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Ok, wasn't aware that you could edit replays for ongoing levels. I thought you could only edit replays that already have been saved.

I implemented this. However it is not quite as straight-forward as it sounds, because here in (continental) Europe we use "1.234,56789", while the US (and others) use "1,234.56789". Forutnately there are already build-in methods in C# for this.

Important notice: Do not post style.ini files publically that use thousand separators or non-integers! If someone else in another country downloads it, the editor may no longer be able to parse the file due to different expectations regarding the number formatting.

As I wasn't even aware that we have this feature and have no clue at all how to get there, I would rather pose the question: Do we actually need this?
The replay files are standard text files, so can be easily changed by hand. So how does the in-game replay editor improve over this?

Bugs & Suggestions / Re: [Sug][Editor] Button to reload tileset.
« on: June 05, 2018, 03:51:26 pm »
Changing a tileset is such a rare occasion, that one can simply restart the editor every time this happens. There are only two cases when a style changes:
1) When downloading a new style from the homepage or NeoLemmix update. In that case people should expect to have to restart applications before the changes apply, as this is more or less standard behavior.
2) When creating a new style. But then I guess that testing in the editor will only be done in the final stages of the creation, and it's fine having to restart the editor then.

On the other hand I really want to discourage simple players to mess around with styles.
Furthermore it would run into complications when implementing it, because it would mean invalidating some of the images stored in the internal image library, while all the other parts are built around the assumption: "If an image exists in the image library, then it will always exist there". So I would run into trouble, especially if you delete some piece and then reload the style.

Summary: I will not implement this feature.

Level Design / Re: A case against 10/15/20-of-everything levels
« on: June 04, 2018, 04:18:08 pm »
Also, gaps do not always need to be as obvious as an actual abyss ;) . Sometimes you can have gaps that actually are filled with terrain to some extent, but there's no getting out of it, or doing so requires more skills than building over it.
Yeah, in that sense your suggestion makes a lot more sense and I fully approve now of this suggestion. When I first read your suggestion I just thought instinctively of bottomless pits.

How did you go about creating "Final Frustration", if I may ask? ;) Did you place each piece of terrain already knowing which skill should be used to get through / over it?
First I created the left 70% of the level with some path in mind, that uses rather few builders and more of the terrain removal skills. My guideline was to use about 3-4 builders per obstacle (and of course some more in the middle), with about twice that amount for terrain removal skills. For the right part, I had some basic idea. But at first there were rather few obstacles there, to make sure the level was solvable.
Then I spent a lot of time optimizing my solution, mostly adapting the existing solution to require less and less of the terrain removal skills. This allowed me to place more and more additional obstacles on the right side.

But I have to stress, that this is by no means an exemplary X-of-all-skills level! The level was created for a contest that required a 20-of-everything level with a 75% save requirement, where it is possible to save every lemming. And this level was just an attempt by myself to make an as hard as possible level within these restrictions.
So I don't think we should take a level that tries to answer the question "How hard can such a level get?" as a guideline for your average X-of-everything level. If you have to take one of my levels as a guideline, then use one of my 5-of-everything or 10-of-everything level from the first two ranks. In my opinion some of them are much better levels than Final Frustration.

Level Design / Re: A case against 10/15/20-of-everything levels
« on: June 03, 2018, 05:58:40 pm »
1) The skillset simply has to match the level
I don't think we should outright discourage 10-of-all levels. A 10-of-all level that you can solve with 7 builders and three other skills is most likely uninteresting. But so are 5-of-all levels that you can solve with 3 builders and 2 bashers or any of the Tame levels as a 3-of-all level.

2) A good X-of-all level forces the player to use a lot of different skills
Yes, a level where you can simply build over every single obstacle is not really great. But if you have 5 obstacles each requiring either 3 builders or 3 bashers or 3 miners (or some combinations of such), this can be a lot more interesting.

3) I am not a fan of a X-of-each level with exactly X gaps to build over
This makes it obvious where to put the builders, and if you can have a worker lemming preparing the path, then this only prolongs the level without making it any more interesting. In this case I would just remove the builders completely (or at least reduce their numbers) and fill the gaps with terrain.

