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Fibbage (2 and 3) - 8 players (anything over this will join the audience)
The audience don't enter lies but does vote on the entered lies trying to find the truth.

In addition, in at least one of them (3, I think?), the audience doesn't directly write their own lies, but they do get presented with a multiple choice selection for a lie, which the audience votes on and is displayed alongside the other lies.

There's something I don't like about theme.nxmi, and that is that some aspects (e.g. lemming sprites) would be desirable to choose on a per-pack basis, but others (e.g. one-way-wall colors) are desirable to choose on a per-style basis (on the other hand, allowing the theme to specify these is convenient). This sounds option would exacerbate the problem, but I think it would be sufficient to allow packs to provide a theme.nxmi that overrides anything provided by the theme.nxmi specified by the level. This would allow a pack to specify a set of lemming sprites and, if this suggestion passes, custom sounds, without needing variant themes for every single combination of one-way-wall colors and custom lemming/sounds the pack wants to use.

Also, the workaround would fall apart if a lemming is falling into an exit from splat height - fall distance is carried over when going through a teleporter.

Yes, but do portals necessarily have to behave like teleporters?

On the one hand, I get the consistency argument -- if they behave alike (except for teleporters having the one-lemming-at-a-time behaviour) then there is less for a new player to learn. On the other hand, one argument for portals is that we can't remove one-at-a-time teleporters without breaking a ton of levels, so let's make a fresh start with a new object, and make portals into what teleporters should always have been.

From that point of view, I would definitely say let's get rid of the silly skills-continuing-through-teleporter behaviour and have the lemming pop out as if he'd just spawned. I'm not dead set that fall distance should also be reset, but it makes sense that it should.

On this topic, I think that portals should probably retain this behavior. I think the just spawned behavior is more intuitive, personally, but I don't think we should introduce that as an inconsistency - particularly because if there *was* an inconsistency, I would expect the *portal* to allow lemmings to continue and the *teleporter* not to, instead of the other way around.

Similarly, I think it's likely people will want the locked/limited vortex exits; let's just go ahead and include those too. If the object is supposed to be just like an exit, but with different rules about who can use the exit, let's give it all the same features, too. It seems a bit odd to have a choice between [an exit that is capable of locking, but has limitations as to who can exit], or [an exit that cannot lock, but has no limitations as to who can exit].

We may also wish to consider if, if we add this object, should OhNoers still be allowed to use the regular exits?

If the vortex can be locked at all, lem limits just like regular exits makes sense - if you think about it, a lem limit exit is basically like a locked exit, but instead of unlocking after a condition is met, it locks after a condition is met.

Lemmings Main / Re: [DISC] The Backroute Debate
« on: March 24, 2021, 02:06:48 AM »
Definitely there aren't enough easy levels, and I definitely intend on including some in said pack, and not just an obligatory pity-easy-level rank either.

But I also want the levels that I designed to be hard to actually be hard, too. It's frustrating when I come up with a creative difficult solution, but just can't get it to work because of backroutes, because the hard levels are just harder to come up with, I think.

Due to the variety of skills making it hard to find a dedicated hotkey for each of them, I would likely use this option if it were implemented.

Engine Bugs / Suggestions / Re: [DISC][PLAYER] Midair exit rules
« on: March 24, 2021, 02:01:23 AM »
If we could agree on a few rules to at least try in an experimental, that might be the way to go.

Engine Bugs / Suggestions / Re: [DISC][PLAYER] Midair exit rules
« on: March 24, 2021, 01:09:39 AM »
While we're currently under the impression that the Slider and the Laserer/Blaster will be the final new skills, there's no guarantee that we won't re-evaluate this decision to stop adding new skills in the future. I feel that if we do not create a proper rule for exiting behavior, this situation will only continue to get worse. I want to be able to look at a skill/state and determine from first principles whether or not it's likely to be able to exit, as opposed to the current situation of "Some skills can exit, some can't, but for each skill you could make some arguments as to why the trigger area should affect it and some arguments as to why it shouldn't, so the only way to figure out if it can exit or not is to try it and then memorize the result." This is needless complexity.

Quote from: Proxima (emphasis mine)
I grant that the existing special case for floaters/gliders weakens this argument, in that if we already have two states with a weird special-case rule for exiting, it's not a huge leap to go from that to one more; but conversely, that strengthens the argument for taking that special case out. If newcomers discover "A, B and C can exit, while X, Y and Z cannot", then they have no way of knowing whether the special case will or will not apply to P, Q and R. Trying to solve puzzles without knowing the rules is a surefire recipe for frustration.

