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...the future of Lemmings
« on: May 21, 2005, 01:22:37 pm »
 B) Greetings Lemmings

Its great to see a lemmings community exists! I am a crazed gaming lemming. I remember playing it on my amiga 500+, and when I made it to 'mayhem' I was knocking my head into the wall. I have to admit though Lemmings wasnt the only game that had me challenged. I was re-lemminized with a game created by Digital Illusions back in 1994! "Benefactor" (published by psygnosis!) is a game very similar to lemmings, more of a platform game, run and save your little furry friends that are trapped.. anyways I recommend if you never heard or played the game now is the time.

Just ask here and I will help you get it up and running. I hope one day developers will wake up and make another Lemmings game. Even with today's technology and perhaps multiplayer it would be euphoria!!

Note: This game was made freeware a couple of years ago, so theres no harm in trying it! It's quite addictive - unfortunately the developers didnt release a 'level editor'

This game is very underrated!! Not enough people know about its existence, so I thought some of you lemmings that are looking for new adventures would be interested in the new challenge!


more info:

developers website:


amiga emulator: