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so uh, i really liked to do this with my friend, i love midi and i always wondered how windows lemmings would have been heard if it also had the oh no more lemmings songs, in this video there is the answer(that i used amiga version as reference, sorry DOS, ST and Mac players, and also included more instruments and percussion in some cases)
There is not midi download yet but it will be possible soon
there is the ost on midi version by Me and my friend:
:D :laugh:

Nah, i just playing and making worse Tim1/Rainbow islands theme of original because i was bored, and make an entirely new song, i tried to make funky town theme but using tim1 as the base, it failed and i did a shitty midi

So there is...

Hi, i wanna show this these sprites when i was hearing lemmings 2 music and also doing other sprites(like other of my favorites games or of my oc, but it isn't the case), just right there i say to myself to do the fisrt level of the classic tribe but with c64 limitations, i made it just for boredom, also i have a question, do you think if is posible to do an port of lemmings 2 on c64?, there are 2 concepts of what it would look like.

im a new user in this forum, and want to start this with this question, how or where i can get Lemmings soundfonts(no matter if is from the original game, oh no more lemmings or lemmings 2 the tribes) is because i like using soundfonts on fl studio just for fun, there is an lemmings 1 soundfont on musical artifact, but is from the snes version(who doesn't have great instruments though), i always wanted the instruments from amiga, so will be a nice help if you have one :D (i attempted to write this very well, im not a english speaker, because of my main lenguaje is spanish, but i attemped write this the better what i could do ;))

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