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And now my third problem.. how to make and upload to lemmix own tileset? I have totally no idea!

With tradition lemmix, no idea. Most people here make their own tilesets with Neolemmix, If one wishes I can show you how once I get another SMS set done

If you mean original Lemmix, you'll need the old version of LemSet: https://www.neolemmix.com/download.php?id=73
I don't recall how to use it, but it should have a readme, and you could also just extract an existing graphic set.

If you mean NeoLemmix, there's a graphic set editing app on the NeoLemmix website: https://www.neolemmix.com/?page=gstool
Note that you don't strictly need this app; you can do it all by hand with an image editor and a text editor. There should be documentation somewhere, otherwise, study existing graphic sets and work from there.

In terms of getting it added to NeoLemmix, PM it to Nepster. You could also share it by attaching it to a post in the appropriate board (the NeoLemmix Graphic Sets board).


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