Author Topic: Updating profile settings? (e.g., replace ICQ field with Discord field)  (Read 481 times)

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One thing I've noticed is that one section of the profile options is pretty outdated

Do we need this anymore considering AOL has been shut down since the end of 2017?

only thing I could suggest is just changing stuff to something more relevant?
like Being able to add your Discord tag, Skype tag, Twitter, etc. Stuff like that
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Re: Updating profile settings?
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The ICQ field should become a honeypot to catch spambots. :-P

Apart from that, yes, most of these fields should indeed go or become something else.

This dovetails into the dumb issue that we still don't version-control Lemmingsforum's code, and I refuse to touch the code without version control like a surgeon refuses to work without gloves. Nessy, any update on this?

-- Simon