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sigh guess I won't get to see these streams then, sick of working Saturdays :(

Colorful Arty:
Just because one day gets the most votes does not mean I will exclusively stream on that day. I'm just trying to get a ballpark of which days have the most people available. I will make sure to not play a person's levels on a stream if that person cannot make it to said stream. Plus, even if you have to work on a stream day, I may not stream until you get off of work.

One thing I should point out: It'd be helpful to people who may not know you so well, if you either state what time zone you're in, or give all dates / times in UTC (and state that you're doing so).

Colorful Arty:
That will be the next poll: determining the best time on the best days. I am in Eastern Standard Time, but I have a lot of flexibility for streaming times, especially on weekends, so I'll leave it to a poll.

Colorful Arty:
The results are in! It looks like I will mostly be streaming on a Monday, Saturday, or Sunday! This does NOT mean I will never stream any other day though.

Added a poll so people know to vote for the time you want me to stream!


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