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In this topic I will teach you how to easily convert your (Super)Lemmini levels and tilesets to NeoLemmix. :)

You will need:

If you have only levels with already existing equivalent NeoLemmix tilesets (like the Lemmings 1 + Oh No more Lemmings ones):

- The NeoLemmix editor
- The NeoLemmix player (in the same folder as the editor)  If you download the full editor package: It also comes with a copy of it.

If you use a custom tileset in your levels that is not avialable in NeoLemmix yet:

- The Graphic Set Tool (GST)

If you want to make your levels into a NeoLemmix pack:
- The Flexi Toolkit

All of them can be downloaded on this site:

There is still not a list of all NeoLemmix sets, but these should cover the most:

- All Lemmings 1 tilesets + Oh No More Lemmings + Christmas + Sega + Genesis
- List of NeoLemmix auto-downloadable sets (this includes L2 + L3 as well):
- The tilesets of the Lemmings Plus series. Topic:

To obtain styles from the database you can select "Tools -> Download Graphic Sets" in the editor, or manually search the tileset topics.

Case 1: Converting levels with already existing equivalent NeoLemmix tilesets

Loading the level into the editor:
- Open the NeoLemmix editor.
- Click on "File" and after that on "Open".
- Search for Lemmini filetypes ".ini"
- Go to the folder with your levels you want to conver to NeoLemmix
- Open the level that you want to convert

Now two things can happen:

1.) The editor matches the level with an already existing NeoLemmix tileset automatically by recognising the (Super)Lemmini tileset name.
Now you only have to check if the chosen tileset is correct (tiles + objects are ~ in the right place). If not try to open with another tileset. You could also adapt the used (Super)Lemmini tileset in the level file to match the name of the right NeoLemmix tileset.
2.) The editor does not recognise the (Super)Lemmini tilesets name and asks you to choose an already existing NeoLemmix tileset with which you want to open the level. In that case simply choose the right one as you probably know best which tileset you used for the level and you only need to inform yourself if there is an already existing equivalent NeoLemmix tileset.

Now it's time adapt and test your level under NeoLemmix circumstances:

1.) Repositioning:

The first thing I most likely do is to reposition the level and adapt the level size. All loaded Lemmini levels start with the 1600x160 size as this was the only avialable size there.
SuperLemmini may start with an already adjusted size already.
But now we can improve that!
Select all tiles + objects of the level by pressing "ctrl" and draw a big box over all of your level.
When everything is selected: Move your level to the left edge and limit the 1600x160 screen size to the one the level actually needs.
This is determined best by checking where your most right tile/object ends + maybe a few pixels overhang if it helps the visuals.
Size example: 320x160 is one in-game screen.
Caution: NeoLemmix has deadly left/right edges! Keep that in mind if your level used the solid left/right (Super)Lemmini edges.
This can be easily fixed by placing a steel or terrain wall at the effected edge to simulate that truthfully.

2.) Terrain/Object checks:

As (Super)Lemmini uses double the Resolution of NeoLemmix your level was scaled down.
This can have the effect that some tiles are positioned wrong by 1 pixel!  Most likely the ones with an uneven height/width.
For example: Converted "City" tiles have a tendency to have 1 pixel gaps between them!
So check your tiles for unwanted gaps!
This also applies for objects! So be sure to check if the trigger areas are placed correctly!
Click on "View" in the editor and let it show you the trigger areas. There are represented by pink areas now. Lemmings are activating objects if the trigger area is one pixel below them.
For example: A correctly placed exit trigger area reaches one pixel into the ground on which it is standing on.
Hint: Climbers climb up 1 pixel inside the terrain (so the most outer terrain pixel). If a trigger area should interact with climbers be sure that it reaches there!
Again the majority of tiles/objects should be alright, but it is always better to double check!

You can also switch from the (Super)Lemmini steel areas to autosteel if you want (if you not used autosteel in SuperLemmini already) and if your level has these placed only on the dedicated steel pieces anyway in the past it should be easy to do.
Click on "View" and let it show you the steel areas. Click on them and delete them. Open the level properties window and activate "Autosteel".
Now all the steelpieces in the tileset are steel naturally without the steel areas.
If you want to stick with them, check again if the steel areas are placed correctly once more, especially if you have repositioned your level in the fiest step!
But it is highly encouraged to switch to autosteel, as the steel areas might get removed in the future!

3.) Save your level:

Now save your level in NeoLemmix format by pressing "File" and then "Save as". It will be saved in Lemmix ".lvl" format.
Choose your desired location + name and save it!

4.) Test your level + save a solving replay!

Now it's time to check if the level is solvable and save a proof of it. Press "F2" and start the test mode!
The player starts and takes you into the level. Solve your level again and press the save replay key "U" (default) after doing the last skill assignment (the nuke counts as one!).
Now you have a solving NeoLemmix replay of it in the Replay folder of the editor!  Put it where you like. If you want to load a NeoLemmix replay press "L"(default) and select your replay.

Some important advice:
- You now have the ability to select an unlimited time limit in the level properties window.
Most levels don't need a timer and many people are not happy about not needed timers, especially if they have to replay the level just because of them!
But intended time crunchers should definitly keep their timers, as well as levels where the timer prevents a backroute!
- Some mechanics from (Super)Lemmini may not work in NeoLemmix! Test these out and if they do not work you could alter the levels skillset and maybe make a different interesting solution!
You could even use the new NeoLemmix skills or features like updrafts, pick-up skills or preplaced Lemmings.
- You can also put in the authors name (most likely yours) in the level properties tab!
- You have the possibility in the level properties tab to lock the release rate so that it cannot be changed at all now!
- Be sure to save again!

Case 2: Converting levels with no existing equivalent NeoLemmix tilesets

1.) Converting the missing (Super)Lemmini tilesets:

Now you need the GST!
Open it and press "Import --> (Super)Lemmini".
Select the "styles.ini" of the tileset you want to convert.
Now all tiles + objects should be loaded in. Check the objects trigger areas if they are placed correctly! Remember the 1 pixel into the ground rule!
Also the objects/tiles pictures should have had a transparent background color in (Super)Lemmini! If not --> edit them befoe importing!
You don't want to have the objects/tiles background color in-game!
Remember that all pictures have been scaled down by half now, they could look a bit different!
If you have a custom single-colored background you can put that in in the bottom right corner by selecting it and put in the right color code.
If you have any custom background images in your object list, mark them as those!
You can then delete any big background objects in your levels and choose the desired bg-image naturally in the level properties window later.
Also mark the pieces that should naturally be steel! Select these tiles and mark them as steel.
This could already be done for SuperLemmini stuff, but is definitly nessesary for Lemmini! Be sure to double-check!

Now save the tileset ("File","Save as") in the NeoLemmix ".dat" format. Put the newly saved file into the "styles" folder of the NeoLemmix editor (and player).
Be sure to name it conformant to the NeoLemix tileset naming rules! Topic:
Finally the editor should be able to load your level file now! You can proceed as in Case 1!

2.) Testing:
Aditionally treat your to be converted levels in this tileset as test subjects for it!
Is the tileset looking good ingame?
Are the trigger areas working correctly?
Are the animations alright?

Optional steps after converting:
You can make your levels into your own NeoLemmix level pack using the Flexi toolkit! Be sure to include all needed tilesets in it though.


This should cover the most important steps in converting Super(Lemmini) content to NeoLemmix! If you have any questions: Ask!

Also if I got something wrong here --> Point it out! this topic is doomed to change over time anyways ;)

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