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Lemmings Main / Looking for an original release of Lemmings for IBM PC
« on: November 03, 2015, 06:55:14 am »
I need to get my hands on an original May 1991 release of Lemmings. I have more copies than I care to admit of the July release and I'm looking for any information regarding box shots, box contents and the color and appearance of the disk's labels of the May release. I would prefer to purchase this right out, but I would be fine with paying just for the chance to digitally preserve this version with my Kryoflux device.

I have a disk image of this release and can provide a file list w/ time stamps and file sizes if anyone needs those details. The disk image is useless for my preservation purposes, but it's still useful to track this version down.

*if you have an old copy and a drive to read it, please write protect the floppy before doing anything by either covering the notch on the 5.25'' disks or making the notch see-through on the 3.5'' disks.

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