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Geofflems for Superlemmini(Finished)
« on: November 13, 2020, 08:21:12 am »
Ok, For anyone who has played Geofflems for NL(whether old or new formats), it's now here for Superlemmini. I was able to convert the old formats NL Geofflems using Namida's NxpExtractor to get
the levels from the 4 levels.dat files(for each rank) then converted them to .ini form. Had to do some editing, mostly with the screen start positions as they were off. A few levels I had to edit, but
nothing too big. This pack was much easier on the editing side compared to Reunion and Pimolems.

Anyways just extract this .rar file to your main directory(will fall into place).
Inside the .rar are 3 folders: levels, music(plays dos amiga tunes(no special level ones such as menace) and replays). No styles folder though as these levels just use the standard styles.


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Re: Geofflems for Superlemmini(Finished)
« Reply #1 on: November 13, 2020, 11:18:50 pm »
I didn't know Icho had Youtube 1.43 version solutions of Geofflems. I had to solve Mayhem's Roger's Pass on my own since the old format(10.13) and new format versions didn't have this level.
I was having a hard time with the level. I managed to solve it saving just the required save count. Now I watched Icho's and his solution is much easier to do(also saves 5 over requirement)

So I want to post Icho's solution for Roger's Pass since his was a better one.

also there were no replays for the 1.43 version posted so the 2 levels that were not in 10.13 and new formats version, I had to solve on my own. The one in the Tricky rank was easy since it was
open-ended. But Roger's Pass was difficult for me. But Now I just noticed Icho's 1.43 solutions so I added his Roger's Pass solution to my replays.
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