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Genesis version music pack
« on: March 23, 2015, 08:35:51 pm »

Just rename it to match the player name with _Music at the end. For example, "LemmixPlayerNeo_Music.dat".

You can use it with Orig, Covox, Prima, or Lemmings Plus I. (Well, you can use it with any player that supports music packs unless it needs a track higher than #21, but you won't get all of the tracks in that case (eg. with OhNo, you'd only get the first 6 tracks, since OhNo only has 6 tracks normally). The ones you can't use it with are Cust, Extra, and Lemmings Plus Flashbacks due to them using higher-numbered tracks, and LPIII, LPIII Bonus and Doomsday since they don't support music packs.)