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I'm not sure why i never posted my game here - it has been available for almost five years now on mobile devices. I created "Lemmings" for PalmOS way back in 2001 - eventually ported it to more recent platforms (only to have SCEE send me a cease and desist); then in 2011 it was released as Caveman. some links to the project and how it all worked:

in any event; i saw the game was mentioned in another topic; so why not post the full information here. The game was written from scratch back in 2001 and is a perfect implementation of the original 1991 PC version of the game - took me hours to get it all working right. There is even an easter egg in the game that allows you to play the original seven levels from the classic game. of course; the algorithm for how to generate the code is available on my website if you want to see it in action. heck; even implemented the particle explosion in the game!

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