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Colorful Arty:
Since rtw hasn't done any lemmings streams in a few months (due to being very busy), I have decided to start my own custom lemmings streams. If you send me your custom levels via email (send to or PM I would be happy to play them. Make sure you include your Lemmings Forums name, the level in question, the engine it is for, as well as any others necessary files such as custom music or graphic sets. I will play Lemmini, SuperLemmini, or NeoLemmix levels, so you have some options. Replays are also useful for me, as I don't consider myself to be great at Lemmings, but not necessary. Don't be afraid to send lots of levels, as I am more than happy to archive them. :)

I stream on my Twitch account:
If you follow me, Twitch should notify you when I go live as well.

Before I do any streams though, I want to get some feedback from you guys. First of all, is this something people are even interested in? Second, what day/time works the best for the most people. I am quite flexible, especially on the weekends, but if I stream on weekdays, then I will have to plan around classes and make sure to book recording rooms in advance. I'll post a poll for which days work the best.

Awesome Arty, I'm glad someone has decided to take on some streaming due to RTW's long absence of Lemmings streams.

I would have done it myself if my internet connection wasn't pants. I'll happily send you the levels which I sent to RTW and he hasn't played though :thumbsup:

Chances are I'll miss most of the streams though unless they are on Monday or Tuesday though :XD:

nice! I have a couple of levels I'd like to get some feedback on. I have to work on them a little first. One is done on the experimental and uses a trap I added.

Weekdays in my time zone (which I believe is Sunday to Thursday for you) work best for me.

Thanks Arty for doing this!!! :thumbsup:

I also wanted to try out streaming, but I have other IRL stuff to deal with as well. The levels I will likely send to you are those that are not from LemmingBytes.


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