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Lemmings 3D - Lemmings Saved Records
« on: May 18, 2007, 04:48:30 am »
Okay, most levels are impossible to save 100% on on L3D, except the two(IIRC) that require it, and some practice levels. <--- Edit: I have now found two on which it is possible, and acheived this. "Lemmtris"(Taxing 59) and "Castle Peralus"(Mayhem 78). I am fairly certain there are no others.

But still, on some levels, you can get some pretty impressive records. So, if you've got anything rather high, post them here.

Level 32 - "Dot to Dot": Saved 60 of 80 (It may even be possible to save more than this)
Level 33 - "Shadow Maze": Saved 34 of 40
Level 74 - "Jelly Belly Islands": Saved 37 of 40