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NeoLemmix Levels / Re: Ski Sloping Lemmings (80 Levels)
« on: April 09, 2019, 05:23:43 pm »
Ok, I finally solved 4-19, too. While the solution is very nice, I feel that you really should give players a bit more leeway in placing their skills.
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NeoLemmix Levels / Re: Ski Sloping Lemmings (80 Levels)
« on: April 04, 2019, 03:56:15 pm »
Thanks for the reply.

A journey level was completed nicely, you let one die.
Which NeoLemmix version do you use? When I load my replay, it saves all lemmings.

NeoLemmix Levels / Re: Ski Sloping Lemmings (80 Levels)
« on: April 03, 2019, 08:04:08 pm »
Attached are lots of replays.

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Bugs & Suggestions / Re: opening old levels
« on: March 18, 2019, 05:25:55 pm »
If you are talking about the levels from the old vanilla Lemmix database, then I do have them all converted into the newest nxlv-format. I just haven't released them yet, because only half of them are tested and I am constantly forgetting about them :(. It it helps, I can attach them. Just be warned that a lot of them still need some adjustments.

Bugs & Suggestions / Re: [BUG][CONTENT] nx_sketches style is missing
« on: March 11, 2019, 06:35:30 pm »
I did a brief search through the code and I don't think NeoLemmix currently supports sketch objects. There is a type "DOM_SKETCH" internally, but it is never used anywhere. And neither can the editor write sketch pieces to .nxlv level files, nor can NeoLemmix read them in.

So I suggest renaming this thread to something like "[SUG][EDITOR] Add sketch pieces".
Regarding the workload: This wouldn't be too bad if such pieces aren't stored in the nxlv-files, meaning no persistence at all. It they should be persistent over saving and reloading a level, we would have to extend the nxlv-format, which is somewhat more work.

Yes, this F12 is a special hotkey on the main menu. I wasn't aware of it either :lem-shocked:. And your suspicion is pretty much spot-on: We set up the images for all the layers, just never draw the terrain and background onto them, because we trust the preview screen to have done so (because it has to do it anyway...).
I would be in favor of removing this functionality: Given that the screen loading time is now much faster than in the elder days, there shouldn't be any reason to keep it any longer.

Bugs & Suggestions / Re: [BUG][CONTENT] nx_sketches style is missing
« on: March 07, 2019, 04:53:25 pm »
Simple reason: I don't have this style :) Could you please post it here? Thanks.

Would you prefer reports of shimmier bugs be posted in this topic, or in the Bugs / Suggestions board as usual?
Either way is fine for physics bugs, because I will have to fix them before releasing the stable version anyway. For low-priority bugs that may not even have anything to do with shimmiers, or suggestions for UI-improvements, I would prefer to have a separate thread, which can be closed independantly from this shimmier thread.

Well, I already noticed this in some levels, but only sporadically. The lemming position marker is certainly not completely absent from the experimental player, because I do get them in the first Nepsterlems level.
My current guess is: The bug is most likely not restricted to the experimental player, but I haven't yet found a reliable way to recreate it in the normal NeoLemmix player. My guess are problems with levels without hatches, while you haven't even played one level that has a hatch, or something like this.

The shimmier experimental release is now out for about 2 months. So far no big issues have been reported (or barely anyone tried it out :-\), which is a good sign (or not?). So I would like to release an official version around end of march. This should give everyone enough time to look over the shimmier behavior again and tell me what they don't like.

For the next release, I added the numpad plus/minus (internally referred to as add/substract keys, Windows-keycode 107 and 109) as keys to zoom in/out.
I am hesitant to use the usual character keys for "+" and "-" (internally referred to as OemPlus/OemMinus, Windows-keycode 187 and 189) to zoom in/out, because it is much more likely to hit them accidentally. And I still believe that most people will find the mouse wheel easier to use, so I would like to optimize for this usage.

Added Ctrl+Shift+Z as Redo for the next release.

Sorry, ccexplore is completely right: This forum should not concern itself with oncoming (or better: any) political decisions. Please excuse my previous reply, that was a result of all my frustration about the ever growing amount of statements that are rather one-sided and less than perfectly researched.

