Author Topic: Where i can get Amiga's original/Oh no/2 lemmings soundfont in .sf2?  (Read 1979 times)

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im a new user in this forum, and want to start this with this question, how or where i can get Lemmings soundfonts(no matter if is from the original game, oh no more lemmings or lemmings 2 the tribes) is because i like using soundfonts on fl studio just for fun, there is an lemmings 1 soundfont on musical artifact, but is from the snes version(who doesn't have great instruments though), i always wanted the instruments from amiga, so will be a nice help if you have one :D (i attempted to write this very well, im not a english speaker, because of my main lenguaje is spanish, but i attemped write this the better what i could do ;))
just wanna be friendly, i just dont know english, i wanna do my best, i can improve later though(el espaƱol es una buena lengua) im a intermediate player of lemmings too, i still don't finished original lemmings, but going well actualy

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Re: Where i can get Amiga's original/Oh no/2 lemmings soundfont in .sf2?
« Reply #1 on: January 13, 2022, 12:06:14 PM »
You'd have to make this yourself (assuming no one else has done it) if you want .sf2 specifically, but you can find the music here in a format that's friendly for sample extraction:
(I believe these lead to the same files in both cases)

Once you have these files, you can open them in OpenMPT and extract the samples (open the file, go to the samples tab, select the one you want (there might be a few empty ones in there), then there's a save button you can use to save the sample in formats such as .wav and .flac. It's not an .sf2, but nonetheless I'd be surprised if FL Studio can't at least handle standalone .wav samples. There's a save all option as well, but I don't know if it'll skip the empty ones or not.