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Oh no I mean the Rule 1, the 12 lemming one on the crystal level. This OTAAT series of levels will get larger and hopefully more interesting. My first OTAAT features in contest 20. This second crystalises the idea in a rigorous fashion. I really need to sit down and prove the conjecture that the complexity of the levels is N.logP where N is number of lemmings and P the number of possible paths. When I find the time I shall be playing with the maths of chaining several layers together, which should hopefully make it more interesting.

If I find the time I'll use excel to generate all the solutions in those text file replays to OTAAT II.

Haha yes yes my rule 2 is horribly broken XD. I'll study these to see if there are any more breakages I haven't noticed. I'm closing in on a new layout that will hopefully prevent the backroutes.

There are still another 80 solutions to One Thing At A Time II to be found Crane! ;)

And this one saves all 20!

If the solution is what i think it is, then...
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Oh this breaks the concept of the level completely.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
To fix...
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Ahhh damn it!!!!
Spoiler (click to show/hide)


Rule 2:

V2: Improved on the original concept and added bombers. This update is dedicated to darkshoxx.

V3: Raised the final platform to prevent the use of bombers to cut the second walk-up.

V4: Swapped the final layer of terrain used to prevent the use of bomber cutting with steel to also prevent basher brute forcing. (hopefully)


In the meantime, here's my solution to Don't Bash it Before You Dig It 2.

Ahhhh I'm having a hard time preventing the basher brute force methods.
It's good to see though!
I think I have a quick fix for this so I'll post a V4 shortly.

Here is my replay for Always Remember V5

I really like the level, I don't think I saw the V4, where was the steel?

Ahhh yes of course, I remember now. I suppose edits don't spit out the notifications like new messages would.

This has been the struggle with this level, the bomber introduces more stuff you can do to the terrain, after fixing the oversight in the original by raising the platforms I feel a slew of backroutes are going to be found and closing them all off will be tough.

Sending through a V3

JRT's solution to my Rule 3 is nowhere near the intended solution (Super weird solution), so updated it to V3 by adding more steel

Just saw V3, no wonder my solution is considered "wild" :D

I really like Neither Here Nor There.

Here is a replay for V2.

Just played the V2 of Snow Day. Here is the replay for that, I'm guessing its the intended solution?

Oooohhhh, yes I appear to not have read rule 2 properly.

I think best for now I withdraw the level, if I can fix it maybe I resubmit?

Level Design / Re: What are some tips for making difficult levels?
« on: April 07, 2024, 06:30:04 PM »

To further explain point 2:
Let's say you have 1 builder and 1 water pit in the only path to the exit with no other workarounds. The builder is 100% locked in that position and is therefore no mystery. 
Having multiple possible routes where that 1 builder can really help you out on the other hand makes the choice unclear. Bonus points if the meaningful usage is even hard to spot in the first place (hidden in plain sight).
If this holds true for not only one but multiple skills (+ adding some unortodox trick usages) the level can quickly become a very hard nut to crack (if there are no glaring backroutes of course).

This is how I see difficulty too. When we look at a level and try to solve it we in our heads are performing some kind of Depth First Tree Search as we imagine the use of skills and combos in various locations in different orders. When we think down a branch but then we can see we have one builder left but require the height of two then we know this branch has probability to be a solution drops to zero so we move onto the next branch, maybe by tweaking elements of this branch, for example, can we walk up a bit of terrain for the extra height, if so, think down that branch, if not, move onto the next wholly different solution.

Essentially, a difficult level has on actual solution but a large enough possible solution tree that requires that you chase through the tree a fair way until you realise you have to move on to the next.

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