As far as the current proposal goes, it does not have any impact on this site (even if it were registered within the EU):
1) Article 11: Apart from the completely misleading word "tax", which does nowhere appear in that article (and rightly so)... The article only applies under some circumstances:
- If you verbally cite or otherwise display the main content of the site you link to, thereby leaving no incentive to go through the link, and...
- If the majority of readers of your content don't click through the link.
This mainly targets big social networks citing the headline and the first half of the articles from actual news sites. On this forum, I can't remember someone citing enough of some extrenal site (apart from :)), that the link was just there to avoid copyright-infringements. On the contrary: Most of the external links here are of the form "You should have a look here! It's great content!". And anyway, who cares about the 100 views or so, that a usual post here gets? Remember that owners of the linked site still have to sue namida for stealing their viewers and prove that this forum is responsible for them receiving less income due to the links!
2) Article 13: On this site every post gets read by some admin or moderator within a few hours. This is better by far than anything article 13 demands, which in particular does not force websites to check every upload for copyright infringements. The "expensive automatic upload filtering software" is only needed for the huge platforms, which due to their huge data volume cannot apply any other means.

Anyone active on YouTube probably knows what I'm talking about: Since last year, the EU has been adamant to get a copyright reform passed. Despite a massive public outcry, demonstrations, politicians getting drowned in mails by citizens begging them to vote against the reform, and the largest online petition in European history with almost 5 million participants, all the objections are being ignored thus far. The load of mails is simply dismissed as supposedly generated by bots controlled by Google, who are major opponents of the reform.
I am not really surprised that mails are getting ignored, if they are based on misleading information, similar to the one you share here (although I believe you are doing that not on purpose).

Additionally, the platform owners must prove they're doing anything in their power to prevent copyrighted material from being uploaded in the first place. Experts agree this is only possible via expensive automatic upload filtering software.
"Anything in their power" is a drastic overstatement: They will indeed have to do more than react to reported copyright infringements and be more proactive about checking their content, but checking every post before it will be published (or something like that) would still be overkill. And the experts are mainly talking about the huge social networks and sharing sites, which then gets taken out of context and applied to small sites to make everyone afraid.

On larger platforms, like YouTube, the filters are going to be established, however, people fear they won't be able to distinguish a genuine copyright infringement (like somebody uploading a whole movie) from fair-use applications like using snippets for reviews or creating cover versions of songs. (Note that the concept of fair-use doesn't exist in the EU, despite that being the actual copyright reform we would need!)
First of all: The concept of "fair use" does exist at least in German law (which is most likely based on EU law in that case). However it is far more restricted (e.g. for educational purposes) and doesn't apply to the use-cases you describe here.
For such use-cases as reviews you can still use trailer material or other officially published and openly available material. And sorry, but I really don't see why anyone should be allowed to cover copyrighted songs and openly publish their cover!

Moreover, in contrast to the current principle on YouTube where something is only removed if the rights owner flags it, these bots are going to work the other way around:
They're going to block everything from being uploaded in the first place unless there is explicit permission by the rights holder. Meaning, platforms have to spend additional money to acquire licenses from all possible stuff any person might possibly try to upload (images, videos, music, even text).
So what? That's how copyright works! You yourself have to make sure you have the all the necessary rights (now or tomorrow, in the EU or elsewhere). But because noone cares at the moment, some pressure has to be applied. Do you have a better suggestion than forcing Youtube and other companies to care a little more?

... but I'm also wondering how this is going to affect Lemmings.
Is the game really completely public domain now, with no remaining copyright by Psygnosis / DMA? Or is Team 17 the current rights holder, meaning YouTube would have to get a license from them in order for Lemmings content to be uploaded?
Lemmings is still copyrighted. However being a legitimate owner of Lemmings (which I believe we all are) gives the right to play the game and publish recordings of your gameplay, so Youtube won't need a license.

Furthermore, the issue of what type of music we can put into our levels is going to reach wholly new... well... levels. Because it's not only about Let's Plays anymore, but also about what music people can upload just here on the forum.
Yes, we will have to be more careful about choosing only freely available music. But that's not really any different than the current situation.

Upshot is: I still see a lot more positive consequences (less copyright infringements and more revenue for actual content creators) than problems with this proposal. And of course Facebook, Youtube and co will paint a rather dark future, because they currently earn a lot of money on advertisement around copyright-infringing material...

We only divide by the constant 100 in that algorithm, so there is no possibility of a divide-by-zero error.

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