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BB Zone
« on: November 12, 2017, 10:57:37 am »
<--- Well, for starters there's my avatar...

There's this birthday cake I drew back in 2009 when I was member of this Lemmings forum, bugging everybody about my troubled copy of Lemmings Revolution:

There's these croched Lemmings I made using the pattern already posted about here: yet I didn't like the hair in that, so I used different yarn to make it look more like hair. All the strings are individually knotted. First I made the one that doesn't have much hair, because I didn't like how he looked, I always thought they wore this sort of blue dress. So I made another one in white and crocheted a blue dress around it, and gave that one a lot of hair.
My father's trying to press me to make a hundred of them to match the game, but luckily there's The Great Lemming Caper. :)

Then I once knitted a Lemmings wig and once made a video of me as Lemming, then made a gif out of it, but I'd rather not share that one.
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Re: BB Zone
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Re: BB Zone
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your drawing skills are good! And the crochets look really cuddly too!
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