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Ah-ha, I didn't realize that Super Lemmini supported those additional formats. I've now got the Mega Drive tunes in OGG format and inserted into the game successfully, lovely stuff!

Thanks for everyone's help; this is definitely the place to be when you've got a question about Lemmings!.

Thank you for the support, it is deeply appreciated!

Indeed, I'm looking forward to getting Lemmini reinstalled on my new computer, but I've always wanted to have the Mega Drive soundtrack working on it too. Is this possible with the Super Lemmini upgrade or does it involve modifying lots of files?

I'm keen on the idea of doing another short 'tops' list for my favourite Lemmings levels as it happens, I think that might be quite a fun little project in of itself.

Best regards.

Greetings, all.

I've been playing the Lemmings games for 20+ years now and since then I've made my own blog where I've today finished a list of my personal top 100 best video games.

As you might have guessed, the original Lemmings has made it in at #1! I registered here to share this because I thought many of you might appreciate a read of this little retrospective that has a few thoughts on what makes the game so unique and timeless.

If you'd like to check out the article then you can find it here:

Thank you all for keeping the spirit of this great game alive for so many years and helping it make my top 10!

Hope you enjoy the read.

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