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Title: Download Lix here! Screenshot, chat, bugtracker
Post by: Simon on July 17, 2016, 11:40:47 AM

Lix is a free-and-open-source game inspired by Lemmings. It's in the public domain and runs on Windows, Linux, and other platforms. We have singleplayer, a level editor, and networked multiplayer.

(http://lixgame.com/img/download-icon.png) (https://github.com/SimonN/LixD/releases) Download Lix (https://github.com/SimonN/LixD/releases) -- if Windows, prefer the 64-bit version

Homepage (http://www.lixgame.com)
IRC: irc.quakenet.org #lix, chat in your browser (http://webchat.quakenet.org/?channels=lix,neolemmix)
Email: eiderdaus at the gmail.com
Or post on this board, that's the best!

Report bugs/features:
Screenshot from our first singleplayer level, Any Way You Want. Lix comes with 600 levels designed by Lemmingsforums members. Build your own levels with the included editor.


-- Simon