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Tech & Research / Lemmings c# v3.0
« on: November 02, 2018, 11:05:15 AM »
It has gpu shaders, path finding,etc... and now is crossplatform, for play in linux only do
 "sudo apt-get install xxx" or with "synaptic" and install the complete monodevelop runtime.

Source code!r5NRwCIB!z-5qs4AMqG4D2hE1-gBYzlJlm3WCatFs6bNaSHalxgM

Release version for windows 10/Linux and MacOS!SlEjzIbZ!3TTE5fSBFs7hCfcfXjn3qwBlxPSDcVJnocpRwMCBO8I

It's Desktop OpenGL Crossplatform, i use monogame 3.7 and VS 2017. I hope you enjoy it.

« on: July 04, 2015, 03:38:07 PM »
Release v2.0!WgcVQJ7L!AXv5xgX9dho_R-GVj4LNxHB5SxCkRWZ8-oa-MvtgANk
Source code!vkVThT6Q!bgQltg8C7LUEruJJE5Gf-gGmqGb9jSrX5PZZEZkO_cM
This version 2.0 has new graphics and code optimization, path sprites, new lemmings animations, etc...

171 levels just for fun

To view a short video
new video of new version 1.3:

Source Code v1.3:!n0MTmCqZ!5_Phzd1PDrMHtq83Trz4UM_wgsGxSc3FhFkBY8RGJmk
Release v1.3:!z1tC2a4Q!GviKsWcMB4sTmE4qCCJkNFYJxe-I4tES1or9BhxS2Tk
Source Code v1.2   (September)!HlkwXKBC!dbAwD8uxPoq0_qBhatoY5Ayti8rW08Irp8pWZb3N1SM
Game Release v1.2 (September)!j5kgVbjI!dTwV5Mq6FaUh7AYfB136_ggVdqKHreK7B0PZdsTGrVw

Game  release (August)!74lyVQTC!RqwD1ZcEVJDzq7yOmeH9SNXbsVb-gSeMa73Gf7KHLPM

need net framework 4.0 or more (i have 4.5)
oalinst.exe for sound & music!uo9RFDQD!VBLAZY0rLg-I-6J6JPd7DZgebJv79QLE_kG4rRU-sBk
i use monogame 3.2 for visual studio 2013 for compile --

the v1.2 version has 11 more user levels && fixed some bugs,
thinking to make an editor if people likes user last's an example...

Tech & Research / Lemmings in C#
« on: March 13, 2014, 08:08:50 PM »
I'm working on a Lemmings version in c#and i need help from someone to design animations,code help, etc. i'm noob in c#
I have all the sprites and levels and i'd like to work on mechanics and logic engine. I do this for practice c#

<a href="" class="bbc_link" target="_blank"></a>

Level Design / Lemmings in HD
« on: January 25, 2014, 08:03:19 AM »
Hi i almost finish my project of add animations and better graphics for lemmings using lemmini and lemmix to edit.
It has 120 original levels plus 36 special levels from psp and 11 extra from users.

i'm going to share it for make it better i hope :)

Level Design / need help
« on: September 12, 2012, 08:00:59 PM »
Hi i'm making a remake of all psp levels for lemmini and i'd like to share the job, i have almost 60 levels done but it's a lot of work
to test the levels and edit the doors,traps,etc...if anyone is interested please tell me thx

Level Design / psp style for lemmini and lix too
« on: July 21, 2012, 08:45:00 AM »
2 new styles finish!!!

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