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We only divide by the constant 100 in that algorithm, so there is no possibility of a divide-by-zero error.

I have fixed the issue with requirements of 0 or 1 lemming for the next release. The checks for absolute values (like 0 or 1) are now ignored if the level is solved.

Bugs & Suggestions / Re: Others' replays should not overwrite own records
« on: February 07, 2019, 08:17:40 am »
Related issue: NL shows "solved" tick if I download a replay and watch it

The main problem here is that (contrary to Lix), NeoLemmix has no player-name. So unless we add this, we have no way to correctly detect the author of the replay file.
And regarding namida's suggestions, there are some problems:
1) What if a player switches computers (or just the NeoLemmix folder) and runs their own replays (possibly through the mass replay checker)? Then they would want to keep their records. Yes, they could as well copy the userdata file, but when I do a clean-up and set up a new NeoLemmix instance, then I regularly forget doing that.
2) More importantly: What if a player loads one of their own replays in an attept to optimize it, lets it run for most of the level, then spots a way to improve it, aborts the replay and solves the level? So just using loading a replay at the beginning should not abort updating the trophies. Similarly checking at the end of the level whether we do a replay or not, won't work either. The main problem here is that we can no longer distinguish between having loaded an external replay and consistently replaying it, or replaying the current attempt due to a backwards frameskip. And maybe there is as well the problem of the "action insertion during replay" feature...
By the way: Checking whether a replay is active during the very last frame won't help either, because the player could abort the level after a backwards frameskip.

Upshot is: As far as I can see at the moment, we would need a proper user management to implement this in a sensible way. But I feel that there are more important things to add at the moment.

Current workaround, if you still have your own records in the way of a replay: After playing an external replay, go to the userdata.nxsv file, grep there for the level title (in uppercase with spaces replaced by underscores) and delete the corresponding section between the two dollar signs. Then run your own replay again.

Yes, this should not be too hard to implement, although the number of lemmings saved is not yet written into the userdata.nxsv file.

Are you sure about this? I'm almost certain that the lemmings saved record is kept...
Sorry, my bad: I wanted to write "although the number of skills used is not yet written...". Not sure why it became "lemmings saved" there...

Personally I would prefer 2), but if most of you want 1) I will implement it. The 3x3-proposal seems like too much info, and we will run into a lot more trouble concerning displaying all this data, especially as it seems like information overload to the casual player. I will wait a bit before implementing 1), to allow more opinions stated here.

Yes, this should not be too hard to implement, although the number of lemmings saved is not yet written into the userdata.nxsv file.
The bigger question would be: When exactly should we update to records of max_saved_lemmings, min_skills and min_time_to_save_the_requirement?
1) Independantly: Whenever we solve a level, we check each of the three stats and update them if they are better than the previous record.
2) Saved > Skill > Time: If max_saved_lemmings is better, then overwrite all three, even if we are worse on the others. If max_saved_lemmings is equal, then compare min_skills, etc. This would correspond to the rating method of the first two level solving contests.
3) Skill > Saved > Time: Similar to point 2), but for the rating system of the third level solving contest. This is probably not what an arbitrary player would want, though.
4) Something else? The please post your suggestions!

NeoLemmix Main / Re: NeoLemmix V12.4 - stable new-formats release
« on: January 13, 2019, 09:47:00 am »
Yes, I just checked right now and get an error about failing to extract the file. The problem is, that the NeoLemmix homepage does no longer serve it for some reason.

@Nessy: Could you please check why the download at failes? This is linked in the "Download All" part of

The non-amplifying code should apply to any kind of sound effect, not just the "Yippie"-sound. Could you please check whether the swimmer splash problem still occurs in the experimental version of NeoLemmix?

NeoLemmix Main / Re: The NeoLemmix Manual
« on: December 31, 2018, 02:15:00 pm »
Page 10, the select level key (F2) also works from the preview screen.
The options hotkey (F3) also works on the preview screen. Actually Both F2 and F3 work on basically any screen. Probably the only exception is while playing a level, assuming you have explicitely overwritten them by assigning another function to them in the hotkey config menu. I have tested it on the postview-screen, but not yet on the talisman or mass replay check screen.

I have not yet read the manual, just wanted to add this to namida's remark.

NeoLemmix Main / Re: Shimmier: NeoLemmix experimental version available
« on: December 31, 2018, 01:57:28 pm »
An updated experimental version is attached here and to the first post. Changes:
- No OhNo-animation for exploding shimmiers (and reachers)
- Raymanni's improved shimmier sprites
- Pickup-sprites for all graphic sets.
Graphic set creators are encouraged to look at my suggestions and modify them, so that they are happy with it. At the very least, please check, that I haven't forgotten to update your style.
List of changed pickup-sprites (click to show/hide)

Do we have sprites for Christmas lemmings yet?
No. Good point. This is another item on my ToDo-list. If anyone wants to step up an adapt the christmas sprites, they are very welcome to it.

But so far, I can't use them yet because I still get an error that the lemming animation metadata for the Reacher can't be found (and I guess for the Shimmier as well; Reacher just comes first in the alphabet, hence it's probably just the first error message).
Assuming you have just recolored them, not changed their size, moved some sprites, ..., the fix is pretty simple: Copy the file "scheme.nxmi" from "styles/default/lemmings" to your folder with the curstom lemmings sprites. This file contains some meta information about all the lemming animations, e.g. where the image should be placed relative to the in-game physics position of the lemming. At the moment the game wants to read these information for the reacher and shimmier from the file, but doesn't find it, returning the error message you see on your screen.

