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The Wonderful World of Shmoley!
« on: November 03, 2021, 08:06:26 AM »
Welcome one and all! I haven’t made levels in quite some time but I’ve been picking it up again and as many of you have stated on the Discord server I have been getting much better at level creation than I used to be. All the levels I’ve created more recently are being put into their own separate folder on my computer and I think I’m gonna give pack making another go now that I have more knowledge and experience and have an easy way of getting feedback (Via Discord).

So welcome, to The Wonderful World of Shmoley!

I’ll think I’ll take it slow with this pack and I do want to see this through, so it may take a long time but I’ll finish it! I promise! ;)

So, what will this pack include?

I assume this pack will be on the easier side, as I haven’t really made a level before that would be considered difficult. It will be split into four ranks, each with 20 levels:


Though the rank names may sound scary, I doubt it’ll get THAT hard :crylaugh:

Now that I’m back into Lemmings as of late trying to take down Reunion, I’ve been given such a sudden burst of inspiration for level design, and I want to consider this my first real pack.

I’ll keep you guys updated, and I’ll be off to work!

The following will be used to track progress on the pack’s completion:

Gentle: 15/20
Pushy: 0/20
Violent: 0/20
Insanity: 0/20
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