Unfortunately, I don't think this is something that can be fixed without content breakage. I don't think that necessarily means we shouldn't address it, though.

I'd also like to add something that I think is a flaw in how we do these debates: we love talking about content breakage, but we rarely delve deeper than "some content will break." How much content, and what would be required to fix it? I'd be much more concerned about changes that completely break level concepts as opposed to inconveniences where the main correction difficulty is just in identifying the broken content.

I also think that allowing the jumper in the exit is likely to detract more than it is to add, and I will use the same reasoning I used for the spearer and the grenader. Levels where you just park your cursor in [spot] and then click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click like a hundred times are not fun to play. If I wanted a button masher I would play a different game. The grenader and spearer saw a ton of this usage, which IMO is even less interesting than "here's a giant gap and a bunch of builders, you know what to do." The jumper-into-the-exit also encourages this while not offering anything that can't already be done using the skills Icho describes.

Lemmings Main / Re: [DISC] The Backroute Debate
« on: March 24, 2021, 12:23:43 AM »
My recent contest levels aren't difficult. The reason they aren't difficult is because I was unable to patch the backroutes.

The intended solution on R3 is probably the hardest I've ever created, but I haven't been able to come up with a way to enforce it over easier solutions.

The R1 level also has an intended trick, and while several people have submitted replays with various skill saves, I haven't seen the core trick in any of them (the level name actually has some meaning to it) (although, disclaimer, after I gave up on it I stopped checking the incoming replays, so it's not impossible that someone might have gotten it since then).

I've basically given up on patching these. R3 wasn't something I could easily fix, and it received a little positive attention, so I just decided to initially focus on dealing with the R1 level. But on that one, it seemed like every time I'd release an update, I'd get 3 different backroutes, attempt to patch them, and the patch would completely fail to remove even a single one, because the original backrouter would always find a slight modification that made it work again. I'd at least want to get new backroutes and not just the same ones again. :(

The backroutes make these levels significantly easier than was intended in the initial design.

Personally, I think if I were ever to create a full pack, I'd probably have to have someone help me with the backroute patching (not just the testing, but the patching too), because I'm not very good at it. Otherwise, it'd be full of mediocre easy levels, while I'd want the pack as a whole to have something to offer both new and experienced players. But if I can't remove the backroutes from the harder levels, then the pack won't really have anything to offer experienced players.

Engine Bugs / Suggestions / Re: [DISC][PLAYER] Midair exit rules
« on: March 20, 2021, 09:17:18 PM »
It would be a pretty large breaking change, but I think the inconsistencies introduced by the floater/glider cases and oh noers are very weird (certainly, the sort of thing I was alluding to when I said "Some of them can and some of them can't, but there isn't really that much consistent logic between them so you just have to memorize them") and are worth reconsidering.

If I had to propose a specific rule, I would say that the exit should be usable by walkers and any state that can be cancelled by assigning a walker, and unusable by all others.

Engine Bugs / Suggestions / Re: [DISC][PLAYER] Midair exit rules
« on: March 20, 2021, 08:36:58 AM »
I feel like we need to do a much better job making a clean, easy-to-understand rule as to what states should and should not be allowed to exit. Right now, I really do feel like it's largely, "Some of them can and some of them can't, but there isn't really that much consistent logic between them so you just have to memorize them."

And I think breaking some existing levels to do this is totally okay. I don't think we should maintain unintuitive behaviors simply because someone's managed to create a level that uses them.

Forum Games / Re: Family Feud 2021
« on: March 02, 2021, 09:40:28 AM »
1. 1st 100% level.

2. I like pepperoni on pizza and it's also common

3. Hershey's was the first bar-shaped candy I thought of. Didn't really account for international popularity; I'm not sure I've ever seen a Mars bar and I'm not sure if they're actually available locally (I've heard of them, however), although now that I say this I'll probably start seeing them everywhere.

4. I thought about Redux, but ultimately decided to go with the Intro pack instead. Clearly, this was a mistake.

5. First one I thought of. I haven't really participated in the Rectangles game and haven't been following its progress, so I didn't think of it.

6. Figured it would be either Homer or Bart. 50/50 guess, got lucky.

7. Apple, for similar reasoning as geoo. Plus, Apple has a lot of brand recognition that many Android manufacturers don't - Samsung's probably the only one that comes close; Google has similar brand recognition to Apple, but while the Pixel line exists, their phones aren't really what the company is known for.