The experimental version already has the fix for the amplified yippie sound bug. Seems that this fix had some side-effects. Will look into it.

NeoLemmix Main / Re: Shimmier: NeoLemmix experimental version available
« on: December 30, 2018, 06:04:05 pm »
Seriously, what a great Christmas present to the community! :thumbsup: I was kind of secretly hoping for this to happen, but didn't really dare to... I hope you didn't work over the holidays to get this ready, but had it finished a couple days early and just waited for the appropriate time to release it? ;)
If I had it ready before Christmas, I would have released it then. But during the past week, I had more free time than in the whole past month, and I put it to good use. :)

Okay, just a question: In my thread about anticipated Shimmier behaviour, Nepster said the plan was for Shimmiers turned into a bomber or stoner to explode instantly (=at the ceiling). Currently, they turn into ohnoers and fall down.
Thanks for mentioning this. The OhNoing is not intended and I still feel that instant explosions would be more consistent.

Thanks. The internet describes a lot of ways to produce these .res files via .rc files (which are just text files with a fancy name), but you have to give each image an internal name. I have not yet decided whether I will try to reconstruct these internal names from the code, or rewrite the whole cursor code to use external graphics.

NeoLemmix Main / Re: Shimmier: NeoLemmix experimental version available
« on: December 29, 2018, 02:57:20 pm »
I intentionally omitted a description of the exact mechanics, because I wanted people to focus on how the shimmier feels, rather than whether it is consistent. :P Still, thanks for compiling the list.

6.) Shimmiers will stop if the ground gets too close to their feet. I don't have the exact threshold here as in clear physics mode I think you can't currently see the exact position pixel of the shimmier. Can you give the exact ammount here, Nepster? ???  (Bottom left chamber)
Depending on the shimmier frame, the lemming sprite is 8 or 9 pixels high. The phyisics position of the lemming is 9 pixels below the ceiling, i.e. is one below the feet if the sprite is 8 pixels high, and at feet level if the sprite is 9 pixels high. A shimmier will transition to a walker, if the space between ceiling and ground is at most 9 pixels, i.e. if between (and including) the physics lemming position and the ceiling there is at least one solid pixel. In particular this meanse, that the basher tunnel with its 10 pixels height is the smallest tunnel a shimmier can traverse.
Regarding not being able to see the shimmier position: This seems to be a general bug, that I noticed as well: If the first level you start is one without a hatch (without having started any other level before!), then the lemming position will never be diplayed (not for shimmiers, not for walkers and nor for any other lemming). No idea, what causes this and what the exact conditions are to reproduce this bug.

Steps to reproduce this bug:
1) Start a level with a hatch, that has preassigned skills.
2) Observe that the lemmings have the correct permanant skills assigned to them, when they drop out of the hatch.
3) Optional: Do some terrain modification, like digging or bashing somwhere
4) Open the in-game level selection menu (usually F2) and press "Cancel" to continue the current game
5) Optional: First notice that your terrain modifications are gone.
6) Then notice that the lemmings spawning now do no longer have the preassigned skills. Alternatively it may rarely happen that all objects turn invisible and that the lemmings now spawn as swimming-floating-gliding zombies. :lem-shocked:
7) If you use some backwards frame-steps, your terrain modifications will reappear (as the save-states do have the correct information)
8) But even if you framestep back to the beginning of the level, the preassignments never reappear.

Exiting the level and starting it new fixes all the problems.

NeoLemmix Main / Shimmier: NeoLemmix experimental version available
« on: December 29, 2018, 11:58:54 am »
WARNING: This is still an experimental version and any of the shimmier physics may still change! Do not complain if they break the levels, you create with this version.

After the usual warning, here is the good news: This experimental version allows you to test the shimmiers. It should not crash every ten seconds and shimmiers might even somewhat behave like you would expect them to.

Although the stable version should have no problems with the modified graphics for the shimmiers, I still recommend starting with a new installation of the stable NeoLemmix version (or a copy of your current one). Then extract the attached zip file in the folder, replacing the older files with the ones in the zip file.

How can I create levels with shimmiers?
The zip file also contains a new version of the editor, that supports shimmiers. Alternatively open the nxlv file and add among the other skills a line like "SHIMMIER 20".

What should I look for in this experimental version?
1) Crashes: I might have overlooked some places, that have to be adapted to the existance of a new skill.
2) And equally important: Anything that didn't feel right or suprised you. I would like the shimmiers to be as intuitive as possible, and we are now in the unique situation, that there are a lot of players with a fresh mind and without preconditioning by previous shimmier versions. So please report anything that caused a raised eyebrow.
3) Whether the animation looks good. For the shimmier itself I used Raymanni's sprites, so I am less worried there. But the reacher animation might very well be something that can (and should?) be improved upon. As I mentioned frequently, I am not really good at creating sprites, so if you can improve the sprites yourself and post the new ones here, it would be much appreciated. (But even comments like "Frame 5 of the reacher animation looks out of place" do help).

What is left on the ToDo-list?
- Hunting for glitches (though this will have to wait until the main physics rules have stabilized)
- Adapt the pickup-skill sprites for non-default graphic sets. Currently you can only use shimmier pickups, if the graphic set uses the default pickup sprites.
- Add support for shimmier talismans. The player should already be able to handle them correctly (though I haven't tested it yet), but the pack toolkit doesn't allow creating such talismans. 
- Fix all the issues you will find.

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