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[Bug][Investigation] Multiple Talismans in a single level
« on: April 12, 2018, 04:13:54 am »
[03:38] <Flo_> Can you put Talismans on one level?
[03:38] <Flo_> two
[03:38] <Flo_> ^
[03:39] <Nessy> Not sure. Let me try that.
[03:40] <Nessy> Um I don't think so.
[03:46] <Nessy> Yeah you can't have two on one level.
[03:46] <Nessy> You can have one talisman with two different "restrictions" like 100% AND no blockers for example but not two separate talisman.
[03:49] <Flo_> namida had 2 talismans on the last level in LPV in the old format, that's a shame
[03:50] <Nessy> I have an idea: let me take a look at his conversion and see if he carried that over.
[03:57] <Nessy> Flo_ yes you can have more than one talisman, but they need to be the same ID
[03:57] <Flo_> ok interesting
[03:58] <Nessy> Still not 100% sure how it all works but that is what it looks like for now.
[04:02] <Nessy> Okay nevermind. It looks like they don't have to necessarily be the same ID -
[04:02] <Nessy> --_
[04:02] <Nessy> -_-
[04:03] <Nessy> Yeah you can have the same ID if one is Silver and the other is Gold, but for two different talimans on the same level you can have different IDs
[04:04] <Nessy> But they both don't show up though and the second one doesn't show up even if you get the first one.
[04:04] <Flo_> well I am trying to get a Silver and a Gold but it's not working
[04:04] <Flo_> oh well, I'll just leave it
[04:05] <Nessy> Do they have the same ID?
[04:05] <Flo_> I've tried same and different
[04:06] <Flo_> I either get an error or the Talisman displays both requirements in one of the Talismans
[04:06] <Flo_> the Talisman displayed is always the 2nd one mentioned
[04:07] <Nessy> I got it to work on my side. Do you want me to send you the file to compare?
[04:07] <Flo_> just paste in here what you wrote
[04:07] <Flo_> no point sending me the file
[04:09] <Nessy> $TALISMAN     TITLE One    ID 1    COLOR Gold    WALKER_LIMIT 0  $END
[04:09] <Nessy> $TALISMAN     TITLE Two    ID 2    COLOR Gold    BUILDER_LIMIT 0  $END
[04:12] <Nessy> But if they are different colors:
[04:12] <Nessy>  $TALISMAN     TITLE One    ID 1    COLOR Silver    WALKER_LIMIT 0  $END
[04:12] <Nessy>  $TALISMAN     TITLE Two    ID 1    COLOR Gold    BUILDER_LIMIT 0  $END
[04:13] <Flo_> it worked for me in both cases
[04:13] <Flo_> ID doesn't matter
[04:14] <Nessy> Okay thanks. I wasn't sure myself.
[04:14] <Nessy> Does the second one show up after solving the first?
[04:14] <Flo_> Not sure
[04:16] <Nessy> See I can get it to show the second one after the first one if I use the SAVE requirement. The skill limits are what get me.
[04:16] <Nessy> But SAVE doesn't work if the IDs are the same.
[04:20] <Nessy> Okay so yeah the IDs need to be different so that the second one shows up after the first one.
[04:23] <Flo_> Not working
[04:23] <Flo_> One is a Save requirement then the 2nd one is a skill limit
[04:27] <Nessy> Try something like this:
[04:28] <Nessy> $TALISMAN     TITLE One    ID 1    COLOR Silver    SAVE 1  $END
[04:28] <Nessy> $TALISMAN     TITLE Two    ID 2    COLOR Gold    WALKER_LIMIT 0  $END
[04:29] <Flo_> I need to delete the talisman completed data now
[04:29] <Flo_> because it's perma ticked
[04:29] <Flo_> or the level cleared data, what it is
[04:30] <Nessy> You might have to go to settings/userdata and then scroll to the bottom and delete the level info.
[04:33] <Flo_> Nope, didn't work
[04:33] <Nessy> The talisman?
[04:33] <Flo_> the 2nd one still doesn't display
[04:33] <Flo_> it shows up in the Talisman menu
[04:36] <Flo_> in fact even worse, it says both talismans unlocked when the 2nd once should not have!
[04:37] <Flo_> I'm just going to remove it
[04:38] <Nessy> Wow this is confusing to do manually.
[04:39] <Nessy> Tell me real quick what the two talismans are so I can reproduce exactly on my side.
[04:47] <Flo_> ID 1  COLOR Silver  SAVE 49
[04:47] <Flo_> ID 2 COLOR Gold  BUILDER_LIMIT 9
[04:52] <Nessy> Okay it seems that making them the same ID solves the problem of not solving two in one.
[04:53] <Nessy> It still doesn't show the second.

Sorry to copy and paste the IRC in this post but I think it explains the situation pretty well.

Me and Nessy were investigating Talisman behaviour in the New Format NeoLemmix (v12.1.0).

My goal was to have 2 talismans on one level where the first Talisman is a Silver Talisman and a Save 49/50, then I would have hoped NeoLemmix would display the 2nd talisman after completing the first as it cannot seem to capably display both at once on the level preview screen.

Take note of how the ID could be the same or different and it didn't really affect the results much.

We could not get the above to work in anything we tried but I could get the 2nd Talisman to show in the Talisman list (F4 menu).

Just thought we'd post our findings to see if anyone has anymore to input into this investigatory behaviour.
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Re: [Bug][Investigation] Multiple Talismans in a single level
« Reply #1 on: April 12, 2018, 05:56:53 pm »
I wish you happy investigations! Just so you know: This question how to display to talismans on the preview screen was never important to me, and I focused on other stuff. So I have no clue how it actually decides what to display, but whatever happens, it certainly is intended. :P