Author Topic: Conversions of Graphic Sets to the New NeoLemmix Format  (Read 1261 times)

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Conversions of Graphic Sets to the New NeoLemmix Format
« on: March 12, 2018, 04:07:15 pm »
I've started a project for the New NeoLemmix since around October/November, and that is to help convert a lot of graphic sets stuck in the old format into the New Format.

Here is a list of tilesets that have not been converted yet. I will be taking care of converting all of these tilesets except where noted. Those that are highlighted in blue mean that these have been converted and submitted to Nepster for the next NeoLemmix update, but have not been released by him in a NeoLemmix update yet.

Thorn - this is part of Contest #14. I will leave this to bulletride.

Colorful Arty
Arty's blue flames and rain/snow objects - the blue flames will be part of orig_fire, while snow will be in the special folder. The rain object is already part of namida_sky.
The additional terrain pieces in Arty's underwater set.

Death Egg - this is part of Contest #14. Flopsy will be taking care of this.

Flopsy and GigaLem
Labyrinth Zone

Holiday versions of the ONML graphic sets:
Xmas Rock
Xmas Brick
Xmas Bubble

Lemmings Plus Remastered sets
Tree Remaster
Metal Remaster
Purple Remaster


Droidlings tilesets:
Droidlings Brick
Droidlings Rock
Droidlings Circuit


loftyD and GigaLem
Launch Base Zone

nin10doadict's cat trap and BitPolar tiles for a Casualemmings level - I will leave this to nin10doadict.
Tetris Attack Lava - nin10doadict says he will do this himself.

Psychedelic Remaster

Plom's Sonic Sets
Press Garden - Flopsy will handle this.
Metropolis - Flopsy will handle this.
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Re: Conversions of Graphic Sets to the New NeoLemmix Format
« Reply #1 on: March 13, 2018, 12:11:20 am »
Would anyone be opposed if I pin this for now?