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Lix Main / Progress to next level without getting back to menu
« on: May 20, 2020, 05:24:41 pm »
I think I've seen two players that had the feature wish to progress to the next level without getting back to the menu for a better flow.

Problem is that this could introduce again level end dialog menu. Probable solution would be to always progress unless escape or other button is pressed but that could annoy players that only want to play single levels. A solution to that could be to give the option to play all levels (in a folder).

Lix Main / Write LastGameStats in preview window
« on: May 13, 2020, 10:41:45 am »
Due to lack of space on smaller resolutions level information or stats get overwritten by the stats for the current game (LastGameStats), see issue #395, issue #324.

My suggestion to solve that is to write the current stats on the space of the preview window. The window has quite some space and you don't need the preview shortly after you've played the level. Furthermore there the recent stats could catch more attention I think though unsure.

Lix Main / Allow rotation and mirroring of gadgets like traps
« on: May 09, 2020, 11:25:54 pm »
Currently traps can't be (visually) mirrored or rotated. Hatches can be mirrored for different orientation.
There can be a usecase for such operations on traps, especially if they are not symmetrical. Furthermore it can probably avoid special cases for these objects.

As a sidenote there is an issue (#273) that mirroring of gadgets can lead to them moving if they have certain meassures.

Lix Main / Trigger area of frog trap too small? (Spoiler heavy)
« on: December 14, 2019, 07:06:55 pm »
I don't know if it is intended or if it is an intended part of a solution to an official level. But somehow the mechanic bugs me and doesn't seem intentional to me. It seems rather that the trigger area of the frog is too small, at least downwards.
I will accept if it is deemed ok, but wanted to bring it up since it happens when the frog is placed graphically perfect on the ground.

Replay to demonstrate attached.

Lix Main / Upwards checkerboarding
« on: November 06, 2019, 10:00:41 pm »
Does it make sense that the Lix get past what is shown in the attachment (cube, from left to right)?

Lix Main / Sort tilesets by alphabetical order
« on: October 30, 2019, 06:50:58 pm »
The ordering of the tilesets is still dependant on the name of the author although in the editor only the name of the tileset is shown. For me ordering the tilesets alphabetically by their name would help to find tilesets.
But I don't know if anyone else is used to the current ordering.

Site Discussion / Function/Button to report users
« on: October 17, 2019, 05:24:41 pm »
Is there a function/button to report users? Sometimes spam bots don't post anything but have links on their profile that are clearly spam and there seems to be no means to report that with forum functions.

But I can see that an easy ability to report users could be abused.

Lix Main / On the usage of 32bit-Lix on Win
« on: October 06, 2019, 10:27:40 am »
I think since Lix 0.9.22 a 64bit version is provided for Win Lix and is recommended over the 32bit version. This was a meassure to prevent the game from crashing on huge maps, which was mainly a problem in Multiplayer.
The 32bit version is nevertheless still provided for people who can't use 64bit binaries, that have very old systems.

Is there still someone who uses or has to use the 32bit (Win) version of the game?

Lix Main / Meanings of trap/hazard shown trigger areas are inconsistent
« on: October 02, 2019, 09:19:17 pm »
Not sure if that's a problem:

But e.g. the shown trigger area of the fire trap kills the lix if it touches any part of it.
The shown trigger area of the Eater only if the area touches the ground.

The shown trigger areas seem to mean different things in both cases, which seems inconsistent.

Edit: This is issue 389.

Lix Main / About the option to not show hotkey names on buttons
« on: August 26, 2019, 09:28:21 pm »
I just now realized that the option exists to not have the hotkey names shown on the buttons. I'm now too used to it to turn it off. But I'm curious if other people play with pure buttons without hotkey names on the right lower side of the button.

Lix Main / New observers should watch game in progress
« on: July 14, 2019, 07:27:23 pm »
Moved to separate topic: 2nd: Observers should start level zoomed out

Two things which would in my opinion be good features for multiplayer:

1st: It would be good when one could see that a game is in progress. At the moment you have no indication and wonder why nothing goes on in the lobby, which is confusing.

