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[FEAT] Changes to the Config Menu
« on: February 27, 2023, 02:25:53 AM »
As well as implementing Classic Mode, which globally deactivates a number of features (some of which can be individually deactivated when not in Classic Mode), a number of changes to the Config menu have taken place:

:lemming: Larger buttons, wider dropdowns and larger interface for better visibility

:lemming: Removed support for Online Features - Default sprites and styles are different in SuperLemmix, so it doesn't make sense to keep it connected to online features for NeoLemmix (not to mention that there's no reason that namida's NeoLemmix website should continue to support other forks such as SuperLemmix). Styles will therefore be manually updated periodically, and there will always be an up-to-date all-styles download available from the release topic.

:lemming: "Don't Replay After Backwards Frameskips" has been re-named "Replay After Backwards Frameskips", and the checkbox function has been inverted to match.

:lemming: Support for "Force Default Sprites", "Linear Resampling In-Game" and "Hide Advanced Options in Level Select" has been dropped. For the most part, this is to tidy up the menu a bit, but it's also because I'd personally rather not support these options in SuperLemmix.

Note that most of these have currently only been "soft-removed", and the code is still in place but has been commented out. I can always add these options back in if there's enough demand.

:lemming: Graphics Options now has its own tab, to keep the interface tidy.

:lemming: A "Reset Window" button has been added which auto-checks Reset Window Size and Reset Window Position at the same time.

:lemming: Added option to choose between "Yippee!" and "Boing!" for the Exit sound.
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