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Global rules
« on: September 07, 2015, 01:27:29 PM »
Section 1 - Rules concerning entering levels
a. For each contest, each user is limited to one entry for each possible entry criteria.
b. Submissions must be made via a private message to the user hosting the contest during the initial submission phase, or in the update topic during the playing phase.
c. A level is not eligible if it has had a prior public release, even if that was on a different engine. Small-scale private releases (such as asking one or two people to test your level) will be tolerated. It is allowed to include the level in a public release after the contest's playing phase has started.
d. The user hosting the contest may enter a level.
e. Any user caught attempting to manipulate voting or otherwise cheat will be disqualified from the contest, and may be banned from entering future contests. For the avoidance of doubt, voting for your own level is not considered cheating.
f. The user hosting the contest has the final say on whether or not a level meets the contest criteria. If your level is determined not to meet the criteria, you may modify it so that it does then resubmit it, or submit a different level, if you like.
g. If your level is acceptable according to the letter of the contest's criteria, the host may still reject it if they feel it goes against the spirit of the criteria; or in other words, don't use loopholes in the contest's criteria.
h. If your level uses any graphic sets, music, or so on that are not included by default with the engine you're using or capable of being downloaded automatically by it, you must include a link to, or a copy of, said content with your submission.

Section 2 - Rules concerning updating submitted levels
a. Any updates prior to the end of the creation phase should be submitted via private message to the user hosting the contest.
b. Any updates during the playing phase should be submitted by posting them in a dedicated updates topic as a new post (not as an edit to a previous post). Posting updates to more than one level in the same post is acceptable, provided that they're both posted at the same time (not editing the post later to add a second one).
c. The newest version of your level at the end of the submission phase will be considered V1 of the level, with the first update being V2, the second V3, and so on.
d. If an update to the level causes the level to no longer comply with the contest's criteria, that update will be ignored.
e. The deadline for submitting updates will be slightly earlier than the end of the playing phase and start of the voting phase, to give some time for other users to get and play the "finalized" versions of the levels.
f. Failure to follow the guidelines on how to post an update will result in that update being rejected. Repeatedly doing so may result in the level being disqualified altogether.

Section 3 - Rules concerning allowed engines
a. Submitted levels must be for either NeoLemmix or Lix.
b. <no longer relevant as DOS / Lemmix is no longer allowed>
c. In the case of Lix levels, they should be single-player levels.
d. In either case, the levels should work with the stable version of the respective engine at the time of the contest's announcement, or a newer stable version.
e. For the avoidance of doubt, this means levels relying on experimental NeoLemmix features (unless the contest specifically states otherwise) are not allowed.

Section 4 - Rules concerning deadlines
a. All deadline dates and times are in UTC. If you are using the default forum settings, this is the same as the time displayed in the top-right of the page.
b. The deadline for initial submissions will automatically be extended if nessecary so that it is not less than 72 hours from the time the most recently-submitted level was entered. This no longer happens once a contest has at least six entries (the 6th entry itself can still extend the deadline, but no entries after that can).
c. The deadline for level updates will automatically be extended if nessecary so that it is never less than 72 hours from the time the most recently-updated level was last updated.
d. The contest will be cancelled if less than three entries have been received by the time of the initial submission deadline.

Section 6 - Rules concerning determining the winner
a. Contest winners are determined via a vote, which is open to all users to vote in (including those who did not enter the contest).
b. Voting is done in multiple rounds; the exact arrangement is at the discretion of the user hosting the contest, but the general formula is three rounds, with 4 votes per user and 4 levels qualifying in the first round, which halves in each subsequent round.
c. There is no specifically designated criteria to consider when voting; it is simply a matter of which level(s) you like the most.
d. For the avoidance of doubt, the number of allowed votes is a maximum, not an exact number; and it is perfectly fine to vote for a smaller number of levels.

Section 7 - Rules concerning prizes
a. Unless the contest in question states otherwise, only first place gets a prize.
b. If the contest does offer multiple prizes, then the same prize cannot be chosen twice unless stated otherwise. In the event of an overlap between chosen prizes, the higher-placing winner gets first pick provided they choose within 48 hours of the winning being announced; after this it is strictly "first in, first served".
c. Any monetary prizes are payable via PayPal; or if you live in New Zealand, bank transfer. Other payment methods may also be considered upon request, such as Bitcoin, direct donation to a charity, or so on.
d. Prizes may not be put on hold for later use, except prizes of advertisement on the forum's news ticker. If you have not supplied the details nessecary to claim your prize (eg. a PayPal address for a monetary prize) within one month of choosing it; or have not chosen a prize at all within two weeks of your win being announced; it is forfeited.
e. If the user hosting the contest wins, they do not get a prize. Unless the contest offered multiple prizes, their prize is passed on to second place.
f. If a prize can be put on hold, it must be claimed within 12 months, or else it is forfeited. This does not apply to prizes that were won before this rule was added, even if they weren't chosen until afterwards.

Section 8 - Miscellaneous rules
a. Although this will be avoided as much as possible, the host of a contest may choose to add / modify / remove specific prize options, or even cancel the contest altogether, for any reason, at any time.
b. This is not a legal agreement. The contests are for fun, the prizes are a bonus, and entry into the contest does not create any kind of contract that ensures you a prize if you win.
c. In the case that the rules of an individual contest contradict these general rules, the contest's specific rules override.
d. No discussion of the contest levels is allowed anywhere on the site, except via private message, during the voting phase. This does not apply to any levels which have been eliminated from the voting.
e. Discussion of contest levels during the voting phase via private message should be kept to a minimum, generally only for purposes such as sending solution replays to the creator.
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