Non-Lemmings Gaming / Rabbit Escape and Snails
« on: July 02, 2019, 08:25:13 pm »
Recently I came across two games that are Lemmings-like:

  • Rabbit Escape by Andy Balaam (generally free and open source, GPL v2)
  • Snails by Jorge Lima, Alexandre Fontoura, published by 2Brains Games (commercial)

Rabbit Escape is a cute simple game in pencil drawing style. It's block based and at least the PC version is Java. You place the skills to be picked up in the world instead of direct assigning. The skills circles have physics as well. The UI looks very basic and there seems to be no frame stepping. There seems to be a good amount of levels as well, which are in an unlock system. I haven't played much though. It looks as if it can get fiddly/dexterity based.

I haven't played Snails, yet, but only seen footage. You seem to mainly place items which interact with the snails. The snails generally stick to the blocks like a magnobooter. There seem to be different game modes, one of which even includes killing the snails instead of saving. At the moment there seem to be 84 levels available.

Lix Main / Lix ingame UI (skill panel)
« on: May 15, 2019, 05:12:04 pm »
Recently in another thread it came up that the skill panel could have too many buttons.

I'm actually fine with the skill panel but others find it cluttered, ugly and like a "Korean washing machine".

I think the advantage of the current skill panel is that you see all skills that are generally available, so you know at once which skills to expect in the game.

I would speak against a scrolling mechanism since it takes the dynamics of the game and is obscure.

Lix Main / Solved: Black screen in macOS build, January 2019
« on: April 07, 2019, 03:18:30 pm »
There seems to be an issue with a macOS build. From the descriptions of macOS users:

It starts and opens a window, but which has only a black screen. The music plays and at least with ldc it segfaults.

Issue 381 on github

From the #lix log of 4th of Jan, 2019 (concerning Lix 0.9.24):