4) Swapping some of the classic skills with new NeoLemmix ones does not solve any problems in itself.
There have been quite a few 10-of-everything levels with fencers instead of diggers, platformers instead of builders or gliders instead of floaters. Unless you create a level with nice obstacles, they are still boring.

Upshot is: I think most of the 10-of-everything levels simply lack obstacles and offer too much freedom in their solutions. The big challenge is to allow some freedom while not creating an any-way-you-want level.

Contests / Re: Lemmings Forums Level Contest #15
« on: June 01, 2018, 06:43:55 pm »
Preassinged skills count towards the skill limit, whether they are on preplaced lemmings or on hatches. And for hatches the skills count for each spawning lemmiing, i.e. a preassignment of climbers to a hatch that spawns 3 lemming would count as 3 skills, leaving you with only two more for the skill bar.

Clicking on a tile changes the selection bar to the tile's tileset.
To make this a little more precise, let me reformulate this a bit: Whenever a single(!) piece gets selected, the selection bar changes style and/or position, so that the selected piece lies in the middle of the selection bar.

It's not just changing tilesets all the time, it's also not being able to change a piece of terrain that is already inserted! THAT is without a doubt my #1 annoyance with the new editor. If you inserted a piece of terrain and want to change it; tough luck, you have to delete it, insert the piece you want, and move it to the exact spot the old piece was in. That is a 3 step process instead of a 1 step process. If it's from a different tileset, then it turns into a 4 step process.
We are all used to the vanilla Lemmix editor, where adding an arbitrary piece and then changing it to the desired one is the way to get a piece. However I still remember how weird that feeled when first getting into the editor. So I partially take this criticism as "I am used to this workflow, so everything else feels weird".
Secondly I would question how often one has to change a piece into some other at the very same location. For me I usually have to change the location as well, if I decide to change the piece.
Finally, changing pieces was easy to use when there was only one style in each level. But now I would have to add a full style selection, too, which makes changing a piece requiring lot more complex interface.
The upshot is: I will not implement this.

Bugs & Suggestions / Re: [bug?] scroller marquee isn't working
« on: May 23, 2018, 07:06:02 pm »
Oh, then please be a bit more specific next time. I didn't read "just to bump this" as "I would like this to be fixed soon". :-[

Bugs & Suggestions / Re: [bug?] scroller marquee isn't working
« on: May 23, 2018, 04:21:57 pm »
No need to remind me. I was still remembering this issue. :) However I consider it rather low-priority, so haven't looked into it at all.

NeoLemmix Main / Re: New Format Music Question
« on: May 23, 2018, 04:20:14 pm »
The PackToolkit does not yet support changing the default rotation for music files, just the addition of custom music files.

And as namida said: If you want to change the default music rotation, you have to add a file music.nxmi next to your info.nxmi file. It is a usual text file (just has a weird file extension ;)). Each line has the form "TRACK [name]" where "[name]" is the file name of the music file. Then the music rotation is given by the order the music files appear in this music.nxmi file.
Look at namida's LemPlus packs for an example how this is done.

Bugs & Suggestions / Re: [Suggestion] Talisman colours
« on: May 20, 2018, 10:27:31 am »
The sprite is in "gfx/menu/talismans.png". So please create an improved version and post it here. Then I will be glad to replace it.

Yeah, for the old formats this is fine. But in this thread we are discussion GigaLem's styles made for the new formats.

Yes, ideally level designers should be able to completely customize the background, builder brick and one-way-arrow colors. But as with so many other suggestions, this would require a lot of work on my part for relatively little gain. Please bring it up again, once this is no longer a "nice-to-have" feature, but the greatest improvement for NeoLemmix, that you can think of. :)

If you add a style to your level pack, then it just becomes part of that pack, doesn't it? There's no way to extract it from that pack so that someone else could just upload it.
That's no longer true for NeoLemmix V12 and newer (i.e. the "new-formats" versions): There level packs and styles are both a loose collection of text resp. png files inside a folder. So extracting a style from a pack is as easy as looking in a certain folder on your computer.

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