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So here is a pack of 53 leftover levels I had from my 4 years developing Lemmings presents Gotta Go Fast
PLUS a returning rank which was removed from SEB Lems in its transition to the new formats.


Deep Cuts (15 levels) - The original cut rank from Deep Cuts restored for the new formats of NL at last :thumbsup:

Triangular Race Through Space

GGF Extras (14 levels) - The levels which didn't make the cut into the final version of GGF

Welcome to the Reef

GGF Special (10 levels) - A cut rank from GGF, this was intended as a Special stage rank to compliment the pack.

Sonic Showcase #2

LemLine (7 levels) - A cancelled pack which was going to be another mini pack similar to Modular Lems, I didn't think the pack made sense so I placed it in here.

No Sleep Til Beeston

Other (7 levels) - Lastly to quote Brewsters Millions "None of the above!"

Those Legendary Skills

This pack also has a music pack for it, download it here

This pack uses the UI from GGF (backgrounds and skill bar)

Hope you enjoy these levels anyway :thumbsup:
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