling around.

From today, about Lix's level directory structure.
Simon: you should pull once more to get Clam's levels. Then, you should move levels/orig to levels/single/orig
geoo: I don't even have the orig levels
Simon: What do you do in your free time then, if you're not playing Hunt the nessy etc.?
geoo: When I want to play Hunt the Nessy, I do it in Lemmix
geoo: you know, it's only fun with the original physics
geoo: But it's best without fast forward and no savestates

-- Simon

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Re: Best quotes from IRC and Mumble
« Reply #18 on: December 12, 2011, 08:58:27 AM »
(following this post in the review topic)

<SimonN>   Clam_Spammer: What is Flurry 11? Always add the titles :>
<SimonN>   You remember how badly everyone did on the quiz...
<Clam_Spammer>   the next quiz will include holiday levels :P
<SimonN>   And what was flurry 11 now?
<Clam_Spammer>   an awful level
<Clam_Spammer>   What an AWFUL level
<geoo>   The quiz should be limited to custom levels :D
<SimonN>   WHAT an awful level
<SimonN>   the answer is rip your hair out if they keep on coming
<SimonN>   We shall illustrate the point with a peaceful scene from Flurry 11

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Re: Best quotes from IRC and Mumble
« Reply #19 on: December 30, 2011, 03:17:14 AM »
Slightly out of topic, but recently geoo introduced me to the bot that collects fun stats on the Lix chat channel:

The one that really entertained me was this one:

insulfrog has quite a potty mouth. 0.4% words were foul language.
For example, like this:
     <insulfrog> because I am a big fan of the lemmings-style gameplay that the Lix has to offer
Really begs the question, which word did the bot find foul?  Lix? :o ;P
actually, now that I think of it, licking can be......okay, not going there

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Re: Best quotes from IRC and Mumble
« Reply #20 on: December 30, 2011, 07:10:05 AM »
Funnier still is that I made second place on that statistic (and temporarily first :o) by quoting the same thing in the channel :P

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Re: Best quotes from IRC and Mumble
« Reply #21 on: December 30, 2011, 07:56:01 PM »
I think I will try to test my dirty-word theory by making a chat with a long repetition of the suspected foul word.  Stay tuned...... ;P

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Re: Best quotes from IRC and Mumble
« Reply #22 on: December 30, 2011, 11:17:31 PM »
Hmm, "lix" ain't it.  I can only guess it must be "insulfrog", maybe the nickname was chosen on purpose as a known trigger for the bot's language depravity meter? :o ;P

Test 2 commences......

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Re: Best quotes from IRC and Mumble
« Reply #23 on: December 31, 2011, 01:27:58 PM »
I'm just gonna sit back and hope it's "Lemmings".

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Re: Best quotes from IRC and Mumble
« Reply #24 on: January 01, 2012, 01:41:08 AM »
My testing has been a total bust so far. :(  The bot has taken note of my alter-ego presense in the form of nicknames such as "CCX_bottest" and "ccx_BT_control".  For the latter I have purposely been posting about 3-4 times a day the very same quote (plus a few minor permutations) that the bot given as an example of insulfrog's supposed foul language.  So far I've yet to make a change in that statistic yet. :-\

One of my next test will be another control where I start speaking in actual foul language (don't worry, it won't be as bad as you might think).  At this point I'm just trying to see if there's anything I can do that will alter the statistic, once that happens then perhaps further testing can continue.

There's always the possibility that maybe the bot quoted the example but actually dropped the foul words in question, so what I'm now repeating in chat is not the actual original sentence.  Also, such primitive testing efforts can easily be sabotaged, though I tend to think the people actually chatting there have far better things to do than that.

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Re: Best quotes from IRC and Mumble
« Reply #25 on: January 01, 2012, 07:57:57 AM »
As an update, I tried digging around the nordicbot website to see if I can find more details on how the foul language statistic is gathered.  I didn't find anything to that end, but I did finally discover the channel log that the bot keeps for the channel.

This is great and should've been introduced here much earlier, it vastly increases the value (entertainment and usefulness) of the chat channel for someone like me, and perhaps others as well.

Anyway, this is the log that contains insulfrog's vulgar entry.  And the log where Clam's quoting of insulfrog's words affected the bot's stats.  I must say, I feel a little insulted now that the bot has rejected me so in my current efforts, while so casually accepted insulfrog and Clam's unintended contributions into the statistic. ><img src=" title="Angry" class="smiley" /> ;P  As insulfrog was a new user as far as the bot's monitoring period (18 days I think?) goes, and I have been repeating his sentence exactly just as Clam had, I can only conclude that maybe my entries so far has not been "conversational" enough, and are being filtered out by the bot as a result?  Will do another test in a few minutes to see what happens......


