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I've been making custom graphics to put in my level pack folder. Most of them, such as the main menu panels and skill panels, show up fine, but for some reason the icons for the level select menu are only showing up in vanilla form.

Is this a bug/oversight, or an intentional restriction? Seems kind of arbitrary considering how much else you can change.

While many of the new features in more recent versions of NeoLemmix are welcome additions, I'm personally not too happy with how the widescreen is handled. In older versions with the 4:3 screen, you could comfortably have both the main game and compact skill panel in a consistent 2x zoom, but doing so in the recent versions causes default height levels to not fit and require vertical scrolling.

This can be remedied by manually stretching the window, but this creates unappealing black bars on the menu screen, as well the fact that it's difficult to scale the window manually in general. Personally, I'd really like an option to re-enable the old 4:3 style, to both get rid of the black bars on the menus and allow for easier skill panel access.

NeoLemmix Main / Help with music files
« on: July 11, 2020, 09:23:10 PM »
What exactly are IT files, and how do I use them? I'd like to create my own using some of my own songs, but I couldn't find any tutorials anywhere.

NeoLemmix Main / Trouble loading level packs
« on: March 01, 2020, 05:27:10 PM »
I'm new to NeoLemmix and I'm having problems loading a level pack. Despite following Nepster's manual to a T, whenever I try opening an nxp file with the NeoLemmix player it just spits out an error message and loads up the "no pack" screen.

Just to clarify, the pack I'm trying to load is the NeoLemmix Introduction Pack. Does the pack have to go in a specific folder? And if so, which one? ???

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