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Contests / Level Design Contest #WasteMyTime
« on: November 24, 2022, 11:01:53 PM »
Hi everyone,

I'm happy to announce my little level contest. :excited: The rules may be a bit odd and very specific, I hope you're all on board with that.
The goal is to make a neolemmix level on a canvas size of 200x200 and a time limit of 8 minutes 20 seconds. 
While most of the global rules apply, the winner of the contest will not be determined by voting. Instead, your level will be assigned a score based on my playthrough. The faster I beat your level, the worse your score. It might be counterintuitive, but the goal is therefore to waste my time, and prevent me from "speedrunning" the level. :lemming:

Per submission, I have one hour time to beat the level up to three times.
The moment I beat the level for the third time, the lowest time it took me in all three attempts will be your score. You're aiming for a high score.
If I can't beat the level within an hour, the level receives a score of 0, which is unfavourable (so you'll have to take my low skill into account). 
Here's a recap video:
This is based off a contest I held in Super Mario Maker 2. It's also where some of the restrictions originate, for example, 500 seconds is the max timelimit in SMM2
I was informed that there might be trivial solutions to get it down to the final second. That is fine, the winner in the original contest had a score of 500 seconds minus one frame.

The winner gets a twitch giftsub to two channels of their choice. :tal-gold::tal-gold:
The runner up wins a twitch giftsub to one channel of their choice. :tal-silver:

Levels can be submitted via PM here, via my discord, or via pastebin link to twitch chat (if it's only textfiles)

I'd encourage you to have a replay for the level that beats it, but it's not strictly required.
I will begin playing submitted levels on Wednesday, Nov 30th on my twitch channel:
Usually during the first hour of my stream (see schedule).
It is not strictly required for the submitter to be in chat while the level is played, but encouraged.
Levels can be submitted for one week, until Dec 7th. Winners will be chosen once I've played all the submitted levels.

Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated. :thumbsup:
Should additional requirements/clarifications/amendments become necessary, I will post them here and in the description of the YT video.
Let's Build! :lemming::lemming::lemming::lemming::lemming:

Lemmings Main / How to get started with Editor-Based levels and creation
« on: November 21, 2022, 11:20:32 PM »
Hi I'm darkshoxx, nice to meet you all. :)
Quick disclaimer, as I'm going to talk about a focus on streaming on twitch, I am aware that this post may be interpreted as advertizing of my channel. I hope this does not break any rules. I will not be posting unsolicited links. :lemming:

My Motivation:
Some time last year I played through the original DOS Lemmings and Lemmings Xmas game. I stream on twitch and am looking for a "stream warmup" game to play for the first 30 minutes of the stream while everyone is joining in. This used to be "Prose & Codes" which neatly breaks down into quick individual levels with potential viewer participation. And it's those two key features that I'm looking for. My current plan therefore is to begin streams by playing Levels/Levelpacks of Lemmings, either directly taken from the internet, or (and this is the part where it gets interesting) made by viewers, either regular or newcomer. In other words, at the beginning of the stream I'd like to give the option to viewers to submit a level(pack) and then play that.

My Goals:
Given what I wrote, this means
1) both me and the interested viewers need to become somewhat proficient with the usage of the level editors available
2) I need to be able to offer to play whatever level(pack) including styles etc. a user might submit. Even if I was to railroad my community to a specific editor, I'd still need to be able to accept levels made by anyone in every editor. But that's a long term goal.

My current strategy:
I gotta start somewhere, so I found this video tutorial of neolemmix
together with links to the neolemmix player and editor. This appears to be as decent of a starting point as anything, and my plan is to go through that on stream and explore how the basics work.
I also tried to follow the instructions here: and start levelpacks with this today, with some degree of success.

Here's the thing:
That's just me. That's my best guess on how to start things. I'd like to know if there's anything obvious I'm missing, a better angle to approach this from and/or general advice on how to get started.
Looking forward to your responses :thumbsup:

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