8. Figured it would be either keyboard or mouse. 50/50 guess, got lucky.

9. Pizza tastes good and is also popular.

10. Arbitrary choice. Had to use Wikipedia for a bit of help.

11. Mercury is small, and because of distance and/or proximity to the sun, people aren't really as interested in exploring it as they are Mars, so I figured people might not think of it first.
12. Provided 2 answers: At least according to Wikipedia, Zealandia is a "sunken continent". But I (correctly) figured this answer had a high probability of getting rejected, so I provided South America as a backup answer, since it doesn't really have as many influential nations as Europe/Asia/North America, and of the remaining continents, Africa gets a lot of attention, and Antarctica seemed too obvious a choice. Probably lots of other people had similar enough logic that this didn't really work out.

13. I remembered Tame/Crazy/Havoc off the top of my head, so I decided not to go with any of those. Unlucky 50/50 guess between Wild and Wicked.

14. I checked the list of US Presidents on Wikipedia, and found Martin van Buren, who I don't think I've ever heard of before. Even the Wikipedia article had a quote describing him as one of the most forgettable presidents.

15. I was hoping people would forget about Northern Ireland since it's not attached by land to the rest of it. Looks like everyone else had the same idea.

16. I thought answering this question would be too risky, since I figured the probability of choosing an answer worth negative points was higher than the probability of a positive or zero scoring answer.

17. I didn't really feel like spending much time on this one since I figured I'd be unlikely to get a correct answer anyway, and there wasn't any penalty for getting it wrong, so I didn't actually check the specifics of how the points were tabulated. If I had done so I would have realized such a high score wasn't actually possible, but since I didn't check the specifics I was unaware of the fact that the maximum possible score for any particular question was 1.

Lemmings Main / Re: LemmixAmiga. WIP.
« on: February 27, 2021, 06:47:42 AM »
Amiga emulation is definitely a bit clunky to set up (I wouldn't say it's hard, but I am saying it's annoying), so I can't say there's no benefit to making a recreation of it (even if it doesn't have the modern QoL features, though it would be unwise not to include them, imo), though there is of course the question of whether or not it's worth the effort.

If you're going to do this, and you want to play it safe with the physics differences, it would probably be wise not to assume anything matches DOS until you have evidence demonstrating it matches. Otherwise, it could be quite easy for a lot of the physics differences to slip through the cracks.

I don't use high-res mode, so I wanted to see how stuff like slopes and destruction masks are currently handled. Here is a screenshot of high-res mode with a miner tunnel and some sloped terrain pieces present, using the built in upscaling functionality.

The miner tunnel appears particularly blocky, probably still matching the physics pixels exactly. However, this isn't entirely consistent with how the slopes are drawn - you can see a few areas on the sand and on the decorative slope pieces where the pixels shown don't align perfectly with the physics pixels, though I believe in all these instances it's a corner missing out of a low-res pixel.

(link to full size image)

Non-Lemmings Gaming / Re: Speedrunning
« on: February 23, 2021, 07:38:38 AM »
So here's the thing: it's not a matter of time or skill but I just seem to dislike having to play a game over and over again in order to grind for a better time. I know that's kind of stupid because that's what speedrunning is all about. You get on the grind so that you can get better at the game and get a better time, but it's just not fun for me and I would often times just get frustrated and unmotivated with it. Considering that I do this purely in my free time, I decided to hell with it. I'm going to have fun going through a game as fast as possible, and everything else will be secondary.

So that's exactly what I did. I would look up some speedrun strats in a game that I could realistically do in a run that are at my level, practice them a little bit, and then just go for it. Sometimes I have a LiveSplit timer going to track my progress but sometimes I don't even have a timer and just being able to beat an entire game in one sitting using cool looking, unintended strats is satisfying enough for me (the latter is actually more rare because I like having some type of idea of how fast I went).

I totally feel this. When I "speedrun" (I use quotes since my times aren't even close to competitive), what I generally do is just go for minimal resets (generally no resets, but if either a whole bunch of early stuff goes wrong, or one thing goes really, really wrong early on I'll at least consider resetting - but I'm not going to reset over something like taking a few attempts to get the early super missiles in Super Metroid, for example). I could probably get better times in SM if I actually tried to grind it out, but I just don't feel like doing that. At some point I should also properly time out how long it takes me, since the in-game timer doesn't count stuff like door transitions, but the last time I tried doing that I forgot to plug in the device I was using to time it and the battery died approximately 15 minutes before the end of the run.

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