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Introducing Colour Swap, a free tool that allows you to batch-swap colours in multiple .png files simultaneously!

This will no doubt come in very handy for anyone creating styles/sprite sheets.

Instructions for use:

1. Select a folder containing images you want to colour-swap.
2. Add a colour swap to the swaps list using 6-digit hex codes for each colour (the codes are available in most image editors, or you can use this site).
3. Once you've populated the list, choose whether you want to overwrite the original files or save the modified images to a new "Colour Swaps" folder (saved within the original directory).
4. Hit the Swap Colours button!

It's also possible to save and load swaps lists for quickly recalling swaps for subsequent use, or for quickly generating a full list using a text editor.

Enjoy! :lemcat:
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