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Download Lix here! Screenshot, chat, bugtracker
« on: July 17, 2016, 11:40:47 am »

Lix is a free-and-open-source game inspired by Lemmings. It's in the public domain and runs on Windows, Linux, and other platforms. We have singleplayer, a level editor, and networked multiplayer.

Download Lix

  • Play the included lemforum community pack.
  • Play the included ClamLix, NepsterLix, and Rubix's singleplayer levels.
  • Design new levels.
  • Play multiplayer: Post on the forums to agree on a time, or join IRC.
IRC: #lix, chat in your browser
Email: eiderdaus at the
Or post on this board, that's the best!

Report bugs/features: Create a new topic on this board, Lix, on Lemmings Forums. Or file issues on github.

Screenshot from our first singleplayer level, Any Way You Want. Lix comes with 600 levels designed by Lemmingsforums members. Build your own levels with the included editor.

-- Simon
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