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[SuperLemmini] Custom Cursor
« on: December 10, 2020, 03:31:04 AM »
I've made a much easier to see cursor graphic for SL because the default is currently very small and difficult to quickly locate (even when you disable the "Classic Cursor" option). This modification is slightly thicker and a brighter shade of green, which makes it stand out better against SL's dark backgrounds.

I tried simply resizing it to 200% but this causes an error message when you open SL, so the clearer graphic will have to do for now.

The highlight box is fine btw, it's only the cursor that is affected. Not sure if it's to do with OS scaling or anything like that, but it is definitely an issue. Anyway, here's the custom graphic in case anyone else would prefer this. Place it in Resources/gfx/misc.

You can, of course, customise it to your own liking/colours etc if you have a suitable PNG editor.

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