Finally, to bring this thread back on topic, some quotes I found entertaining while browsing the channel logs:

[15:16:22] <geoo> comeon you lazy bum, fix the climber, we want to have a big seesion tonight! 
[15:16:48] <SimonN> okay, I will go shower 
[15:17:26] <geoo> It's like you're showering all day, or perhaps you just deem it the most important action on your life 
[15:17:48] <SimonN> once per day, if you're really that interested in my showering habits 
[15:23:40] <geoo> To me it seems more like the standard excuse when there's something to do. Anytime there's work ahead, you shower instead. :P 
[15:23:56] <SimonN> so I can concentrate on the work later 
[15:25:40] <geoo> So you can think up ways to procrastinate later while you're under the shower 
[15:25:48] <geoo> Why aren't you showering right now anyway? 
[15:26:09] <SimonN> You seemed very interested in my showering, so I stayed round and answered any questions that arose 
(edit: more shower-related quote)

[18:48:52] <geoo> Ok, it's up 
[18:49:00] <geoo> here's the test level I used: 
[18:49:50] <SimonN> I'm not sure whether I can test it still, I'll have to eat something and then there is game night at 20 local time 
[18:50:13] <SimonN> and I have to shower, to at least get off the large crumbs 
[18:50:24] <geoo> Use a broom for that 
[18:50:33] <SimonN> that stings

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Re: Best quotes from IRC and Mumble
« Reply #26 on: January 01, 2012, 11:02:44 PM »
My suggestion is that you use your precious 'ccx' nick and do a binary search on insulfrog's sentence to find out the reason for the foul language detection. That might put you at the top of the foul language statistics :P, but as you appear in some other stats, it should at least work. (If you don't want to be the master of foul language, you can also spam some more with your test nicks and check whether they finally end up in some statistics.) Note that the stats page only gets updated every few hours, so you have to take breaks between each test.

I think the bot requires a certain minimum amount of lines/words for that type of statistics so they get some significance. If you check the stats for most words and most characters per line, you'll see that the criteria differ for different statistics.

Anyway, have fun with your further testing.

EDIT in response to next post: insulfrog was the first (and only until Clam_Spammer repeated the phrase) to be listed in the foul language statistics.
Also I'm not sure about the runner-up always being accurate, I think I remember the second place changing without either of the contenders posting, or the third place in some statistics appearing there, but I don't remember exactly, so I might be imagining things.

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Re: Best quotes from IRC and Mumble
« Reply #27 on: January 01, 2012, 11:03:45 PM »
[edit: this was written before geoo's postings, and then I posted shortly after his was submitted]

The Nordicbot continues to ignore me, so I've decided to approach this in a different tack.  From the same stats page (as of now), insulfrog's word count is 246, while Clam_Spammer has reached 710.  A quick calculation reveals that "0.4%" and "0.1-0.2%" corresponds to a single word based on the given wordcounts (for Clam, 1/710 comes to 0.0014, so likely the 0.2% was during earlier when the inverse of the word count comes to above 0.0015 and got rounded up).

This, together with the bot always quoting the same line from insulfrog, suggests that whatever the foul word was, insulfrog has only uttered it exactly once in his 246 words.  With that in mind, I find that this leaves only the following candidates:


"because" and "has" is easily eliminated as they have used in relatively plenty other sentences by other people.  "offer" made an earlier appearance on 12/15 by the wordy SimonN.  AFAIK (I haven't check the bot this early, can anyone confirm?) when insulfrog was first flagged by the bot, SimonN was not listed in second place.  Therefore "offer" appears to be innocent.

"big" made an appearance later on 12/20 by MattC, whose current wordcount is only 309.  Thus he and not ClamSpammer should've been in second place.  MattC actually uttered "big fans" on that day.  I'm not sure how the bot treats "fan" vs "fans", but I'm leaning towards "fan" not likely being the trigger.

This leaves "gameplay", which indeed has never been uttered anytime anywhere else during the bot's current 18-day monitoring period, except on that sentence of insulfrog's, and Clam's later re-quoting (plus all my ignored recent re-quotings of course).

I suspect my test nics' rigged utterings are not being included right now in the stat, due to either low wordcount or other criteria related to the nics not being used or active long enough.  Because my wordcount is lower than Clam_Spammer (and indeed many others), I should be able to test my current theory by uttering "gameplay" using my normal ccx nic, and see what happens to the stats......

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Re: Best quotes from IRC and Mumble
« Reply #28 on: January 02, 2012, 07:39:29 PM »
Leave it to Insane Steve to inconveniently got interested in Lix again, in the last 24 hours of all the time in the universe. :-\

Quote from: or->uc
[19:30:28] <Insane_Steve> well, since everyone seems to be gone and I want to be the most prolific swearer in the channel: fork fork fork fork fork forkity fork fork
Well, mission accomplished apparently (though amazingly when I checked the stats only about an hour or so ago, Insane Steve was still only in 2nd place behind insulfrog, despite having already dropped a half dozen f- and s-bombs much earlier in the day).

Any chance I can test "gameplay" today without being disturbed, Steve?  You have to admit it's funnier if the above had the f word replaced by the, um, g word. :P

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Re: Best quotes from IRC and Mumble
« Reply #29 on: January 02, 2012, 08:01:49 PM »
Yea, I'll hold my tongue until you figure this out.

If I had to guess, I'd go with "fan" being the culprit actually.

EDIT: the only other thing I can thing of is if you truncate all the spaces some string of letters in multiple words forms a swear but I can't actually find one by doing that.

~"Beat" Takeshi Kitano