[11:24:47]    <tarzeau> i've got an up to date 10.14 mojave mac now... i shall retry?
[11:24:55]    <tarzeau> remember what i need to install with brew?
[11:25:55]    <SimonN> brew install ldc dub allegro enet
[11:30:09]    <tarzeau> uncaught exception when i run ./bin/lix but that's surely the releaseXDG
[11:30:27]    <tarzeau> rebuilding...
[11:31:19]    <tarzeau> now i get a window called Lix, which shows black, nothing else
[11:31:59]    <tarzeau> adding --build=release as in windows
[11:32:04]    <SimonN> what is your exact build command?
[11:32:20]    <tarzeau> now it's: HOME=. dub build --build=release -f --compiler=ldc2
[11:33:07]    <tarzeau> oh wow now ./bin/lix goes fullscreen
[11:33:10]    <tarzeau> staying black
[11:33:21]    <tarzeau> pressing esc: segmentation fault
[11:33:23]    <SimonN> yeah, release defaults to fullscreen
[11:34:03]    <SimonN> go into the segfault with a debugger
[11:52:11]    <SimonN> tarzeau: When you build Lix, dub outputs versions of other dub packages. What version is "allegro" in that output?
[11:54:08]    <tarzeau> allegro 4.0.4+5.2.0: building config "no-libs"
[11:54:15]    <tarzeau> maybe i should not have copied that dub packages from linux?
[11:54:47]    <SimonN> hmm, 4.0.4+5.2.0 is correct version.
[11:55:34]    * tarzeau drops HOME=. and rebuilds, removed all the *-n/ dirs too
[11:55:40]    <SimonN> Copying stuff from Linux: dub stores built binaries in .dub dir, thus the copying could cause problems. Delete ~/.dub/ and (lix)/.dub and then build.
[11:56:14]    <tarzeau> i've not taken any binaries, just the sources
[11:56:21]    <tarzeau> but will try as well...
[11:56:28]    <SimonN> ah, hm, then should work. But try anyway.
[11:57:17]    <tarzeau> all black... maybe it doesn't find data files?
[11:58:02]    <tarzeau> oh user/log.txt says
[11:58:06]    <SimonN> in dub.json, in "libs": [ ... ], between these square brackets, add this line including quotes and comma: "allegro_color",
[11:59:17]    <tarzeau> added and rebuilding...
[12:12:51]    <tarzeau> i can't find ~/.dub on macOS but i removed .dub
[12:13:06]    <SimonN> okay, hmm, I'm sure it'll be fine
[12:13:15]    <SimonN> did the rebuild do any good?
[12:15:33]    <tarzeau> but the icon appears when starting it
[12:15:36]    <tarzeau> in the dock
[12:15:43]    <tarzeau> black screen as always
[12:16:35]    <SimonN> okay. Remove `"allegro_color",` again, then `brew install dmd`, then build Lix with `--compiler=dmd`
[12:21:45]    <tarzeau> building...
[12:22:42]    <tarzeau> it also builds fine, however same black window
[12:22:54]    <tarzeau> i run ./bin/lix from the source unpacked tree
[12:23:13]    <tarzeau> however esc just exits, no segfaults
[12:56:37]    <SimonN> tarzeau: download the music: -- extract in Lix's directory, then run the game again. Does music play during the black screen?
[13:02:25]    <tarzeau> back, i already have the music there
[13:02:31]    <tarzeau> let me make louder
[13:02:49]    <tarzeau> yep music plays
[13:06:41]    <SimonN> okay, hmmm, this is tricky then. Lix runs but doesn't display anything.
[13:08:02]    <tarzeau> ack
[13:08:06]    <tarzeau> do you use opengl?
[13:08:45]    <SimonN> Not directly. Via Allegro 5.
[13:09:43]    <SimonN> Okay, I have one abstruse idea.
[13:10:12]    <SimonN> Downgrade DAllegro5 bindings and add allegro_color back. I will instruct you how to do this.
[13:10:35]    <tarzeau> k
[13:11:51]    <SimonN> dub.json, line 13: Replace with: "allegro": "==4.0.3",
[13:12:28]    <SimonN> in line 21 or so, add new line: "allegro_color",
[13:12:40]    <SimonN> (all these times, the trailing commas are important)
[13:13:03]    <tarzeau> done
[13:13:14]    <SimonN> in dub.selection.json, replace line 4 with: "allegro": "4.0.3+5.2.0",
[13:13:34]    <tarzeau> done
[13:13:34]    <SimonN> then run: dub build --force --compiler=dmd
[13:13:47]    <tarzeau> running
[13:14:20]    <tarzeau> built, runs the same
[13:14:33]    <tarzeau> and it's the same windowed or fullscreen
[13:14:37]    <SimonN> i.e., black screen, music plays, and no image? hmm.
[13:14:42]    <tarzeau> yes
[13:14:46]    <SimonN> Okay, then I'm out of ideas :)
[13:15:22]    <tarzeau>
[13:15:23]    <SimonN> I didn't believe this would have helped anyway, but I would have slapped myself had it been the solution and had I not tried it.
[13:16:34]    <tarzeau> ?
[13:16:49]    <tarzeau> al_flip_display(); needed?
[13:17:06]    <SimonN> yes, should be needed.
[13:17:07]    <tarzeau> i remember macOS (well cocoa) has different coordinate system
[13:17:25]    <SimonN> Allegro is an abstaction over any OS-specific stuff.
[13:17:48]    <SimonN> maybe run that example code and see if you get window
[13:17:51]    <tarzeau>
[13:18:00]    <tarzeau> single buffer?
[13:18:11]    <tarzeau> i don't know either. if you want me to retry, tell me
[13:18:47]    <tarzeau> this gh issue produces black display, works windows + linux
[13:20:10]    <SimonN> okay, no time. I think I double-buffer. My code is in src/hardware/display.d, public interface to that module is ALLEGRO_DISPLAY* display to get backbuffer to draw there, then void flip_display()

Non-Lemmings Gaming / Baba is You (puzzle game)
« on: March 18, 2019, 11:16:09 pm »
"Baba is You" by Hempuli Oy is a puzzle game where you have to get your character to the goal of each level.
It's generally a box push puzzle but with a twist: You can change the rules of the level by pushing them around. So you can change the rules in some levels that way that e.g. a boulder becomes the goal etc.
It seems like an interesting idea to me, especially since it allows you to "reprogram" the level, which needs other thinking than a mere box push puzzle.
I only played some of the levels so far, but even in the beginning there were some tough ones for me.
I personally like the idea behind the game since it has programming aspects without need to know programming languages.

(Quite some time ago I came across of a Java based game (forgot the name) where you had to change the rules to get to the exit. It really needed you to get into the programming language, which had its good and bad sides. Baba is you is in the same spirit but non-programmer friendlier and integrates the rules into the box puzzle game mechanics.)

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